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Summary: One bad mistake is all it takes to change a person's, or this case 2 people's lives forever. Is forgiving and forgetting really that easy? Later down the road they're faced with that very question. Can one forgive himself? Can the other forgive who hurt and tore her life apart? What happens when fate reunites them in the most unusual circumstances?
Rated: PG-13
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Characters: AJ, Group, Other
Genres: Drama
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Published: 05/21/07
Updated: 11/14/07

1. Prologue by Nikki P [ - ] Liked (198 words)
This is my first attempt at writing fan fiction. Please give me feedback!!! If you don't like it please give constructive criticism so I can make it better :-)
Happy reading!

2. Chapter 1 by Nikki P [ - ] Liked (1025 words)
Some swearing but not much...Thanks for the reviews so far!

3. Chapter 2 by Nikki P [ - ] Liked (945 words)
Sorry it took me awhile to get this chapter up. Hope you enjoy.

4. Chapter 3 by Nikki P [ - ] Liked (1076 words)

5. Chapter 4 by Nikki P [ - ] Liked (1046 words)

6. Chapter 5 by Nikki P [ - ] Liked (856 words)
This chapter is kind of short compared to what I've been writing because it's only 826 words. I wanted to create a little suspense at the end :-D

7. Chapter 6 by Nikki P [ - ] Liked (1072 words)
Woot! I was on a roll tonight! 2 chapters in one night!!!

8. Chapter 7 by Nikki P [ - ] Liked (1479 words)
Just be warned that towards the end you'll see that it'll get a bit confusing with names. You'll see what I mean. I didn't realize until I was writing it. I may go back and change the main girl's name. Let me know if you think I should especially for future chapters :-) Happy reading!

9. Chapter 8 by Nikki P [ - ] Liked (856 words)
So sorry it's taken me forever to update! I started an econ class and I had a touch of writer's block. :-D

Thanks Ashley for 'yelling' at me to update lol

10. Chapter 9 by Nikki P [ - ] (1010 words)
Woot! Like I promised I got a chapter in today! with 56 minutes to the 4th! Hope you all have a happy and 4th of July! I'll try and update tomorrow sometime! Enjoy!

11. Chapter 10 by Nikki P [ - ] (795 words)

12. Chapter 11 by Nikki P [ - ] (835 words)
Alas an update! I hope you enjoy!

I want some feed back on this: should I include 9-11? (I'm still debating it, but want to know what you all think)
AND What kinds of things do you want to see happen with any character in the story so far?
Thanks a bunch to everyone's that's reviewing!

13. Chapter 12 by Nikki P [ - ] (1229 words)
Hey everyone I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time. There's been problems with some members in my family (LONG story). But as a way to make it up to you I'm putting up 2 chapters! Thank you for bearing with me, as things have gotten hectic.

14. Chapter 13 by Nikki P [ - ] (1059 words)
Oh I've been thinking about the time line, and decided that I'm not going to put the real events I use in this story in the actual time frame that they happened. I'll explain later :-)

15. Chapter 14 by Nikki P [ - ] (493 words)
hey sorry I haven't updated with this story. I've been out of my mojo. I'm kind of switching it around so 2 Erin parts are back to back, but no worries Aj's is coming.
I'll put more up tonight :-) R&R

16. Chapter 15 by Nikki P [ - ] (577 words)
Here's another update! I think I'm slowly getting back into it with this story :-)
Please Please review! It'll help keep me motivated to write more :-)

17. Chapter 16 by Nikki P [ - ] (507 words)
Sorry the last few chapters have been short, but short is better then nothing right?

As always read and review!! Thank you!!!

18. Chapter 18 by Nikki P [ - ] (156 words)