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Lance and Justin’s explanation of events.
Part 7.

Nick’s eyes opened slowly as he looked around him wondering where he was. He noticed a small window and not much else in the room. He also noticed two other people standing in the corner conversing. Nick squinted his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing things, either that or it was his concussion. Was he really seeing who he thought it was?
He looked down at his feet which were firmly tied and at the rest of his body, yup he was still here. But if that was so then who the fuck was that? He opened his mouth to try and speak but no words came out, that was odd he thought. He tried again with the same results, so instead he kicked around him hoping they would hear him which they did.
“Oh look who decided to join us,” the shorter of the two said as he and his friend walked over to Nick. At first Nick didn’t hear his voice, but after a few seconds it hit him. Oh my God, that’s my voice! Nick thought. He sounds just like me!
“Nice of you to come round Carter,” the second guy said and smiled evilly. He walked over to Nick and grabbed a golf club from the golf case that was standing by the wall. “Wanna play some golf?” The guy chuckled and Nick shook his head furiously as he realized what was about to take place.
“Come on man, leave him alone,” the guy with Nick’s voice said. Nick looked up to him in appreciation and as he did so Nick’s eyes went wide. The guy was standing next to his friend, and they were both close enough for Nick to see who they were. “Got a bit of a shock did you Carter?” The guy asked, “yeah so did I, it’s amazing how good the plastic surgeons in this town are they even got the voice down pat.”
“Yeah, even I was shocked. At first I thought it was you, but then I realized it wasn’t,” his friend replied and Nick stared at them in shock, they were nuts. Why would any one want to be him? Even he didn’t want to be him.
“I bet you’re wondering why right?” The guy with Nick’s looks and voice said and Nick nodded furiously. “Well…” but he was interrupted as the second guy took a swing of his club and it ‘accidentally’ hit Nick in the face. Nick went out cold.

“Okay, so that was Harold,” Brian said as he hung up the phone and looked at Howie and Kevin. “Looks like Nicky was whacked in the face with something, they’re trying to figure out what.
“Yeah, I was wondering why his nose had looked so crooked,” Howie said as he recalled the night when they had gone to identify Nick’s body. It all seemed to be falling into place now.
“Nicky’s nose has always been a bit funny looking,” Kevin said in affection and both Brian and Howie couldn’t help but smile at the old joke that Kevin used to give to Nick.
“No, but I mean it was way wonky, like more than usual,” Howie said and Brian nodded in agreement.
“It was D, you’re right,” Brian replied and walked over to the closest and pulled out his coat.
“What you doing rok?” Howie asked, he was not in the mood for another Brian adventure.
“I’m going to visit Bone,” Brian said and Kevin got up from his seat and followed Brian suit.
“That’s a great idea rok, I’m sure he’s getting lonely without us,” Kevin said and both he and Brian looked at Howie.
“Okay, I’m coming, I’m coming,” Howie grumbled, he didn’t want to have to see his friend in a place like St George’s the last time had been a bit too much for him, but he knew it had to be done.
“I think he should know what we’ve found out from the autopsy,” Brian said as they headed out the door, “After all he’s the one who’s been having all those strange Nick dreams.”
“You’re right rok,” Howie said a bit unenthusiastically, “I’m sure he’d love to know that Nick has a crooked nose.” Both Brian and Kevin laughed at Howie’s unintended joke, even though it was morbid it did have a sort of humor to it, even if Howie didn’t recognize it.

Justin felt like strangling someone, how could Lance blame him for the entire thing? Fuck, it was his bloody idea in the first place. Justin walked around his cell and tried not to scream, he had to think of a way to get out of this mess and quick. He had so much shit on his plate, he didn’t know if he should even bother but he knew that he had to try or else he’d be in here for good.
He had been so shocked, okay well not really, that Lance had said it was all his idea. But Justin should have expected it, I mean after all this was the guy who changed his looks and voice to become one of the Backstreet Boys. Who went to such extremes anymore? Justin shook his head and paced some more.
Next time I’m in a room with Bass, I swear I’m going to strangle him, Justin thought angrily. His minds raced and raced to try and find a way out of the mess that Lance had created for him. But every door he found seemed to be locked, and it was frustrating Justin to no end.
I should have known, Justin thought miserably as he gave up his pacing and sat back down on the broken prison bed. I should have known Bass would pin it on me, I’m so dumb really I am, why did I have to get involved? Smart move Timberlake. Justin chided himself and scrunched up his hands, how could Lance do this? Weren’t they supposed to be friends? But then Lance had always had a grudge against Justin, to no fault of his own.
It was then that Justin realized exactly what had gone wrong, he’d been too hard on Lance when they first started, way too hard. I should have been easier on the guy, Justin thought and sighed, he leaned back onto the bed and closed his eyes. Oh how he wished he could go back in time, then everything would be different. A lot different, he just knew it.

Lance smiled to himself as he lay in the tattered old bed of his cell. He smiled because he knew that in a mere matter of days he would be free. Free from this shit hole, free to go and make himself Lance once again, free to rid himself of Justin and these bloody looks that he had acquired for nothing.
That was my best idea yet, Lance thought as he closed his eyes and tried to remember when last he was happy. To blame Justin for everything sure did take a whole load of my shoulders, it was my one way ticket outta here. That or death. He sighed and wondered why he hadn’t thought of it sooner. Probably because he’d actually made himself believe that there was no way out.
But once Lance had seen Justin, sitting in that court room, with half the problems he had, once Justin had pointed out that yes Lance indeed had more shit to deal with, Lance knew that was his ticket to freedom. Blame Justin and get out, get out for good. Lance knew he wouldn’t get out right away, he knew that he’d have to at least spend a few years in here max, but he didn’t mind, he was willing to wait. He was willing to wait until he could leave, leave and forget all that had brought him here. He could forget the case, Justin and Nsync and he could be just Lance Bass from Mississippi.