A Fairy's Tale: Secret Charm by CarterFan28
Chapter 3 by CarterFan28

Chapter 3 Declan

            As the four friends walked home together they talked about plans for Iris to ask her parents about her being allowed to take part in the field study 

            "Wait tonight is Rista isn't it?" Kallan asked.

            "It is," Iris replied, "What about it?"

            "We are all meeting in the great hall aren't we?"

            "Yes. We are celebrating Rista the same way our kind has been celebrating Rista for centuries."

            "How does this plan sound? Febrys and myself will talk to our parents about going and if we get positive answers then you could talk to your parents about it when we all gather for Rista. This way your parents could talk to our parents and hopefully persuade them to let you go. Also Donella will be there so she could talk to them too."

            "Kallan you're a genius!" Iris exclaimed as she hugged him.

            "Oh I know I am," Kallan grinned. 

            Iris stuck her tongue out at him and pushed him playfully.

            As the group got closer to the complex of houses and the palace, they heard a big dog barking in the distance. Then out of nowhere a mass of gray came bounding towards them. 

            "No! Don't jump!" Kallan said as the dog which was actually a wolf left the ground and jumped up on him knocking him to the ground.  

            The big wolf looked Kallan straight in the eye and started growling at him.

            "Hello Declan," The girls and Kallan said recognizing the wolf. They were not fazed by his false display of aggression.     

            He started wagging his tail and licking Kallan's face affectionately. 

            "Why must you do this to me? I am always the one who ends up being pushed around by you. You never push the girls around," Kallan complained pushing the wolf off of him.

            The wolf calmly went over to the girls standing next to their friend lying on the ground wagging his tail quickly to show how happy he was to see the four Raes. Febrys patted the wolf on his head and he replied, “The girls are ladies and it is not polite to jump on ladies. Besides it’s fun to knock you around.”

            Raedella knelt down and Declan licked her face. Iris patted her shoulders and Declan stood on his hind legs and his big front paws rested on her shoulders. She gave him a hug and as he got back down on all four feet she said, “So how is our favorite Drake?”

            “I’m doing just fine thanks for asking.”

            A Drake is a magical creature that is originally formless. Drakes can morph into any animal, plant, or object in any color they desire. Drakes also have the ability to take the shape of any fairy or human if they wish. Their ability to morph into any creature or organism they want to gives them an extended life but like Raes they are mortal. Drakes have been good friends and protectors of the Raes for centuries.

            “What were you four talking about before I pounced on Sir Kallan here?” Declan asked.

            “Well,” Febrys started off, “Donella told us about the Elite Fairy Secret today.”

            “Ah yes the chance for an Elite Fairy student like your selves to study the humans in their natural habitats. How exciting is that?!”

            “Very!” Iris smiled.

            “We were discussing how our parents would react to this opportunity,” Raedella replied.

            “Oh I see,” Declan nodded his head. “I’m sure you won’t have a problem about asking your parents Miss Raedella seeing that your mother is running this program and has been for years.”

            “She really wants me to go truthfully,” Raedella answered.

            Declan then looked at Kallan, “How do you think your parents will react?”

            “I believe they’ll be fine with it as long as I don’t get in trouble while I’m in the Human world.”

            “I can’t see you getting into trouble in the Human world. You are a very intelligent young Rae and have a good head on your shoulders. What about your mother Febrys?”

            She shrugged, “My mother isn’t the problem it’s my Uncle Orin.”  

            Declan looked up at Iris, “Ah yes King Orin, your father.”

            Iris looked at the Drake, “I really want to go on this trip Declan.”

            “I know you do,” he said softly. “I know how fascinated you have been with Humans ever since you were little.”

            “Do you think my parents will let me go?”

            He sighed, “King Orin is very hard to persuade. But…”

            “You think Iris can win him over because she’s Daddy’s little girl…” Febrys interrupted.

            “I wasn’t going to say that. And you know how much I dislike being interrupted Febrys. I was going to say that he loves to see his little girl happy Iris. Don’t hold my world against me and don’t be upset with me if I am wrong but there’s a possibility of him letting you go. I’m just not sure on how strong that possibility is.”

            “So… if I were to ask him tonight at the Rista celebration, he wouldn’t forbid me to go?” she asked hesitantly.

            “I have never seen King Orin loose his head or temper… but there is always a first for everything.”

            “I guess I won’t ask him then.”

            “No do ask him. I’m guessing you four have a plan?”

            “Febrys and Kallan are going to ask their parents before the Rista celebration and if they agree to their child going on the trip then hopefully they could help persuade King Orin into letting Iris go as well,” Raedella explained.

            Declan nodded his head, “It sounds like a very well thought out plan to me.”

            Kallan smiled, “Thank you.”

            The group laughed and continued walking.

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