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Lance and Justin’s explanation of events.
Part 8.

“What do you mean Lance is not responsible?” Brian asked Mr. Haulm as they sat in the lawyer’s office a few days later. Mr. Haulm looked at Brian and just shrugged.
“Mr. Bass claims it was all Mr. Timberlake’s idea,” Mr. Haulm replied as he looked over his notes from the last court day. Brian stared at the lawyer in shock, unable to fathom what he’d just heard.
“But he looks just like Nick, he confessed to Chris that it was his fault, Justin even said so,” Brian said, he was sure that even though Justin was guilty Lance was even guiltier.
“Yes, Mr. Littrell but we have to take into consideration that there are no facts to back up the claim that Mr. Bass was behind the murder of Nick, it was just words said from witnesses including Mr. Timberlake, who lied in court,” Mr. Haulm replied, Brian shook his head.
“But so is that statement, it’s just Lance’s words, nothing more. Can’t you prove he was also involved?” Brian asked and the lawyer looked at him.
“And how do you propose I do that Mr. Littrell?” Mr. Haulm asked Brian just shrugged.
“I don’t know, you’re the lawyer here figure it out,” Brian said, he was getting a bit frustrated with this man who claimed to have the Carter’s best interests at heart.
“Well I can only try so far Mr. Littrell. Right now all we can do is hope there is some discriminatory evidence against the two that will lock them up for good,” Mr. Haulm replied as he leaned back in his chair and looked at Brian. Brian sighed and tried to think if there was anything lese missing.
“Well what about the autopsy report?” Brian asked and Mr. Haulm raised an eyebrow.
“Excuse me? What do you mean?” the lawyer asked and Brian shrugged.
“Well wouldn’t that prove anything? Like how Nick was murdered? If the court can find out how Nicky died then couldn’t they try and figure out who murdered him?” Brian asked, he felt as he was asking the same questions in circles.
“They could, but Mr. Littrell that takes a long time and there are many procedures involved,” Mr. Haulm replied and Brian felt annoyed.
“What procedures? Why does everyone keep telling me that? They need time? Well we don’t have time Mr. Haulm, Nicky’s murderers need to be brought to justice,” Brian said angrily and began to get out of his seat.
“Mr. Littrell please, I know you are upset but you throwing a temper tantrum right now is not going to solve matters. What was the information you said you wanted to give me? It seems like we have completely skipped the point of this meeting,” Mr. Haulm replied, his voice rising. Brain looked at the lawyer and shook his head in anger.
“Nothing, it’s nothing seeing as you obviously don’t wish to help anyone as long as you get paid by the end of the day,” Brain stated and began to leave.
“Mr. Littrell, please I wish to help,” Mr. Haulm said getting up from his desk. Brian stopped and turned to face the lawyer.
“Really?” Brian asked and the lawyer nodded. “Okay, well we went to get the autopsy report seeing as you didn’t feel it necessary.”
“You went for the autopsy? Who is we?” Mr. Haulm asked a bit annoyed at the information he was receiving, knowing it was an offence to go and collect court documents without the court’s approval.
“Me, Kevin and Howie and yes we got the report and I thought I’d share it with you but now I’m not too sure I should,” Brian replied, Mr. Haulm looked at him.
“Well Mr. Littrell..” he began but Brian stopped him.
“Yeah, they told us that Nicky was definitely murdered he was beat up then suffered from acute asphyxiation,” Brian retorted sounding rather pleased with himself that he’d remembered all that information.
“Oh my God, that is huge evidence,” Mr. Haulm replied sitting back at his desk and writing what Brian had just said. “This is big help, thank you Mr. Littrell.”
“Wait, so are you going to tell this to the court?” Brian asked suddenly interested and walked back over to the chair he’d just vacated and sat down on it.
“Well yes, but I have to go and collect the autopsy report myself from the lab, once that is done I will definitely be revealing the information,” Mr. Haulm replied, “You wouldn’t mind being our first witness would you? It’s so that the court would know we’re not making it up.”
Brian nodded, “Sure, anything to help Nicky will this help put Bass and Timberlake behind bars?”
“It could, it depends on what the full autopsy says but I’m betting it will,” Mr. Haulm said and smiled at Brian.
Brian smiled back, “Me too Mr. Haulm. Me too.”

Lance sighed, he felt like screaming. He knew his days of happiness were not to be long lasted. Of course the autopsy would show that bloody Justin whacked Carter in the face with the golf club, and of course it’d show that as they tried to feed him later the bloody idiot had choked. Damn, things just didn’t go down well for him did they?
Lance closed his eyes and counted to ten, as he heard Mr. Karma address the court. No matter what his lawyer said now there was no way Lance would get out of this. He shook his head, opened his eyes and looked across at Justin who scowled furiously at him. Justin hated him now, he was certain of that. Lance just sighed and as he was getting used to the idea of all this, the pictures of Carter’s dead body were displayed on the overheads.
Lance cringed, did he really do that to the poor bastard? Damn, he looked bad. He suddenly felt eyes on him as people looked at the pictures and then at Lance himself. It must have been strange for them to sit in the court looking at pictures of a dead man who sat in court with them.
“Holly shit,” Lance heard AJ say from the witness stand. Again Backstreet was being called to testify. The defence wanted AJ to tell them his dreams, the crazy dreams that the Backstreet boy was having. Lance didn’t listen to AJ talk though, he was just too damn sick with himself, how could he have done such things?

“Holly shit,” AJ said as soon as the pictures of Nick’s decapitated body were shown to the court. AJ felt sick, he’d dreamt abut what happened to Nick but he thought that they were just that, dreams not real.
I think I’m gonna be sick, AJ thought and glanced across the room and Lance who looked EXACTLY like Nick. That’s even stranger, AJ told himself. He gazed across the room to Brian who was thinking pretty much the same thing.
“So Mr. Mclean can you explain this to the court?” Mr. Haulm asked as he pointed a long ruler at one of the projected pictures. AJ looked at the picture closely, it showed Nick’s face and his broken nose, and AJ wondered if he should tell the court about his dream.
“Well I wasn’t there when Nick was killed was I?” AJ decided to say and glared at both Justin and Lance. Mr. Haulm sighed and shook his head.
“No, but your psychologist, Ms Libbie, said you have been having some strange dreams that could help us. Would you like to elaborate on that?” Mr. Haulm said and AJ rolled his eyes. He doubted that Ms. Libbie, or Angie as he knew her, had told the lawyer any of that. He was sure one of the others had said something.
“What do you wanna know?” AJ asked trying to still figure out what the fuck he should say.
Mr. Haulm looked at him, “What were your dreams about Mr. Mclean?” AJ groaned and looked around the room, he could feel everyone’s eyes on him thinking he was crazy. “Mr. Mclean?”
“Wha…? Oh yeah sorry, well um…” AJ began but stopped unsure of how to make himself sound logical. “In my dreams I saw Nick, and he was being killed.” There he said it, he looked like a moron, and he knew it. He glanced around the room and saw everyone staring at him as if he’d gone mad.
“What? How is that possible?” Mr. Karma asked and AJ looked at the judge.
“Mr. Karma, it is not you turn to ask the witness questions, please refrain yourself. Please continue Mr. Mclean,” the judge said and AJ nodded meekly.
“Well that was only sometimes,” AJ added quickly, Mr. Haulm looked at him.
“What do you mean Mr. Mclean if you don’t mind?” Mr. Haulm asked, AJ shook his head.
“Sometimes…” he began and took a deep breath in. “Nicky would come into my dreams and tell me, rather than show me, how he was killed but mostly he’d show me.”
“And how was that?” Mr. Haulm asked. AJ shook his head and closed his eyes, now he knew he had to tell them, no matter what.