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December 7, 2007

 The cold December sun broke through the clouds, causing the snow to glitter like diamonds. Growing up in Florida all my life, I guess you can say that I’m not used to snow. I love it when it snows. That’s why it was my idea to go skiing for mine and Angels birthday, up here in the Colorado Rockies. I love how the snow drifts down to Earth and hits me softly in the face. It makes me feel at peace. Which is the way I feel right now. I closed my eyes, taking in the soft snowflakes that fell gently on my skin. My fingers brushed the fresh snow that fell all around me. I closed my eyes, and breathed in the sweet smell of winter air. I heard someone sit next to me, but I didn’t attempt to open my eyes and see who it was. I reached out and touched the person sitting next to me and then I smiled to myself.

“Hi Angel.” I said with a slight grin, eyes still closed.

“How did you know it was me?” She asked.

 “You’re my twin. I know these things.” I said, flashing a smile. Angel laughed.

“Well, okay then. Nick is doing his last ski down the slope and then we’re going to go back to the cabin and sip some delicious hot chocolate.”

I opened up one eye and looked at her, “Did you say chocolate?” Angel nodded. I held out a hand for her to lift me off of the ground. I laughed as she glared at me. She quickly took my outstretched hand and lifted me up. “Thanks!” I playfully put her in a choke hold and kissed the top of her head over and over. She squealed trying to break free from my hold, but I did not surrender.

“Ah! Aaron let gooo! You’re messing up my hair!” “I love you, Angel Charisma.” I grinned cheekily.

 “I love you too……after you let go!” She growled, punching me in the back. I let go and pulled her hair out of her face.

 “Why thank you, sir! That was very kind of you!” Angel said, in a fake British accent. Angel never fails to put a smile on my face. As she turned to join Collin at the bench further down the slope, I got a sudden idea. Me and my sneaky plans. I love my sisters, so I absolutely love pissing them off. I bent down, picking up a some snow and packing it tight into a nice round snowball. HAHA! I reared back and threw the snowball at her.


The snowball hit her in the back of her coat. Angel twirled around and glared at me. Of course I was standing there, acting like I didn’t do it. Come on! It was Casper not me!

“Did you just throw a snow ball at me??” My eyes went wide. “What, lil Ole me?? I did no such thing!” I must have known that I wasn’t going to win this. I’m a winner at a losing game, lately, because my stupid ass can’t keep a straight face. I started to snicker, behind my hand. Dammit! I got to work on this!

“I love yoooouuu!” I sang between giggles. Angel growled and raced toward me. Oh crappers!

 “Oh you are going to die, boy. TODAY!” I shrieked as Angel jumped on me and knocked me on the ground.

“This is my brand new three thousand dollar suede winter coat. If it gets ruined it’s coming out of your paycheck!! Got me?!” She yelled in my face, as she lightly banged my head against the ground. I hardly notice, since I was laughing to hard.

“Then why the hell….did you wear it to the slopes…for!?” I breathed in and out hard, trying to catch my breath. My chest yearned for air. I just couldn’t stop laughing and it hurt.

 “Oh pish posh.” She growled under her breath, then finally jumped off of me.

“Who says that anymore??” I rolled my eyes, coughing and trying to clear my throat from all the laughing I was doing. I hoisted myself up and ran into Nick.

“Did she just say that coat of hers cost three thousand dollars??” Nick laughed.

“It’s not just a coat…its suede. Which is Prada to her.” I joked. Nick patted me on the back and we ran to catch up with Angel and Collin. I kept my distance from Angel of course, because she kept giving me death glares. If looks could kill……if they could only kill.


 Back at the cabin, a roaring fire flickered in the fireplace, keeping the place warm and toasty. Angel and Collin cuddled together on the couch, while Nick sat in the chair next to them talking to Brian on the phone. As for me, I sat near the window, looking out. The soft sound of the TV ran through the air. My attention popped away from the window when I heard the volume being turned up. Nick held the remote in one hand and his phone in another, while keeping his eye on the weather.

 “There are already several power outages across Colorado, including Colorado Springs and parts of Denver……leaving millions of people without power. This storm is producing several inches of ice every hour. It is hazardous outside and people are urged to stay indoors, until the road ways are clear.” I sighed and let my eyes fall to the floor. Nick turned off the TV.

“Brian I got to go, man. Tell LeAnn and Bailey I said Wassup!” Nick said into the phone. He said goodbye, and then stood up and walking over to me.

“Crazy isn’t it?” Nick asked, looking worriedly out of the window.

“Yeah. It’s really coming down out there.”

 “Aaron, we may be stuck here for a couple of days. You heard the weather man. It’s dangerous to be outside and the ice is only going to get worse for the next couple of days.” I raised my eyes at him, then gently rested my head up against the side of the window.

“Yeah. How long did he say that it was going to last? The storm I mean.” I asked.

“It’ll start clearing out late Wednesday evening.”

“That’s three days from now.” I gapped at the answer I got, “Nick, do we have enough food or anything. What if the pipes burst? We need water you know.”

“We’ll drip all the sinks and pray they won’t burst, okay. And on food, we should be okay, unless Collin doesn’t eat it all up first.” Nick said, snickering. I smiled at the joke, then looked at Collin and Angel. They slept peacefully on the couch.

“I’m going to attend to the sinks. Be right back.”

I nodded and jumped a little, because my phone vibrated in my pocket, “Okay.” I answered back at him. I pulled out my phone when it kept vibrating. Someone was calling me. I looked to see who it was and if I was willing to talk to them. Call me a bitch for that, but sometimes I just don’t feel like talking. Usually it’s my friend Johanna; that girl just won’t shut up. So sometimes when she calls, I just ignore it and just text her later. I do that from time to time. But when I looked at the caller it was Ginger my step mom. So I answered it.

“Hello?” I said, slipping myself into the chair that Nick was sitting at earlier.

“Hi sweetie. How did your day go? Did you guys go skiing? Did you have fun?” I rolled my eyes and chuckled to myself.

 “Yes we went skiing, yes we had fun, and our day went great. Had a blast today. What about yours? How was work?”

 “Oh, you know the usual. Whipping old peoples asses, someone shitting on you, you know…same old stuff. God, I hope you don’t end up getting on the floor, Aaron. I don’t know why people keep asking you if you’re going to do what your momma does.” I grimaced. I hate it when people ask me if I’ll go out on the floor some day. Ugh! No!

“Oh good lord, hell no! Even if I wanted to, I don’t have time to go to school to be a CNA. I’ll just stick to the kitchen and make sure the old people get their food. You know I’m going to have to quit when I get my album out right.”

 “Yeah I know.”

 “I don’t think Grandma understands that. You know she only wants to work with me. Everyone else is worthless piece of….crap.” I cleared my throat and then continued, “I’m already getting tired of everyone. All I do is clean up after these people. Amanda needs to hire someone worthy. Not stupid ass lazy teenagers.” I told her. And yes I’m bitching…..again.

“You were a teenager when you started. Remember, you started before you guys did House of Carters.”

 I nodded and sighed, “I know. From the very beginning on to now, I’m the only one who cares about what that kitchen looks like.” I chuckled, then rolled my eyes. Seriously though I’m getting sick and tired of EVERYONE there. Even the nurses and the Aids. They think I’m clueless and stupid and talk to me like I have no idea what the hell is going on. Even some of the residents to that to me. Uh...its infuriating!

 “Anyway dear, enough talk about work. There is a reason why I called you.”

I smiled, “What? To tell me how much you love me?” She laughed on the other end.

“You know how much I love you hunnie, but no um….this is serious.” She said. Serious?? Okay that caught my attention. I sat up straight.

 “Serious? Whats going on? Is Taylin okay??” I felt myself starting to freak out. I’ve been on the edge of my seat when anything had to do with Taylin, especially after what happened to her back in September. She got hit by a car, while playing in our own yard. All though she made it, obviously…she still lost her left arm. And sometimes she has complications from that.

“This isn’t about Taylin….” I heard her say. I felt my heart relax. I took a breath and sat back into the chair, “It’s about you.” She continued. Whoa wait what??

 “Me? Mom, what are you talking about? Good Lord, what did I do now? Did dad find something else to be mad at me for?”

 “No and would you calm yourself?”

I cleared my throat and took a deep breath, “Yeah, sorry. Go ahead.”

 “Okay….” I heard her take a deep breath, “Okay first off when you are guys going to be home tomorrow?”

 I opened my mouth to say something and stopped. I got up and went back to the window and looked out, “Man….mom….Colorado is having a major ice storm at this very moment and I don’t think we’ll be home until later next week. You know Nick won’t risk driving in this crap.”

 “Are you kidding me?”

 “Yeah, sorry.”


 “Mom, just tell me please.” I pleaded with her. She needed to tell me and it was serious. Lets go now, mom! What is it???

 “Aaron…. I really want to tell you when you get back. Where I can sit you down and talk to you face to face. I don’t really want to tell you over the phone, hunnie.” I sighed heavily, “There is absolutely no way you guys can try to make it home? You guys aren’t too far away from the border and once you get into California, the sun should be out. You’ll be fine once you’re in Cali.” She continued.

“Gee…I don’t know. Nicks driving mom and I know he’s gonna say no.”

“Say no to what??” I jumped when I heard Nick come into the room and stand in front of me.

 “Hold on, mom.” I put the phone down on my shoulder, “That’s mom. She wants to know if there is any way we get home by tomorrow evening sometime.”

Nick blinked a couple of time and pressed his lips together, “Has she lost it? Did you tell her whats going on outside right now? We’re in an ice storm.”

 I nodded, “Yeah, I told her our situation.”

“Why does she want us back so bad?”

 “She has something serious she wants to discuss with me….”

Nick nodded, “Ohhh…..okay. But no man, there is no way we’ll be able to make it home by tomorrow. Even if we try, the farthest we’ll be going is into a ditch.” Nick said, patting my should brotherly. I nodded and got back to my mom.

“Mom, there is just no way.” I told her. I heard her take another deep breath.

“Okay sweetie.”

 “Gaw this is going to bother the hell out of me now.”

“Hunnie just get through the rest of the week okay, alright. Have fun. Try not to worry about it. Worry about it when you’re on your way home. And once you’re home we’ll talk okay?”


 “Alright. Well I’m going to get off here and get to bed. I love you and I’ll see you soon.”

 “I love you too. Goodnight.” I slowly hung up the phone and threw it on the nearby table. I groaned and laid my head back against the chair. Okay, this is going to be entirely impossible to not worry about it. Why did she have to say that it was serious. What the hell did I do that was so bad???

Crap, this is going to be a sucky couple of days.