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Lance and Justin’s explanation of events.
Part 2.

Justin scrunched himself further onto his bunk, trying to avoid contact with the cockroaches. He’d been sitting here for ages now, waiting, waiting for someone to come help him out. But they didn’t, no one came, not even Cameron. Shows how much they love me, Justin thought grumpily, and pulled his knees closer to his chin.
He knew that he shouldn’t have helped Lance out, it was the wrong choice. But at the time it had seemed right, he’d just wanted out help out a friend. But things had changed once Lance had relayed his true plans to him.
At first, Justin had really thought Lance had gone to Russia, until he bumped into him a few days later. Justin had been shocked, and when he’d asked Lance what had gone on, Lance had broke down and told him his true feelings about being in the group.
Justin had been sad for Lance, once upon a time, so he decided to help. Whatever his friend needed he would give him. But then Justin saw a chance for himself too, AJ Mclean.
AJ was the kind of guy Justin wanted to be like, always able to fit in and out of the spot light, a thing Justin never had. So when Lance had decided to take Nick’s place in Backstreet, Justin thought why not? He thought he could take AJ’s place, just had Lance had Nick’s, and pretend to be someone he wasn’t and it would make him happier. But once he got involved in the plan, including help kill Nick, his thoughts changed.
Justin knew after he’d killed Nick that it was not right, but he couldn’t back out then because Lance had already become Nick. But as Lance gained Nick’s looks he began to gain his attitude as well. Lance had told Justin of how AJ had begun to be nice to him, but then turned on him. It was then that Lance began to push for Justin to get AJ out of the picture quicker. It was when Lance had locked AJ up in the room with the dead body that Justin’s mind had begun to change about the idea and before he could back out Chris had called the cops on them.
Justin growled even more, but jumped as he felt a cockroach crawl near his feet. Bloody cockroaches, Justin thought and decided to sit up. He spread himself up, and looked around wondering where Lance had been taken to. Most probably the psych ward, Justin thought and snickered at the thought, the way Lance had been acting lately he deserved it.
Just then the warden who had taken Lance away came back and unlocked the cell door, “Okay Timberlake time to go.” The warden walked over to Justin and pulled him to his feet, handcuffing him as he did so.
“Where we going?” Justin asked confused and the warden gave him a spiteful look.
“Don’t act like you don’t know Timberlake,” the warden said and roughly dragged Justin out of the cell. “It’s time for court remember?”
Justin looked at him, damn he’d forgotten. Has it been that long? Justin thought, have I really been locked up in here for a week? Damn where does the time go?

As Justin entered the court room he felt a hundred eyes on him, and it made him feel like shit. The warden pushed and shoved him over to the bench where a man in a preppy blue suit stood.
“Mr Timberlake?” The man asked gruffly holding his hand out for Justin. “I’m your lawyer, Jack Petter.”
Justin looked at Jack Petter and shook his head, “I don’t remember asking for a lawyer.”
Mr. Petter shook his head and shrugged, “Sorry but the court called me saying you needed a lawyer that you’d refused to take one.”
“I didn’t refuse, they refused to let me call my lawyer,” Justin said spitefully and the warden whacked him on the head. “Ow!”
“Behave Timberlake!” The warden hissed in his ear and shoved him to go stand next to Mr. Petter. “Be grateful that someone is willing to help you out!” Justin threw him a dirty look but didn’t argue, he just went and stood quietly next to the lawyer as the judge entered the room.
As the judge took his seat Justin scanned the room, he saw the rest of the guys sitting as far away from him as they could possibly get, and he sighed. He wished they would support him, but they obviously didn’t. I bet Lance had something to do with that, he thought bitterly as his eyes saw Lance and he scowled.
Lance saw Justin looking at him, and just turned a blind eye as they were ordered to sit. Justin sat, and felt his hands becoming sweatier by the minute as the details of their case was being read out.
He looked over his shoulder and in the corner of the room, way back he saw Backstreet, looking worn out and tired. Justin shook his head feeling guilty as to what had happened, but there was nothing he could do about it. He sighed again and just as he was about to turn away, he noticed something, AJ was missing. I wonder what happened to Mclean Justin thought to himself. He didn’t have much time to think about that because the case begun and he soon found himself being called up as the first to testify.

AJ, at that time, was not at home, or anywhere else for that matter. He was in St George’s Hospital. He never in his wildest dreams thought he’d be the one there, he always thought it would be Nick. But Nick was dead, and AJ wasn’t, he was just crazy.
The night after he had been locked up in the room with the dead Nick, he found he couldn’t sleep. He always had recurring nightmares where Nick would come back, and haunt him. Or he’d dream he was in that room again, with dead bodies, dead bodies of all his friends. He was a mess, and it was all thanks to Lance.
AJ hauled himself into a corner of his small room and tried not to think about Nick and the court case that was happening today. He knew that Lance and Justin should be put behind bars, but something made him doubt it. There was a look in Kevin’s eye the days after Lance was arrested that made him doubt.
Two days ago Brian had come to see him along with Kevin and Howie and they had explained the events of the past few days. They’d told him that Lance and Justin had turned on each other, and the court case was today. They also said they were going to press full charges, and wanted AJ to testify. At first AJ declined but he was talked into it by Howie.
So AJ sat in his corner, wondering how he would explain what had happened, what he had seen. Everything had been so unexpected for him. He had not expected to find Nick dead in that room, he had thought it was a prank.
What is wrong with those two? AJ asked himself, he felt himself getting sick at the thought of Justin and Lance. Especially Lance, who now looked like a dead person. AJ thought Lance must have been pretty screwed up to want to be Nick, and gone to such lengths as to make himself look like a dead person.
And I thought I was crazy, AJ thought, they should put him in here, then it’ll be a story. He smiled softly to himself, yes Lance should be in here, getting help for his fucked up problems. AJ sighed and shook his head, he hoped and prayed that they found them guilty so he wouldn’t have to testify and relive that horrible day. Maybe then, he thought, they’ll lock Bass in here and let me out.
A few minutes later the door opened, and a heavy set man was standing before him, AJ groaned. “What do they want me for now Dan?”
The man, Dan, looked at AJ sternly and walked over to him, pulling him up by one arm. “Come on AJ, you know the rules. Group therapy in five minutes or you’ll be late,” Dan said and AJ sighed. Fuck, he’d forgotten about that. He hated group therapy, because he really didn’t feel like he should share his problems with complete strangers, it was hard enough sharing with his psychologist alone.
“Fine,” AJ mumbled, knowing full and well he would not be able to get out of it.
“Good,” Dan said and looked at AJ with concern. “What’s wrong? Worried about tomorrow?” AJ half smiled, if there was one thing he had to give Dan was his concern for AJ.
“Yeah I guess,” AJ replied as Dan let go of his arm and he followed him into the hallway.
“I know it must be hard for you,” Dan said, “But maybe group will help you sort out what you’re going to say?” AJ just shrugged.
“Maybe,” he said, but he highly doubted it. How could anyone in his position explain the fact that he’d been locked up in a room with a dead guy who was sitting in the room with them living and breathing? They would think he was crazy.