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Nick tries his best to hide the bruises that she's left him with. AJ tries to ignore his growing love for Nick.

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Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Nick
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Domestic Violence, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content, Slash M/M
Series: Degraded
Chapters: 15
Completed: Yes
Word count: 5475
Read: 14285
Published: 04/19/08
Updated: 10/13/08

1. Chapter One: The Aftermath by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 5] (334 words)
I worked really hard. I hope you like this.

2. Chapter Two: Hiding The Truth by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 6] (279 words)

3. Chapter Three: AJ Knows by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 8] (321 words)

4. Chapter Four: Late-Night Eavesdropper by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 7] (505 words)

5. Chapter Five: Really Seeing AJ by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 4] (706 words)

6. Chapter Six: Shouldn't Have Done That by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 10] (483 words)

7. Chapter Seven: Recovering by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 6] (298 words)

8. Chapter Eight: My Angel (AJ's Point of View) by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 4] (216 words)

9. Chapter Nine: Suspicious Cousins by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 2] (211 words)
I know I haven't updated in a long time. I've been busting my butt for BSB tickets and I must admit to being a victum of writer's block. So, here it goes..
Hope you enjoy! Please, review. =]

10. Chapter Ten: Big Problem by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 4] (257 words)
I know that not much happened in chapter nine. So here's a little something to make up for it.. Enjoy&review. The input you guys give me helps me write the next chapter.. So, suggestions are VERY welcome. =]

11. Chapter Eleven: Ready For War by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 7] (382 words)
I'm really nervous about what you'll think of this chapter. There's a lot going on.

12. Chapter Twelve: A Brewing Storm by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 3] (386 words)
Okay, it's been a while since I've updated and with school starting next week I'll be updating even less. Sorry.
It's short, I know. But bare with me I like to build the suspense. Lol.

13. Chapter Thirteen: Ill Confessions On The Front Lines by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 5] (296 words)
Thanks for sticking with me guys. Sorry it's been so long.

14. Chapter Fourteen: Never Let Go by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 2] (475 words)
Thanks for all he reveiws. You guys are awesome!

15. Chapter Fifteen: The Only Two People by PureChaos92 [Reviews - 4] (326 words)