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Raidyn is unhappy with her life, everything in it seems to be a struggle for her, from getting along with her alcoholic father, to her obsession with wanting to be thin. In order to make ends meet she finds herself stuck cleaning houses with her mother; temporarily. But things only get more complicated when she meets Nick Carter while cleaning the Dorough’s home.


Rated: NC-17
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Nick
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Death, Domestic Violence, Sexual Content, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 65
Completed: Yes
Word count: 151178
Read: 37601
Published: 08/18/08
Updated: 03/19/11
Story Notes:

Ok I know I'm going out on a limb here. Since I am already juggling four more stories...but I just want to know if this might be a good idea, so depending on feedback I might continue. Please let me know if it's a thumbs up or down! Please REVIEW!!

1. Stumbled Upon by kevmylove [ - ] (2309 words)

2. Maybe So by kevmylove [ - ] (1660 words)

Thank you for the reviews woohoo...I'm glad you guys liked it. I have a couple of chapters but I'm going over them. Thanks again.

3. Disenchantment by kevmylove [ - ] (2320 words)

4. Foolish Games by kevmylove [ - ] (2131 words)

5. So Dumb by kevmylove [ - ] (2503 words)

6. Fat but Fun! by kevmylove [ - ] (3142 words)

7. Double Crosser by kevmylove [ - ] (1600 words)

Alright here is more! Thanks so much everyone for all the feedback, I'm soooo excited! Sorry if I dont' respond right away...only have moments to get on the net. THANKS MILLION!!!:)

8. Second Chance! by kevmylove [ - ] (2470 words)

9. Best Kept Secret by kevmylove [ - ] (1958 words)

10. The Date by kevmylove [ - ] (2232 words)
Sorry took so long my internet is down AGAIN!!!

11. Back Home by kevmylove [ - ] (1984 words)
Ok sorry it's been taking me a while to update my comp is crazy and well so is my internet...hehehe! I hope that you are still interested in Ray's outcome. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing love you all...

12. The Banquet by kevmylove [ - ] (2418 words)
Ok this is a sad one...well I thought so. Hope you like.

13. Need You by kevmylove [ - ] (1923 words)

14. Beaten by kevmylove [ - ] (3691 words)
Sorry this one turned out to be the longest chapter...oops!!

15. So Sorry by kevmylove [ - ] (1732 words)

16. What's Wrong? by kevmylove [ - ] (2369 words)

17. Guess Who by kevmylove [ - ] (2203 words)
Thank you so much again for reading and reveiwing...just to let you know it REALLY helps me keep writing. Cause I know that I love the story myself, but that others do to. Thanks!

18. Not You Again by kevmylove [ - ] (2170 words)

19. Confessions by kevmylove [ - ] (2422 words)

20. Almost Goodbye by kevmylove [ - ] (2581 words)
I hope your still interested I'll be posting more often. Thanks again for all the reading and reviewing.

21. Loss of Face by kevmylove [ - ] (2153 words)

22. Monday Madness by kevmylove [ - ] (1860 words)

23. Secrets and Lies by kevmylove [ - ] (2670 words)
Here is what you have been waiting for...hope you like!

24. No She Wouldn't by kevmylove [ - ] (1980 words)

25. Some Truth by kevmylove [ - ] (2303 words)
Thank you once again everyone!! Hope you like!

26. A Night Out by kevmylove [ - ] (2940 words)

Oh no...someone did a booboo!

27. Take the Pain Away by kevmylove [ - ] (2140 words)
*Hides* Don't kill me, promise that the storm is almost over...hehe!

28. Make it Right by kevmylove [ - ] (2128 words)
*Waving a white flag* I come in peace...here is the start to what you all want. Please don't beat me.

29. In Shambles by kevmylove [ - ] (2071 words)

30. I Still by kevmylove [ - ] (2894 words)
Ok I'm nervous about this chapter it's a little long, but it has lots of emotions. I hope you like.

31. Knock Out by kevmylove [ - ] (1786 words)

You guys might enjoy this one...hehe!

32. My Ray by kevmylove [ - ] (2865 words)
Ok the moment you've been waiting for... *Drum roll*

33. Testing...1 2 3 by kevmylove [ - ] (1925 words)
Sorry it has taken me a while...hope you haven't forgotten Ray. I was having a mental block and you know how that goes...but I think I'm back on track. Thanks again for reading and reviewing... *Smiles*

34. What a Party by kevmylove [ - ] (2524 words)

alright we are one chapter away from finding out the baby daddy. I promise.

35. U R Not the Father by kevmylove [ - ] (2811 words)

Ok...here it is...the baby daddy is revealed. I'm going to go hide...in case you guys are tempted to inflict pain on me. Once again thank you sooo much for reading and reviewing.

36. Surprise by kevmylove [ - ] (2365 words)

Someone is gonna surprise MIA!!

37. Double Up by kevmylove [ - ] (1725 words)

38. The Video by kevmylove [ - ] (2270 words)

Thank you everyone!

39. Happy Thanksgiving! by kevmylove [ - ] (1754 words)

40. The Roommates by kevmylove [ - ] (1856 words)

41. Afflicted by kevmylove [ - ] (3188 words)

42. Secrets and Lies by kevmylove [ - ] (2642 words)
I'm so sorry this is a pretty long one, but I thought it all had to go together, I hope you like. Thanks everyone!

43. Forgive me by kevmylove [ - ] (2533 words)

44. Disorder by kevmylove [ - ] (2272 words)
Hello...I'm sorry it's taken so long, but I was having a hard time with this chapter. I hope now that I have it out, I can get back on a roll. Hope you haven't forgotten Ray.

45. Christmas Eve by kevmylove [ - ] (2194 words)
I jumped a little in time. Someone inpsired me to have Ray do what she did. I believe that it helps to visit those we've lost.

46. Happy New Year by kevmylove [ - ] (2419 words)
Hope you like, I thought it was a different way to end their year. Thanks again ladies!!!

47. Black Suit, Red Tie by kevmylove [ - ] (2460 words)
Thank you guys!!!

48. Falling Away by kevmylove [ - ] (1878 words)
I know it's been a while...sorry. Now that the holidays are behind us, the updates should be more often.

49. Washington Here We Come by kevmylove [ - ] (2086 words)

50. Not Again! by kevmylove [ - ] (2737 words)
Hey guys, I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!!! I'm finally out of that block i was in with Ray, so I should be updating again, of course once I get my net back. So I hope you guys haven't forgotten Ray and Nick...cause there are many more things to come.

51. Always Gets Her Way by kevmylove [ - ] (3397 words)
Thank you guys for all the reviews, I'm a little on the borrowing internet *grin* side right now, but I appreciate all the feedback. I am such a dork, I accidently posted the chapter twice. Argh!

52. Making a Change by kevmylove [ - ] (2073 words)
hello...thanks again for reading and reviewing ladies. Very appreciated. Hope you like!

53. Goodbye by kevmylove [ - ] (1916 words)
sorry it took so long, but I was having a hard time with this chapter. Hope you like!

54. It's Me! by kevmylove [ - ] (2620 words)

Thank you all for keeping up with Ray and Nick, for taking the time to read and review. I appreciate every single review and I'm so sorry that I'm so bad at responding them. I hope you guys like this chapter...thanks!

55. Chances Are by kevmylove [ - ] (1971 words)

56. Truth Hurts by kevmylove [ - ] (2256 words)

57. On Their Way by kevmylove [ - ] (2746 words)
Hey everyone...this is coming to an end! Thank you guys so much for all the reviews, I apologize that I haven't been responding, but I APPRECIATE them with all my heart. Thank you! I hope you like this chapter!

58. Walk Away by kevmylove [ - ] (2171 words)
Damn long time, I know. First, I was a bit stuck, although most of this chapter came to me in one day. Second, my net was down. So I hope you guys like. Once again, thank you so much for reading and for your reviews, I always enjoy reading your reactions...even when you want to beat me with sticks.

59. Long Time Coming by kevmylove [ - ] (2259 words)
Hey there...I know it's been a long while. Sowwy! I had no inspiration for Ray...so I did something and I'm not sure if you guys will like it, but we shall see. It seemed to be the only way to take it. Hope you like...let me know either way. Thanks!!

60. Birthday Reunion by kevmylove [ - ] (1768 words)
Hello all...its been so long that I updated Ray...so many things have happened. But anyway I hope you are still interested in the outcome. Thank you for all the reviews sorry I never got to respond damn internet. Hope you like this new chapter.

61. Pool Room by kevmylove [ - ] (2646 words)

Wow it's been a long while since I last posted. It was really hard to come up with this chapter and I hope you guys like it. I also want to thank you for all the reviews they are always appreciated and I apologize for not responding. Blah I've been with no net for a while now. Thanks everyone.

62. Go Home by kevmylove [ - ] (3150 words)
*hides* I'm so sorry that its been this long. I'm having such a hard time writing anything lately. So don't kill me. Thanks for taking the time to keep up with Ray and Nick. Its been a long ride and its coming to an end. Thanks again and I appreciate all your feedback even if I can't reply.

63. Movin On by kevmylove [ - ] (2891 words)
Hey all...so this has been quite the rollercoaster ride. Writing the ending to this story is proving to be a challenge, although I have it in my head already. One more chapter left...hope you like. Thanks everyone!!

64. So Happy Together by kevmylove [ - ] (2394 words)

One chapter away...ugh...I had to split the chapters in half. I suck! Hope you guys like...of course I'm still stuck. lol.

65. The Kiss by kevmylove [ - ] (1673 words)

OMG it's here...the ending! I hope you guys are happy with it, you have no idea how hard it was to write. I was so torn. Plus endings are very hard for me...I don't know why.