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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry, I didn't realized how screwed up this chapter was. It's fixed now. Again, I'm sorr.
Nick stepped into the bathroom. His gaze traveled down to the boy’s bloody fist, then to his puffy wet eyes.
“Aaron… who hit you?”
He shook his head, whimpering.
“Who hit you?” This time he emphasized each word.
The suddenly became very angry.
“You know perfectly well who!” He shrieked. His entire body started to tremble. He looked down at feet and spoke barely above a whisper, “The same person who hit you. Remember when Mom and Dad would yell and you’d hide us in the closet… I used to watch as she beat you. You never cried, never flinched, not once. You always took it like a real man.” His voice cracked. “I cry, I flinch… every time.”
Nick embraced the weeping boy protectively. He kissed top of his head as tears welled up in his own eyes. With an echoing clank the bloody razor fell to the floor.