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Author's Chapter Notes:
**Re-edited this chapter!**
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Awoken by the smell of bacon cooking, Aaron’s stomach clenched. He crawled from his bed and walked sleepily to the bathroom. He torn off his flannel pajama pants with his eyes closed, as to not see his disgustingly overweight body; he took a deep breath as he stepped onto the scale. 91 pounds. Six less than the prior week. He was doing well; he could do better. Avoiding the mirror on his way to the shower he adjusted the temperature. He tried not to look at himself while he washed but he couldn’t help it. He felt as though he was in a fat he couldn’t seem to unzip. In his eyes, it jiggled hopelessly like a water balloon in a child’s hands. He shoved his index finger into his mouth and ran it down the back of his throat, causing him to vomit all over the shower floor. Water was all the came up. He watched numbly as it was rinsed away.