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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry about the wait guys.
It was the early hours of the morning when the boy had finally fallen asleep. Nick sat beside the sleeping figure with his laptop in front of him. He opened a new browser and typed in 'Florida Child Protective Services'. He clicked on the first site. The page explained that someone who suspected neglect or abuse they should report it immediately. He dialed the number provided. Aaron stirred; Nick slowly ran his free hand over the boy's back until he lay still. A woman picked up on the other end.
“Hello ma’am. I was wondering if someone expected child abuse what would be the process of confirming it?”
The woman who sounded to be in her thirties went on to explain the he would have to report his suppositions and an investigation would be held. During which time the child would be placed either in a foster home or with a well-known relative.
“And if the child is being abused where would they be placed.”
“Again a relative or foster care.”
“And if a particular relative wanted custody of the child?”
“Social Services would interview the both parties and a few of the relative's friends. Then a investigation of the relative’s home would be held. Ultimately it is up to a judge to decided sir.”
“Thank you.” Nick closed his cell phone, looking down at his brother. He pushed the blonde hair out of the boy’s face. He was so innocent. How could anyone even dream of hurting him?