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Story Notes:
I am looking for a co-writer on this story. If anyone is interested they can e-mail me at PureChaos92@hotmail.com.
Life had been pretty boring for Nick after his last tour ended. Everyone was concentrating on their own families, leaving Nick on his own. Kevin was visiting New York with Kristen. Brian was spending every waking moment with Leighanne. AJ was on vacation in Hawaii with his mom and Howie was in New Mexico with his new girlfriend. Nick had been up since nine that morning preparing for the day. His brother Aaron was coming to stay for a few weeks and it had been almost ten months since they’d seen each other last. Anyone who walked in the house would have thought royalty were visiting. The carpets were vacuumed twice over, the beds made, the laundry folded and the kitchen stocked. Aaron’s bodyguards would drop him off at eight; they’d go for pizza, rent as many movies as they could carry then return to Nick’s.