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Lance and Justin’s explanation of events.
Part 6.

“What are you serious?” Kevin asked his cousin looking at Brian in utter shock. “And what did Nicky say?” Brian shrugged, unsure of how to answer that question without looking crazy.
“He said..” Brian began but Howie cut him off.
“Well what? How is that possible Rok?” Howie asked baffled by the news Brian had just relayed to him and Kevin.
“D, let him explain..” Kevin said in a warning tone and Brian looked at his cousin thankfully. But Brain was still unsure of how to tell them of what he’d heard.
“Well… Brian began and swallowed hard, it was now or never. He had to risk sounding crazy. It was then that he began to relay to them exactly what Nick and told AJ in his dream, when he was done both Kevin and Howie looked at Brian in shock, they didn’t think he was crazy. They were just horrified at how their young friend had died, and wondered how they would prove this to the court.

Nick could smell the smell of the pizza and tried not to attack it as his stomach wanted him to do, he’d wait until he got home and ate it with his friends. He walked along the street trying to find a cab to take him back to the mansion, because he definitely was not walking all that way with two large pepperoni pizzas.
He walked a little further, and as he did so he hummed along to the tune of “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” and smiled to himself. The memories of that song were still clear in his mind, it had been his favourite song to adapt to music video so far. He remembered that day because it had been a strong day for all of them, emotionally, especially Kevin and Howie who had both lost family members.
Nick hummed a bit more and walked on, as he got further and further down the street he began to become annoyed, there were no cabs in sight. What was it with this city? He looked around him and as he did so he caught, out of the corner of his eye, a familiar looking figure standing in the shadows.
“Hey man you okay?” Nick asked the figure as he walked closer, the figure looked distraught and Nick thought he should help.
The figure just shrugged and Nick took another step closer and tried again.
“Dude, what’s up?” Nick asked beginning to get worried. Again the figure shrugged and Nick sighed. “Well seeing as you’re not answering me, I’ll just go then ok?”
Nick waited for the figure to answer but there was no reply, so he just shrugged and turned around and began to walk away. It was then that it happened. He was struck from behind and felt himself fall to the ground and the pizza boxes falling from his grasp. Before Nick knew what was happening, he had passed out.

AJ woke up again in a sweat. The dream he had this time was not like the other ones. In this one he was an observer, rather than being involved. He SAW what Nick went through, and every time he thought about it his feet would become cold as ice.
AJ sighed and pulled the sheets to his neck, he found himself thinking about who the person in the shadows had been. The figure was so familiar to him, yet so distant. Where had he seen him before? AJ shivered at the familiarity of the person and closed his eyes to try and go back to sleep. But he couldn’t sleep, he wouldn’t allow himself to, he kept on having images of Nick in that deserted street, it was too haunting.
AJ sat up and reached towards his bedside and grabbed his journal where he put all his thoughts in and began to write. He wrote it all down, his feelings about Nick, what he saw, what had happened and why he felt it had happened. He also wrote down his experiences in the past few days, and how they were connected to the dream. As he finished AJ closed the book and put it back in the drawer. He smiled in satisfaction to himself and lay back down feeling a lot better. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep, tomorrow he would talk about the dream but for now he was going to sleep and try not to think about Nick.

Justin yawned as he woke up the next day and shuddered. Fuck, another day in court, Justin thought to himself and stretched. His body ached from sleeping on these horrible prison beds and he wished this would all be over so he could go back to his nice warm bed with Cameron. But as Justin woke up he realized that that would never happen, because Lance was dumb enough to move Nick Carter’s body.
Justin shook his head and got up, he stood up to his full six feet and looked around him. He wondered what time it was and how long he’d have to wait before he could shower and get ready for court. A part of him wanted it to be over and done with, the other part really didn’t want the court time to come.
As Justin walked around his cell to get his muscles working he thought about the fact that today he was going to court for a whole different reason than what he had been put here for, for lying to the court. He hadn’t lied to the court, he hadn’t even known that Lance had moved the body that was until that night. But even then he’d thought that it had been a fake body, just to scare Mclean. Justin had thought that Lance had put a fake body in the room and kept Nick’s real body in the morgue for safety, but obviously he’d thought wrong.
What Justin couldn’t understand was why Lance would really move it. Yes he’d said it was so that they wouldn’t be caught but they were weren’t they? Justin shook his head and sat back down as he waited for the warden to come and lead him to the dinning room.
He wondered what had gone wrong, really wrong. He and Lance had had such a good plan, then Backstreet had become suspicious and gotten all the other guys involved and now they hated him. Just because Justin had wanted to help out his friend.
Justin leaned back on the bed and sighed, things were fucked up, and they really were. And now he had to go and prove to the court that he really hadn’t known about the moving of the body, but he highly doubted anyone would believe him. If Lance had anything to do with it, they’d believe it was all Justin’s bloody idea and that was something Justin really didn’t want.

Lance sat next to Mr. Karma in court and looked around him. All the guys were there, and this time they were scowling at him. The bit of sympathy he had been getting for the past few days had suddenly evaporated and had been replaced by scorn.
He sighed and tried to focus his attention on what Mr. Karma was saying. “So what are you going to tell the court?” Mr. Karma whispered in his ear and Lance just shrugged. What the fuck was he supposed to say? He had no clue.
“I don’t know,” Lance whispered back and Mr. Karma glared at him.
“Yeah well you’d better think of something. Whose idea was it to move the body anyways and why didn’t you tell me?” Mr Karma asked and Lance looked at his lawyer. Why didn’t he tell him? Well because of this, and thanks to McLean this was happening. If Mclean hadn’t let it slip about the moving of the body they wouldn’t be here would they?
Again he shrugged. “Because I was afraid this would happen,” Lance mumbled and Mr. Karma rolled his eyes.
“Yes well it was bound to come out sooner or later. Whose idea was it to move the body anyway; don’t you know that’s a federal offence?” Mr. Karma asked and Lance groaned. Great, another burden to take on. Lance shook his head and wished he didn’t have to take that on, what with all the other shit that was going on already.
Lance looked across the room at Justin, and saw Justin sitting in his chair staring aimlessly ahead of him. Lance felt himself getting jealous, at least Justin didn’t have to deal with as much shit as he. “Lance? Did you hear me? I asked whose idea it was to move the body,” Mr. Karma said interrupting Lance’s thoughts. Lance snapped out of it and turned to face his lawyer, a smile spread across his face as he came to the realization of what he was about to say.
“It was his idea,” Lance said and looked back at his friend. “It was all Justin’s idea, every single detail.”