A Fairy's Tale: Secret Charm by CarterFan28
Chapter 7 by CarterFan28

Chapter 7 The Nesworths

            “Are you sure you have everything packed?” Queen Orla asked Iris.

            “Yes Momma,” she smiled back, “If I forgot anything I could summon it.”

            “No you can’t. Our magic doesn’t work in the human world the same way that it works here. And if you do use magic you can attract attention to yourself and that’s the last thing a young fairy needs to do in the human world. Now remember stay focused on your studies, always stay in a group no matter where you go, and most importantly do have fun.”

            “Thank you Momma I will.”

            They hugged and the King walked in the room.

            His daughter walked over to him and he lifted her chin to look into her violent eyes, “All I ask is that you stay safe and please don’t use your magic around the humans. You know the stories of fairies who have been captured and used for their magic. But like your mother said, do have fun.”

            She hugged her father, “Thank you Papa I will. And don’t worry about me I will stay safe.”

            “Oh Princess are you ready?” the Rae majesties heard Declan call out.

            They heard hooves plod delicately on the palace floor and an elegant silver-gray horse with a flowing black mane and tail entered into the room.

            “Yes I am Declan. And I must say that you look very handsome in this form,” Iris walked over and rubbed her hand down the Drake’s nose. “Why such a fancy form?”

            “I figured you might as well arrive in style to the meeting place. Besides I had so much fun giving pony rides during Rista that I wanted to try a bigger, faster form. And what animal was better designed for speed than a horse? Come now we don’t want to be late.”

            Iris gave her mom one last hug first then turned to her father who kissed her forehead.

            Declan folded one of his delicate looking but strong front legs under himself, and stretched out the other in a graceful bow. Iris swung lightly onto his back before he righted himself. When Declan was standing on all four of his feet, King Orin handed Iris her backpack and gave her one last smile.

            The King and Queen followed the elegant silver-gray horse as he walked proudly out of the palace.

            Iris chuckled, “I’m guessing you’re really liking this form aren’t you, Declan?”

            The Drake tossed his head in agreement then tucked his head and pricked his ears to make him even more appealing to the eye, “Why yes I do! I think I’ll be morphing into a horse more often. I can’t believe I have never been a horse in my 26 years.”

            “You are a very handsome horse Declan,” Queen Orla ran her hand over his arched neck.

            “Thank you your Majesty,” he replied graciously.

            Once outside Declan started to tremble with excitement; he was waiting all day to stretch out his equine legs. But he calmed down when the King placed a strong but gentle hand on his shoulder and said into his ear, “Take care of my daughter.”

            He looked the King in the eye and replied, “I promise I will keep her safe. I will see that Iris returns to Elysia unharmed.”

            The King smiled, “I know you will. Drakes never break their promises.”

            With that Declan bowed his head then asked Iris, “Are you ready?”

            “Yes!” she answered excitedly.

            “Hold on tight then!”

            He felt Iris’s legs tighten around his girth and her fingers interlock in his long mane. The silver-gray horse reared then exploded with speed toward the meeting place.

            “This is exhilarating!” Declan called out in pure excitement. He had to raise his voice over the sound of the rushing wind his speed was creating. 

            “I think this is better than flying Dec!” Irish agreed.

            “Remember how I said my dragon form was my favorite form?”


            “Well I think the dragon is now my second favorite. I’ll be morphing into a horse more often!”

            “I won’t complain about that! This is so much fun!”

            When they got closer to the rest of the Elite Fairy Student group Declan broke his fast gallop into a rocking horse canter, then into a flowing, smooth trot.

            “Is that Declan?!” Raedella gasped.

            “Yes it is,” Iris smiled.

            Everyone complemented Declan on his new form and once the last of the group arrived at the meeting place Donella gathered the students around.

            “Is everyone ready to go?”

            “Yes!” an excited call came from each of the Elite Fairy Students.

            “Alright then,” Donella smiled then looked at Declan, “If you would be so kind as to morph into a dragon good Drake.”

            “It will be my pleasure.”

            Iris dismounted and stepped aside as Declan turned into a magnificent silver blue dragon.

            “Why a dragon?” she asked.

            “It is the safest form to travel through portholes to different realms,” Declan explained.

            “Ok everyone go board Air Declan and hold on tight. Next stop the Human realm!” Donella said cheerfully.

            “Who wants the best seat? The first spike on my neck right behind my head will give you the first view of the human world,” Declan said.

            “Irish should get that spot,” all of the other students said together.

            She laughed, “Thanks guys!”

            Irish floated up to the first spike behind Declan’s head. Raedella followed then Kallan, then Febrys. The rest of the group settled on the Drake’s dragon back and Donella sat on his head.

            “Declan said the best view was from the first spike? I think you have the best view Mother,” Raedella commented.

            “It’s safer for you students to hang onto the spikes, besides I have to direct Declan as to where we are going,” Donella answered. “Now before we take off, I need you all to stay completely still for me. I need to cast a spell so that your wings will become invisible to the humans.”

            Donella raised her hands and chanted a spell in Gaelic, the old fairy language, and a misty, sparkling, silver charm surrounded the Elite Fairy students. 

            The trip through the porthole was like nothing the Elite Fairy Students had ever experienced before. Everything around them turned into a blur when Declan took to the sky and through the green, glowing, floating orb before him. 

            It only took a couple of minutes for the Drake and his passengers to transport into the Human realm and when Declan landed the Raes were a little stunned at the site laid before them.

            They had landed in a small, town of Mountain View, Montana. In the distance the view of the Arrow Head Mountains the town was named after reminded the Raes of the Eylisian Mountains back home. Leading up to the mountains was the only high way in town. On either side were miles of grassland leading into thick forests. It wasn’t exactly like Eylsia but it was close.

            “Our ride should be here in a matter of minutes,” Donella said as Declan touched the ground.

            “I was imagining this place to be crawling with humans,” Febrys commented. “We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

            “You won’t exactly be surrounded by humans Febyrs,” Donella answered her complaint calmly. “Mountain View’s population is miniscule compared to most of the other cities in this country. But if you do want to be surrounded by people we will be taking a few field trips into Darton City.”

            Once everyone had floated down to the ground off of Declan’s back he morphed into a German shepherd and sat at Irish’s feet.

            “Now we will be picked up by my good friends the Nesworths. They will be our hosts for our stay in Mountain View. I know you are all very respectful so I won’t remind you to be polite. When we get on the bus Mrs. Nesworth will explain what you will be doing and also give you an insight as to how you will be disguised and our strict policy about using magic,” Donella said.

            Just when she finished a white bus with blue stripes running down the side pulled up in front of them. The Raes weren’t startled by the bus because they were taught about everything human in school. The Raes were more excited about seeing one in person.

            A woman dressed in jeans, cowgirl boots, and a white t-shirt stepped out of the bus. Her long black hair was pulled back in a pony tail that lay under her tan cowgirl hat.


            “Donella! It’s good to see you my friend!”

            They hugged and a tall man wearing a cowboy hat, jeans, boots and a flannel shirt walked out of the bus after his wife.

            “Did you have a safe flight Donella?” the man asked after saying hello with a hug.

            “Yes we did,” she answered with a smile.

            “And I hear we have a Drake with us this time,” the woman commented. 

            “Not just any Drake. We have Declan.”

            “Oh wonderful!” the woman exclaimed when Declan walked up to her with his tail wagging. “I have missed you Declan!”

            “I have missed you too Theodora. It’s good to be back.”

            “I hate to cut the welcomes short but we better get the kids loaded on the bus,” the man said looking at his watch. “The school busses will be coming soon.”

            Donella turned to her students, “Class this is Mr. Tim and Mrs. Theodora Nesworth. As you step onto the bus introduce yourselves.”      

            Each fairy shook Mr. and Mrs. Nesworth’s hands and introduced themselves as they filed onto the bus to take their seats.

            Iris and Declan were the last to get on the bus.

            “Take the window seat,” Declan suggested. “Knowing you, you will want to see everything you possibly can while you’re here and I’ve seen it all before.”

            She took the seat next to the window and almost at once became mesmerized by the rolling mountains in the distance.

            “Those are called the Arrow Heads,” Declan said. Then he pointed toward a patch of woods that was coming up quickly, “That’s where we will be staying. Well we’ll be staying at a ranch tucked in those woods.”

            Iris looked toward were Declan’s finger was pointing. She did a double take.

            “Declan?” she turned her head slowly and couldn’t believe the human sitting next to her.

            “Yeah it’s me. I’m going to be your brother for our stay here,” he smiled.

            She looked intently at him. He did look like he could be her older brother. They shared the same facial features like their cheek bones, fair skin, and the same dazzling smile. He had light brown eyes and brown hair that was shoulder length and tied back in a ponytail.

            “So what do you think sis?”

            “I…” Irish stammered, “I think you look very handsome as a human… but it’s going to take me a while to get used to.”

            “I will only be in this form when I absolutely need to be trust me.”

            Their attention was brought back to the front of the bus as Mrs. Nesworth explained a few things,

            “When we arrive at Cut Out Corner, the Nesworth family ranch, you will be given clothes, school supplies, and a human name. I see Donella has already hidden your wings so that is one thing checked off the list. Today we will go over your schedules for the remainder of your stay and give you time to rest. You may not feel it now but inter realm travel can really drain Fairies, and Drakes. But for now I will let you enjoy the scenery as we continue the drive to Cut Out Corner.”            

            The drive lasted for about twenty minutes until the bus passed under the Cut Out Corner Ranch entrance sign. One by one the Raes got out of the bus and were given a backpack full of school supplies, some clothes which were very different from their almost medieval/renaissance looking attires, room assignments, and assigned a Human name.

            Mr. Nesworth handed the fairy students the backpacks and a few bags of clothes.

            Mrs. Nesworth gave each student a map of the ranch and the high school.

            Donella gave her students their new names. The last four off the bus were our main characters.

            “Febrys, you will be known as Phoebe. Raedella, you are now Rachel. And last but not least Kallan and Iris you two will keep your names.”

            “Why do they get to keep their names the same?” Febrys questioned.

            “I have told my students that you are all exchange students from Ireland,” Mrs. Nesworth started to explain, “And because your language and customs are very similar to those spoken and practiced in Ireland some of you can keep your names because they would be considered Irish names to my students. And in Iris’s case, her name is also an American one. In fact my middle name is Iris.”

            “Ok my students,” Donella spoke up, “Now what I want you all to do is go to your rooms, change into your new clothes, then meet us in the dining room of the main house in forty-five minutes. That will give you enough time to un-pack the new cloths we have given you. For this afternoon I suggest you wear a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and in your rooms you will find all of your new shoes, but for today you might want to wear your new cowboy boots. We are going to give you a tour of the ranch, then discuss the Nesworth’s policy’s and your chore duties here at the ranch.

            After taking the tour of the ranch with its main house, the bunk house where the fairies would stay, cattle barn which also housed chickens, and sprawling horse barn, they picked their places at the picnic tables near the horse paddocks.         

            As they waited patiently for their first American meal of hot dogs, hamburgers, and grilled chicken, they watched the horses graze.

            “They are so pretty,” Raedella commented.

            “Gorgeous,” Iris breathed out in awe, “Especially that golden one being led into the paddock now.”

            A beautiful golden palomino with a white star on her forehead, four white markings on her feet called “socks”, and a flowing mane and tail of pure white was being led back into the paddock by the boy who had just finished riding her.    

            “The guy isn’t that bad looking either,” Febrys joined in.

            Kallan rolled his eyes, “Are you going to do this for the entire trip?”

            “What?!” Febrys nearly screamed, “My cousin and best friend can comment about the good looks of few horses but I can’t comment on handsome American boys?”

            “Relax Feb,” Raedella lightly slapped her arm, “I think he’s attractive too.”

            “See, I’m not the only one,” Febrys stuck her tongue out at Kallan. “What do you think cousin?”

            Iris took in the muscular build of the boy who looked to be about her age, maybe a little older. She liked the look of his black hair up in spikes. His eyes were hidden by the sunglasses he was wearing.

            “He is good looking,” she said very nonchalant. Iris could be very good at hiding her feelings because “good looking” was an understatement. She taught he was HOT!

            The girls and Kallan watched him walk over to Mrs. Nesworth, “I’ll see you tomorrow in class Mrs. N.”

            “Why don’t you stay for dinner? You can be the first to be introduced to the exchange students,” Mrs. Nesworth replied.

            “Thanks for the offer but mom called in for Chinese food and I promised I would pick it up on my way home. Thank you though.”

            “Alright honey, drive safe please. Do me a favor and shoot me a text when you get home ok?”

            “I will. I promise. See ya tomorrow teach.”

            “Bright and early.”

            Mrs. Nesworth and the fairies watched as he got into his car and drove off.

            “I wonder who he is,” Febrys thought out loud.

            “Well from the sound of it we’ll meet him tomorrow,” Kallan responded.

            That night Iris could barely sleep thinking about her first day in an American high school and about meeting that American boy.    

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