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The doorbell rang at 8:05. Nick opened the door to find Aaron looking up at him, standing between his bodyguards, Richard and Scott who carried his bags. He threw his arms around the boy. Aaron clung to the man, finally letting go to say goodbye to his bodyguards. Nick took his bags from the men and ushered his inside.
“So I was thinking we’d go to dinner and get some movies. Sound good?”
“Yeah, I guess.” Aaron answered in a small voice. Nick took in his ill appearance. He had changed. He had lost so much weight that his clothes hung off his frame. His hair was thinning, his skin pale. There were dark circles under his drooping eyes.

Aaron didn’t say a word all the way to dinner. He pulled into the parking lot and put the Jeep in park.
“Are you alright, Air?”
“Yes.” He whispered.
“Are you sure?” The 21-year-old asked seriously.

The boy didn’t touch his food, asked to skip renting movies and went straight to bed once they got back to the house. Something was very wrong, Nick vowed to find out what it was and fix it. He leaned up against the bedroom wall, watching his brother sleep. He took a few steps forward and stood over the bed. Slowly he pulled back the covers revealing the shirtless figure. What he saw made his stomach churn. His hips stuck out so much it looked painful and his ribs were visible. He was wasting away. What Nick noticed next scared him most. Bruises covered his thin body. Some fresh, some faded. Many were shaped like he was struck with a hard round object. Others looked like hand pints.
Chapter End Notes:
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