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Lance and Justin’s explanation of events.
Part 5.

“I can’t believe Nicky was strangled,” Kevin said as they walked out of the building and headed towards their cars. Brian just sighed in agreement and Howie looked at him.
“I can’t believe you told that guy AJ was crazy, how could you say that?” Howie asked, he’d decided to air his concerns about Kevin’s ruthlessness towards AJ now.
“I didn’t say Bone was crazy, I said he went crazy. I didn’t mean he is actually mad or anything, just what he had experienced,” Kevin reasoned and Howie sighed, he knew there was no point arguing.
“Who cares guys?” Brian said after a while. “All that matters now is that we know Nicky was either strangled to death or choked on something, I’m going with the strangulation.”
“Yeah, unless he choked on a piece of pizza,” Howie said trying to lighten the mood, both Brian and Kevin and Kevin glared at him. “What? I was kidding guys, trying to lighten the mood?” Howie once seeing their looks and threw his hands up in defence.
“That was so not funny man,” Kevin said, “That’s why he died in the first place, because we wanted pizza.”
“Yeah, but it was his idea to get pizza that night,” Brian interjected, “We were all so darn hungry we just went along with it.”
“Yeah, only we didn’t know then that we should have stopped him. So what now?” Kevin asked as they reached their cars.
Brian shrugged and looked at the other two. “We wait?”
“Wait for what?” Howie asked as he opened up his doors to let himself and Brian in.
“For the autopsy report to be completed?” Brian asked unsure of what Howie wanted him to say.
“Yeah I guess we could,” Kevin replied nodding and opening up his own car doors. “But it maybe too late by then.”
“Yeah,” Howie agreed and Brian looked at the two of them.
“What do you mean?” Brian asked, although he already knew the answer.
“I mean, by the time the autopsy is completed Bass and Timberlake could be home free by then,” Kevin replied but Brian shook his head.
Brian looked at his cousin then at Howie, “Some how I highly doubt that.”

AJ woke up in a sweat; he panicked after he wondered where in hells name he was. Then he remembered, he was in a psych ward. He groaned and leaned back on the head board as he thought about the dream he’d just had.
It was pretty much the same as the others, only this time Nick had told him some pretty whacked out things. AJ sighed and thought about his friend. It was weird how Nick turned out to be Lance, it was even weirder what Nick had said to him in his dream. It was as if Nick was with him and listening to everything that had been going on.
AJ shook his head and realized that he couldn’t go back to sleep, so he got out of bed and walked to the window. He looked out and up into the starry sky, knowing that somewhere up in the vastness of the sky Nick was looking down on his friends, most probably saddened by the events of the past few days.
“So Nicky,” AJ said to the empty room and to the sky. “Guess you’ll still be around for longer than we expected huh?” There was no answer, obviously, but the wind ruffled outside as if Nick had heard him and AJ forced himself a smile. “That’s what I thought,” he mumbled and gazed out for a bit longer. “Don’t worry I’ll tell the others, I’ll let them know real well.”

Brain looked at the phone as if it had gone mad and blinked a few more times. He was beginning to wonder if Kevin had been right about AJ going crazy.
“Who was that?” Howie asked as they sat on the couch watching the news Brian didn’t answer for a while as he tried to figure out what to tell Howie. “Rok?” Brian snapped his head up and looked at Howie.
“That was Bone,” Brian said, he was beginning to feel as if he was the only one getting strange phone calls from his friends.
“Yeah? How is he?” Howie asked as he changed the channels.
“I think he’s mad,” Brian replied and Howie glared at Brian in annoyance.
“Wow, you two cousins really have no faith in Bone,” Howie replied with a bit of annoyance in his voice.
Brian rolled his eyes and looked at Howie. “It’s not like that dude. He just told me Nicky spoke to him in his dream,” Brian said and Howie looked at Brian as if he was insane.
“What? How can that be, Nick’s dead he can’t talk to anyone,” Howie said and Brian shook his head.
“Apparently he can. He can talk to Bone,” Brian replied, just then Kevin walked in catching the last of his cousin’s words.
“Who can talk to Bone?” Kevin asked sitting down next to Brian and looking at the other two inquisitively.
“Rok just got a call from Bone,” Howie said and looked at Brian. “Tell him Rok.”
“Well..” Brian began knowing that whatever he said next his cousin would think he was mad. “Bone claimed Nicky spoke to him in his dream.”
“What did Nick say?” Kevin asked shocked and both Howie and Brian looked at him.
“Aren’t you surprised that Bone is speaking to Nicky in his dreams?” Howie asked ad Kevin nodded.
“Yeah, but I also want to know what Nicky told him that made Bone feels as if it was so important to tell us,” Kevin replied and looked at his cousin waiting for an answer.
“Well you guys will just think its crazy,” Brian said holding his hands up in defence and Howie looked at him.
“We already think this whole thing is crazy Rok,” Howie said and Brian nodded.
“Okay then,” he sighed, “Give me a sec to figure it all out ok?” Both Kevin and Howie nodded and watched as Brian closed his eyes and began to figure out how to tell them of what AJ had just said. They would definitely think AJ was mad, and not to mention they would also think Brian as mad which was something he really didn’t want.
“Rok? Howie asked.
“Cus?” Kevin also asked and Brian slowly opened his eyes and looked between Kevin and Howie.
“Are you sure you want to hear this?” Brian asked and they both nodded, they were definite.
“Definitely,” Kevin said, “It’s important.”
“Okay then, don’t say I didn’t warn you. But when I’m done just don’t go calling me and Bone crazy ok?” Brian asked and both his friends nodded in agreement.
“So what did Bone say Nicky told him?” Howie asked.
Brian looked between his friends, and down at his shoes before answering, “He told Bone how he was murdered.”