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I absolutely hate when authors do this to my favorite stories, but I'm going to have to do this to this utterly fabulous story that I started when I had loads of inspiration. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I have far too many projects on-going, and the fact that I am trying to move out of fanfic set in real-life (since writing AUs is easier when I want to convert them to original fiction), makes it almost impossible for me to find the juice to finish this story.

If you DO want to know what was meant to happen in this story, please let me know, and leave me your email, and I'll try to email you the synopsis.  

I am truly sorry to everyone who was looking forward to updates on this one. Like I said, it makes me sad when it happens to stories that I love, and so I understand if some of you are unhappy with my decision. I just thought it was unfair to let you go on thinking that there might be an update.

Thanks for all your support!