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Lance and Justin’s explanation of events.
Part 10.

Justin felt himself panicking once Lance left; he wondered how he would cope with Nick once he woke up. Justin sighed and decided to get the food that Lance had ordered ready so that when Nick did wake up he would at least be able to give him food.
Once he had put the food out into the plastic bowls, Justin looked over to Nick’s body. He was still unconscious. Justin sighed and walked over to Nick to wake him up. He wasn’t going to sit around and wait any longer.
“Hey Carter,” Justin said poking a toe into Nick’s side, “Time to get up.” There was no response, so Justin tried again, this time nudging Nick harder.
“Umm?” Nick grumbled and Justin bent over to roll the boy over.
“Wake up, I got something for you,” Justin replied and got up to get the food. He got it and walked back over to Nick who had passed out again. Justin sighed, he did not need this. He put the food down on the floor and kicked Nick in the side again. “Carter!”
This time Nick woke up, his eyes shot open and he looked around him panicking. “Whheroeutjghghdjhf?” Nick grumbled, Justin looked at him confused.
“What? Oh right, you still can’t talk I forgot,” Justin replied and crouched down next to Nick. “Now listen up Carter, I’m gonna give you something, but I’ll only do it if you don’t freak out okay?” Nick nodded furiously and Justin smiled. He reached over for one of the bowls and dipped the spoon into it.
Justin looked back over to Nick, whose eyes went wide and so Justin put the bowl back down. “What did I say Carter? No freaking out remember?” Justin asked, Nick nodded again in agreement. “Okay here.” Justin picked the bowl up again, and tried to feed Nick, but Nick refused. “What Carter? Is this not up to your standards or some shit? Well I don’t care just eat it or else you’ll starve to death.”
“Imasldiionctothatsdfsdhff,” Nick mumbled, but Justin rolled his eyes.
“I said, I don’t care Carter,” Justin said and tried one more time to stuff the spoon in Nick’s mouth to no avail. “Oh for fuck’s sake come on, if you don’t eat Lance will have a bloody hernia and we’ll never get this shit off the road.”
“Lanwce?” Nick asked, and this time Justin made it out.
“Yeah Lance and you don’t want to get in his bad books believe me. Now just eat this,” Justin replied and this time he shoved the spoon into Nick’s mouth. “There, I told you it wasn’t so shit right?” Justin turned around and put the bowl back down. There was a second of silence before he heard it, the gasping. “What the fuck is it now Carter? Holly fuck!” Justin turned around and witnessed Nick’s face slowly change color. It went from white, to blue, to purple.
“Hewlp!” Nick mumbled, Justin couldn’t make out what he said but he got up and ran over to the sink to get some water.
“Hang on Carter,” Justin called and grabbed a glass of water before hurrying back over to Nick. Justin began to panic, if Lance came back and saw this there would be shits. “Carter?” Justin asked when he reached Nick, who now had his eyes closed. God, don’t be dead, Justin prayed.
Justin stopped and put the glass of water on the floor beside Nick and bent over to check for a pulse. There wasn’t one. Right then Justin did the only thing he could think of. He got up, and dragged Nick’s lifeless body to his car not knowing where he was taking it.

“Mr. Mclean?” Mr. Haulm asked AJ after the guy had stopped his story, and began to breathe heavily. The recollection of his dreams was all too much for him.
“Sorry?” AJ asked shaking his head and snapping out of it, everyone in the room had their eyes on him, each sitting on the edge of their seats.
“Are you okay?” Mr. Haulm asked and AJ shook his head, and then he nodded again, he didn’t know.
“I… I don’t know. Sorry, give me a second to recompose myself,” AJ replied and the lawyer nodded.
“Yes, take all the time you need,” Mr. Haulm replied and AJ nodded. He closed his eyes and tried to refocus on the story he was telling, but the images of poor Nicky choking to death still haunted him. He forced his eyes to open, refusing to close them again.
“Sorry,” AJ said after a while and looked helplessly around him, at first to the judge then to the lawyer. “I can’t do this, sorry but I just can’t.”