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Lance and Justin’s explanation of events.
Part 3.

The court room was so quiet you could hear a pin dropping on the hard wooden floors but the only thing that was on Brian’s mind was how AJ would handle himself that day and not be thought of as crazy.
“So Mr. Mclean, can you point out the two men who locked you up in the room with the body?” Mr Karma, Lance’s lawyer asked AJ. AJ, who had been up there for a good five minutes now telling what he experienced, merely nodded and pointed to Justin and Lance without many words. “Thank you Mr Mclean and can you tell me who these two men are?”
AJ rolled his eyes and Brian chuckled, still the same old AJ who hated dumb questions. “That one over there is Justin and the other one is Lance,” AJ said sarcastically and glared at Lance who resembled Nick.
“Thank you. What did you think when you first realized that Mr. Bass was in fact Mr. Bass and not your friend Nick?” Mr Karma asked and AJ just shrugged.
“I was baffled, but I knew that there was something amiss with him when he claimed that D hated him, which is not the case,” AJ replied and Mr. Karma nodded.
“I see, but didn’t Mr Dorough act differently towards Mr. Bass? Even though at the time you did not know he was who he claimed to be?” Mr. Karma asked and AJ shook his head.
“Hell no. D knew it wasn’t Nick from the beginning that’s why he acted how he did. If it had been Nick, he wouldn’t have treated Bass like shit, but Bass wasn’t Nick now was he?” AJ replied and Mr. Karma looked at AJ with shock at his sudden outburst.
“No, but what other clues did you have to conclude that Mr. Bass was not Nick?” the lawyer asked and AJ glared angrily at Lance.
“Well for starters when Rok went to re-confirm that Nick was in fact dead at the morgue where his body was it was conveniently moved and they told us we weren’t allowed to know where they took the body,” AJ snapped, Brian could tell he was still angry with the whole body moving scenario. The court room went into frenzy as this information was brought up, and everyone knew that Lance had not told anyone about the moving of the body especially his lawyer. Lance looked around him, and Chris glared at Lance in shock.
“Your honour,” the lawyer, whom Nick’s mother had hired for the Carter family, said, “This is all new information to the defence we did not know of the moving of a body.”
“Right Mr Haulm. Mr Karma and Mr Petter, your clients have kept important information from the court please address the issue quickly,” the judge said and the other two lawyers nodded and conferred with their respective clients.
“Your honour, my client did not know about the moving of a body,” Mr Petter replied and the judge looked at him doubtfully but gave him the benefit of the doubt.
“And Mr Karma?” the judge asked. Mr Karma looked up and approached the bench; he whispered some words to the judge who nodded and sent Mr. Karma back to his seat. “You may precede questioning Mr. Karma, so long as it shows how this evidence is known by Mr Bass.” Mr, Karma nodded and continued to question AJ as soon as the courtroom quietened down.
“Mr Mclean, why was Mr Littrell told he could not know where Nick’s body was moved? My records show there is no moving of a body to any other morgue,” Mr. Karma asked now curious as to why Lance had lied to him.
“We weren’t on a bloody list,” AJ said point blank and Mr. Karma’s eyes went wide.
“What list?” Mr. Karma asked, and AJ looked at him.
“Why don’t you ask your client?” AJ snapped back, “Apparently we had to be on some freaking list to know where our friend was taken, a list they claimed that the family had set up so no one would know where the body was.”
“Objection your honour,” Mr Haulm interrupted. “Mrs Carter said that she never was contacted by a morgue as to the death of her son.”
“Understood, Mr Mclean what is your answer to that?” the judge asked AJ and AJ rolled his eyes.
“I know that, Jane was talking to Bass thinking he was Nick, so of course she didn’t know anything about Nick being dead, we hadn’t even told her because we weren’t sure. I mean come on, if we told her that her son was dead and the next minute he showed up, she’d think we were crazy,” AJ replied and the judge nodded.
“Makes sense. Please Mr Karma continue your questioning,” the judge said and Mr Karma nodded.
“So Mr Mclean, when you saw the body in the room what was you first thought?” Mr Karma asked AJ and AJ just shrugged.
“I don’t know, I guess I was just freaked. Wouldn’t you be if you were locked in a room with a dead body of your friend who locked you in the room to begin with?” AJ asked and Mr Karma nodded.
“I guess I would be,” the lawyer replied and AJ nodded in agreement. “Were you shocked when you saw Mr. Bass’ accomplice for the first time?” Mr Karma finally asked, not knowing where to go from there and AJ nodded.
“Yup. I was shell shocked. But I guess I should have expected it from him,” AJ replied, “After all he is Justin Timberlake.”

They spent the majority of that day questioning Lance and Justin about the fact that Nick’s body was moved and that it was against the law to do so if you were not related to the deceased. By the end of the day, Brian and Kevin along with Howie were waiting outside the court house saying good bye to AJ, who was going back to St. George’s, they were all tired.
“I can’t believe Bass and Timberlake would lie like that to the court,” AJ stated as he took a drag of the cigarette in his hand. Brain nodded and Kevin looked at them.
“Well what do you expect?” Kevin asked, “I mean if you were them would you tell the truth if you were in his shoes?”
“I wouldn’t,” Howie stated, shocking everyone. Brian looked at Howie with surprised.
“What do you mean D?” Brian asked and Howie shrugged.
“Look at it Rok. If Lance told the truth he would be in deeper shit than he was already in, if I were him I would not want that on my head,” Howie replied simply and they fell silent for a while.
“I wish Nicky were alive,” AJ said after a while and finishing off his cigarette.
“Yeah well he’s not. Thanks to Bass and Timberlake,” Kevin stated bluntly and AJ just shrugged stubbing out his cigarette.
“Bone is right, if Nicky were alive he could prove just how crazy those two are so they can pay for what they did,” Brian said bitterly to his cousin.
“Yeah and maybe then I wouldn’t be the one in the psych ward,” AJ said sadly and before anyone could say anything more Dan walked over.
“Hey AJ, you ready to go?” Dan asked softly and nodded to the other three.
AJ looked at his friends and nodded, “Yeah sure. Bye guys, see you when I get out?”
“Bye Bone, we’ll definitely come see you soon,” Brian replied for them and Howie and Kevin nodded in agreement. They all said their goodbyes and then AJ was dragged away from them and into an unmarked white van that was driven away.
“Poor Bone,” Howie said once the van had disappeared around the corner and Kevin and Brian both nodded.
“Yeah D. I hope they find those two guilty and crazy so we can get Bone back,” Brian replied not taking his eyes from the direction the van had gone.
“Let’s go,” Kevin said and Brian and Howie looked at him curiously. “I’m going to figure out the truth.”
“Kev, shouldn’t we leave that up to the authorities?” Brian asked his cousin sceptically and Kevin glared at his cousin.
“Why? So that we will never find out what really happened to Nicky? Well you can wait cus but I ain’t,” Kevin snapped and with that he walked briskly away towards his car.
Brian looked at Howie who shrugged. “What you think D?” Brian asked and Howie nodded.
“I think he’s right,” Howie said and Brian just looked at Howie.
“You’re serious?” Brian asked and Howie nodded.
“Yeah I am. I man come on Rok, don’t you want to find out what really happened to Nicky?” Howie asked and Brian thought about this.
“Yeah I guess you’re right,” he said after a while. “Come on D; let’s help Kev find the truth.”