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December 19, 2007

When I found out that the world has officially gone to hell was when my butt met the pavement. This is Los Angeles where the temperature rarely goes above eighty five degrees. I guess mother nature decided to switch her furry of ice storms and blizzards a little bit more westward and bombard us laid-back Californians. I guess I can’t feel too bad, since I doubt I’m not the only sucker lying on his back, by slipping on a patch of ice and busting his ass.

I guess a part of me didn’t take the weatherman seriously when he said that a huge storm system coming down from the northern pacific and another one moving west from the Colorado Rockies were going to collide and make one giant mother humper, and leaving the vulnerable state of California smack dab in the middle of it. I almost laughed out loud to that one. I mean come on, it just doesn’t seem possible. How freaking wrong can I be? Now, I’m laying here on the freezing cold-ice-covered porch with stupid written across my forehead, while mother nature is pointing her finger and laughing at me. Oh well, at least I’m not the only one looking like an idiot right now. I better not be the only one!

Letting out a loud sigh, I grabbed the edge of the pillar beside me and slowly hoisted myself up. I felt myself hesitate. I stared long and hard at the two steps leading to the bottom of the porch. If I can’t step one little foot out onto the porch without hitting the pavement, there is no way I’ll be going down those stairs without breaking my face. I figured I could just slide myself over to my car, but then again I’m already wet and a little bit numb, so that’s a no can do.

I sucked in a deep breath and slowly stepped out with my right foot, holding on tightly to the pillar. I let out the breath I was holding when I got to the first step safely. One more step to go and about ten more feet to my car. If only I knew how to ice skate.

I finally got to my car after five minutes of taking baby steps and shockingly didn’t hit the ice once. Flinging my bag on top of my car I fiddled with my keys. I looped the key holder around my middle finger as I tried to open the door. I figured it was locked so I pressed the unlock button on my key pad and tried again. The door wouldn’t budge. I frowned and pressed the button again and tried one more time. Fail.

“What the fu--” I muttered. Sighing heavily, I clipped my keys to my jeans and grabbed a hold of the handle with both hands and pulled. After a few more failed tugs, I gave up and came to a conclusion; my damn door is frozen shut! Not good. That’s when I decided to try the other door. Unfortunately, I had to repeat the process of tug and pull, but after awhile I finally got the passenger door open. When I cracked open the door, a gigantic piece of ice slipped off the side and crashed to the ground. I snatched my bag off the hood of my car and flung it on the passenger floor. But before I could slip in and slide myself over to the drivers side, I heard a distinct sound of an engine revving. I looked up and saw a GMC Sierra pickup doing donuts in the middle of the street about a block from where I was standing. I watched as the driver struggled to get back on the road, but his wheels just couldn’t get any friction on that ice. Finally, he stopped doing donuts and was able to get down the road, but the butt of his pickup kept swaying back and forth. I blinked a few times and then lowered my gaze back down to the shattered piece of ice that had fallen off my car door.

“Oh, hell no,” I said, snatching my bag up from the floor board and closing the door back. If I would’ve driven to work today, my car would be just like that piece of ice; shattered in little bitty pieces. I don’t even know what I was thinking wanting to drive anyway. Common sense, Aaron, common sense.

I threw my bag over my shoulder as I whipped my phone out of my pocket and hit Kim’s speed dial.

“Hello?” A voice came from the other end. I cleared my throat and leaned against my car.

“Kim…I’m going to be late.”

“You too?” She laughed.

“What do you mean?”

“Scott, just called. He’s having trouble with his car. What’s your excuse?” I could hear her smiling. I smiled myself, knowing that Kim was just joking with me.

“I have to walk. I can’t get my car out of my driveway. And even if I could I wouldn’t be able to get it down the road. I literally won’t go anywhere.” I laughed.

“I understand, Aaron. Just get here safely.” Did I mention I love my boss? She’s the one person in the world who has tremendous understanding, even though she doesn’t fully understand what’s going on right now. Hell, does anyone?

“I will. See ya,” Or I won’t go at all, I thought to myself when I hung up. Seriously, this job isn’t near as important than my life and everyone in it. But I promised Kim I would be in and not to mention the risks I’m willing to face for my baby girl, so there’s no hurt in walking.

No, I lied. There is hurt in walking. My fanny’s going to be black and blue by the time this day is over.

I could go on with my day pretending that my journey to work was uneventful, but I’ll just be lying out my ass. I hit the ice a few times but fortunately I was able to stand up on my own two feet most of the way. Falling down I can handle, but uncomfortable stabbing pain against my face? Yeah, not so much. I was only a couple of blocks away from my house when it started raining and I don’t mean the liquid kind of rain, but skin slashing ice particles of rain that felt like needles hitting my face. And to think, the ice is just the tip of the iceberg. A blizzard right on top of that?? Bring on the trash can lids! I’m saying that because no one thought about owning a sled if you live in L.A.

It was a hell trying to cross Hollywood Boulevard. First off, the walk button was frozen solid and it took everything I had to break the ice around it. Second, when it was my turn to cross the street after the ’Walk’ sign flickered on, I knew the cars coming weren’t going to give me the right away. Of course, I knew they were breaking, because of the red light, but that doesn’t mean their car was going to stop. Fortunately, no single car plowed right into me as I made my way to the other side. Just a few more feet away and I’ll be safe inside the cozy little restaurant.

I scurried over to the side door of the restaurant. But before I could grab the handle, my foot hit an insanely slick piece of ice and I came down hard on my left knee.

“Son of a bitch…” I cursed, tears forming in the corners of eyes. I fell to the side and grabbed my knee and held it tightly against my chest. I took several deep breaths and tried my best to shake the pain away.

After a few minutes of sitting on the cold ice, I finally lifted myself up and pulled myself together. Carefully, I swung open the door and hobbled inside. I felt better when the aroma of Kurt’s breakfast hit my nostrils. I zipped off my coat and hung it up on the coat rack beside Kim’s old ball of fur. That’s when I noticed Scott wasn’t even here yet. That’s just freaking fantastic, I thought as I grabbed my time card and clocked myself in. I noticed the clatter of the kitchen was on a down low, which I found rather odd. I was about to head toward the kitchen to see what was up when Kim crossed my path.

“Oh good, you’re here,” She said breathlessly as she quickly put her ball of fur on. “I hate to break it to you, but Scott can’t make it in and I need to run and I don’t know when or if I’ll be back.”

“Where the hell are you going?” I gapped. Is this woman serious?

“My husband got stuck in a ditch on the way to work,” Kim said buttoning her coat. “I have to go and try to pull him out since I’m the one who has the pickup. It has an inner lock brake and four wheel drive. Let me tell you, it’s one sturdy little bitch.”

I remained quiet and just stared at her in dismay. Scott wasn’t going to be here? Then that only leaves…me?! My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open in shock, “I’m the only one here?”

Kim gave me an apologetic look. “Aaron, I’m sorry. You and Kurt are the only one’s here today. Which means you have to run the floor.”

“What?” I squeaked, “I can’t run the floor, I’ve never done it before.” I pleaded with her.

“You don’t have to worry about anything,” Kim reassured me. “Running the floor isn’t that hard, just take down orders and help Kurt get the dishes ready. Today may not be all that bad, because of the storm.”

I took a deep breath through my nose, held it, and then quickly let it loose. “Yeah, sure,” I murmured. That’s when a wave of voices filled the air. Kim and I looked at each other with wide eyes and we both moved immediately to the front of the restaurant just in time to see a whole flock of people walking in.

“Well,” Kim started. I flinched when I felt Kim put her hand on my back, “It seems like people don’t know what ‘stay home’ means. See ya,” Kim patted my shoulder and went back into the lounge of the restaurant.

“Apparently neither do I,” I grumbled, feeling the regret of coming in today. Just as I was beginning to turn around and go after Kim, a sharp pain shot through my knee that I had busted earlier.

“Kim, you cannot leave me here.” I said limping after her.

Kim turned around and gave me a warm smile, “You’ll do fine,” She then look down and noticed I was struggling to keep my balance on my good knee, “Why are you limping? Did you hurt yourself?”

I blinked, “Has anyone, today?” I said with a roll of my eyes. “Yeah, the ice and I became close friends on the way over here.”

“Well, before you get to work, get to the kitchen and get some ice for that knee. It’ll swell up like mother if you don’t.”

“Oh, I don’t need to go into the kitchen, I can go outside to get it.” I said sarcastically.

Kim sighed, “I’ll call in and check on you guys from time to time.” I nodded, silently. She gave me one last smile, before heading back outside. I growled in frustration and leaned against the wall. I closed my eyes and tried my best to relax. I found it rather difficult though. The throbbing sensation of my knee wasn’t helping in the least bit.

I walked back toward the front of the restaurant and saw that everyone who had came in earlier had taken their seats already. Most of the tables were already full and this is a fairly big restaurant. I felt my heart get wedged up in my throat as I thought how impossible this day is going to be.

I sighed and slumped my shoulders.

Did I mention that I hate my boss?

Chapter End Notes:

Yes, I know I lacked big time on this. I suffered serious writers block with this chapter, so I decided to focus on more things and come back to it. Forgive me! It's a little teaser chapter, more on Aaron's grueling day will be up soon! I hope lol