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Chapter 1 by CarterFan28

Chapter 1: Iris  

            “Before we end our meeting and your regular classes start, I would like to propose a once in life time opportunity that is only available to you Elite Fairy Students,” Donella, the adult Rae teacher, told the fifteen smartest students of the Elysia High School Class of 2012. “Like the previous seniors before you, you are presented with the chance to live an entire school year with Humans. This is the great Elite Fairy Secret I have been hinting to since the beginning of this school year.”

            Iris’s soft, violet eyes became wide and bright with the news. She looked toward her best friend Raedella and noticed that her best friend’s silvery, light blue eyes held the same surprised, excited expression she had.

            “So like I said before students who want to go will spend an entire school year with the humans. You will attend a human high school and you are required to mix in with the humans and become a part of the senior class. You will graduate with the senior class and then experience the pivotal “summer before college”. I will give you more information once the date of departure draws near. Now, who wants to go?”

            Iris and Raedella were the first to raise their hands, followed by their other best friend Kallan.

            “Febrys don’t you want to go too?” Iris turned around to look at her cousin.

            Febrys looked around the classroom and noticed that not a lot of other fairies wanted to go, “I’m not sure.”

            “Oh come on!” Raedella said, “It’ll be fun! Are you sick or something?”

            “No why?” Febrys raised a questioning eyebrow.

            “You have always wanted to live among Humans when you were younger.”

            “Well I’ve grown up and after taking the Human Studies class I’m thinking that I’ll stay in Elysia where it’s safe. They are interesting to study but I don’t think living with them is such a good idea.”

            “Now what’s the point of taking Human Studies and learning about them in books when you can learn by having a field experience like this?” Kallan asked Febrys.

            “You do have a point,” Febyrs recognized his logic. “Fine, I’ll check out the humans in their own habitat.”

            She raised her hand and others around her who agreed with Kallan’s words slowly raised theirs as well.

            Donella looked around the class room and nodded, “Good. It looks like the majority of you have interest in this field study. Before you leave please pick up a permission slip for your parents to sign and an information sheet that explains the basics of this trip. I will let you know when the next meeting will be and that’s all for today. You may proceed to your daily classes and have a good day.”

             As they were walking to their first period class Iris, Raedella, Kallan, and Febrys talked about the human field study.

            “I’m so excited for this!” Raedella exclaimed.

            “I am too,” Kallan agreed. “I just hope my parents will let me go.”

            Iris threw her head back and rolled her eyes out of realization and worry, “My parents!” She looked at her cousin and best friends with pleading eyes, “They are never going to let me go! I have always wanted to go to the Human World but you guys remember how I had to fight to take Human Studies.”

            “Oh yeah,” Febrys said, “I almost forgot about that fight. My mom had to help convince your dad to let you take the class with us.”

            “I don’t know why they are so protective of me! I’m almost 18 and I can take care of myself. I now there was an incident between Fairies and Humans before but things have settled down now that most of the Humans don’t believe in us anymore. I still don’t know why my parents are so strange about Humans.”

            “They are so protective of you because you are the princess!” the three Fairies walking with her nearly screamed.

            “Every parent is going to be protective of their child,” Raedella tried to reassure her best friend.

            “Yeah but your parents aren’t the King and Queen of Elysia! And you’re mother is running this trip,” Iris retorted.

            “You do have a point there.” Raedella half chuckled, “I guess that’s one perk of having your mother as the Elite Fairy Students advisor.”

            “And Kallan you’re parents are going to have no problem with you going,” Iris looked his way.

            “My parents want me to get the best education possible that’s why,” he shrugged.

            “Do you think Aunt Breena will let you go?” the question was asked to Febrys.  

            “If she let me take the class I have a feeling she’ll let me go on the trip. As to convincing her brother, your father, the King, good luck with that one.”

            “Thank you cousin for being so supportive,” Iris replied sarcastically.

            Iris found it hard to focus in her classes the entire day. She kept thinking about how she was going to talk to her parents about the field study and her mind’s eye kept playing a scene that she hoped would not be her parents’ actual reaction.

            She kept picturing herself sheepishly asking her parents if she could be a part of the field study and her father simply exploding.

            Her mind’s eye pictured him pounding his giant fist on the table creating such a vibration that it knocked over glasses and made plates jump. His faces turned a deep burgundy red and he screamed, “I FORBID YOU! You will stay in Elysia where you are safe and where you belong! The human world is not for fairy princesses! Especially my daughter!”

            “Iris… Iris! Are you going to get out of your seat or not?” she heard Febrys’ voice snapping her out of her day dream.

            “The bell rang Iris,” Kallan added.

            “Were you even paying attention in class at all?” Raedella questioned.

            Iris shook her head, “No. I kept picturing my father screaming at me when I asked him about going on the field study.”

            “Come on,” Raedella grabbed Iris’ arm and lifted her out of her seat.

            “We’ll take you home and teach you what you missed all day,” Kallen said.

            “We’ll also come up with a plan to tell Uncle Orin,” added in Febrys.  

Chapter 2 by CarterFan28

Chapter 2: Jace

            “Jace, are you ok?” Brianna, Jace’s best friend asked as she was collecting the garbage from the lunch table. “You haven’t been yourself for the past week.”

            “You don’t remember what day it is do you?” Jace looked into his best friend’s deep brown eyes with his own blue-gray ones.

            Brianna lowered her eyes and her voice, “I tried not to think about it all day today. To be honest I almost forgot about it until Warren didn’t show up to first period today. I can’t believe it’s been a year already.”

            “I can’t believe it either,” Jace ran his fingers through his medium length brown hair which he normally kept spiked up. Brianna sat back down next to him and rubbed her hand on his back to try to comfort him. “I just can’t believe it.”

            “Were you able to pay attention in any of your classes at all today?”

            “No. The only thing I finished today was an art project but that was it. I think my teachers understand why I’m like this though. Besides I think my mom called the office this morning when I left the house.”

            “The teachers probably do know,” Brianna nodded her head. “The whole school probably knows,” she added with a little disgust in her voice.

            “And that’s what I hate about this. Nobody in the school except for a handful of us actually gave a shit about her when she was healthy but ever since this day last year everyone in this frigging school acted like they cared. It pisses me off because they don’t care. Not like you, Warren and I care. Graduation can’t come soon enough so I can get away from all these fake people.”

            “Jace, lower your voice just a touch. I know how you feel. We were always the odd men out in this school and we were always looked over and yes a lot of these bitches and bastards in this school are fake, especially the teachers, but there are some genuine people here, like Mrs. Nesworth. And you have to admit that this entire town banded together pretty well to help out.”

            “It didn’t last long though. Once everything seemed to be doing fine that all stopped. Then things turned for the worse and… and…”

            “Say no more,” Brianna pulled her best friend into a tight hug hearing his voice crack and seeing his eyes start to fill with tears.

            The bell rang to signal the end of the lunch period and the beginning to the final class period of the day for both Jace and Brianna.

            “Come on bud let’s get you up to Mythology class. At least we only have one more class to go,” Brianna looped her arm with Jace’s and practically dragged him to their next class. 

Chapter 3 by CarterFan28

Chapter 3 Declan

            As the four friends walked home together they talked about plans for Iris to ask her parents about her being allowed to take part in the field study 

            "Wait tonight is Rista isn't it?" Kallan asked.

            "It is," Iris replied, "What about it?"

            "We are all meeting in the great hall aren't we?"

            "Yes. We are celebrating Rista the same way our kind has been celebrating Rista for centuries."

            "How does this plan sound? Febrys and myself will talk to our parents about going and if we get positive answers then you could talk to your parents about it when we all gather for Rista. This way your parents could talk to our parents and hopefully persuade them to let you go. Also Donella will be there so she could talk to them too."

            "Kallan you're a genius!" Iris exclaimed as she hugged him.

            "Oh I know I am," Kallan grinned. 

            Iris stuck her tongue out at him and pushed him playfully.

            As the group got closer to the complex of houses and the palace, they heard a big dog barking in the distance. Then out of nowhere a mass of gray came bounding towards them. 

            "No! Don't jump!" Kallan said as the dog which was actually a wolf left the ground and jumped up on him knocking him to the ground.  

            The big wolf looked Kallan straight in the eye and started growling at him.

            "Hello Declan," The girls and Kallan said recognizing the wolf. They were not fazed by his false display of aggression.     

            He started wagging his tail and licking Kallan's face affectionately. 

            "Why must you do this to me? I am always the one who ends up being pushed around by you. You never push the girls around," Kallan complained pushing the wolf off of him.

            The wolf calmly went over to the girls standing next to their friend lying on the ground wagging his tail quickly to show how happy he was to see the four Raes. Febrys patted the wolf on his head and he replied, “The girls are ladies and it is not polite to jump on ladies. Besides it’s fun to knock you around.”

            Raedella knelt down and Declan licked her face. Iris patted her shoulders and Declan stood on his hind legs and his big front paws rested on her shoulders. She gave him a hug and as he got back down on all four feet she said, “So how is our favorite Drake?”

            “I’m doing just fine thanks for asking.”

            A Drake is a magical creature that is originally formless. Drakes can morph into any animal, plant, or object in any color they desire. Drakes also have the ability to take the shape of any fairy or human if they wish. Their ability to morph into any creature or organism they want to gives them an extended life but like Raes they are mortal. Drakes have been good friends and protectors of the Raes for centuries.

            “What were you four talking about before I pounced on Sir Kallan here?” Declan asked.

            “Well,” Febrys started off, “Donella told us about the Elite Fairy Secret today.”

            “Ah yes the chance for an Elite Fairy student like your selves to study the humans in their natural habitats. How exciting is that?!”

            “Very!” Iris smiled.

            “We were discussing how our parents would react to this opportunity,” Raedella replied.

            “Oh I see,” Declan nodded his head. “I’m sure you won’t have a problem about asking your parents Miss Raedella seeing that your mother is running this program and has been for years.”

            “She really wants me to go truthfully,” Raedella answered.

            Declan then looked at Kallan, “How do you think your parents will react?”

            “I believe they’ll be fine with it as long as I don’t get in trouble while I’m in the Human world.”

            “I can’t see you getting into trouble in the Human world. You are a very intelligent young Rae and have a good head on your shoulders. What about your mother Febrys?”

            She shrugged, “My mother isn’t the problem it’s my Uncle Orin.”  

            Declan looked up at Iris, “Ah yes King Orin, your father.”

            Iris looked at the Drake, “I really want to go on this trip Declan.”

            “I know you do,” he said softly. “I know how fascinated you have been with Humans ever since you were little.”

            “Do you think my parents will let me go?”

            He sighed, “King Orin is very hard to persuade. But…”

            “You think Iris can win him over because she’s Daddy’s little girl…” Febrys interrupted.

            “I wasn’t going to say that. And you know how much I dislike being interrupted Febrys. I was going to say that he loves to see his little girl happy Iris. Don’t hold my world against me and don’t be upset with me if I am wrong but there’s a possibility of him letting you go. I’m just not sure on how strong that possibility is.”

            “So… if I were to ask him tonight at the Rista celebration, he wouldn’t forbid me to go?” she asked hesitantly.

            “I have never seen King Orin loose his head or temper… but there is always a first for everything.”

            “I guess I won’t ask him then.”

            “No do ask him. I’m guessing you four have a plan?”

            “Febrys and Kallan are going to ask their parents before the Rista celebration and if they agree to their child going on the trip then hopefully they could help persuade King Orin into letting Iris go as well,” Raedella explained.

            Declan nodded his head, “It sounds like a very well thought out plan to me.”

            Kallan smiled, “Thank you.”

            The group laughed and continued walking.

Chapter 4 by CarterFan28

Chapter 4 Rista

            A few hours after the four friends had walked home from school they gathered in the great dining hall of the castle to celebrate Rista. Everyone was dressed in elaborate, gorgeous, colorful clothes, the elders were telling the young ones stories that were told every year during Rista, celebration games were played by young and old alike and Iris greeted family and friends that she hadn’t seen since this time last year. Like human families, Rae families were scattered all over Shea, the magical realm.

            Rista wasn’t celebrated just by Raes alone, Elves, Sprites, Dwarfs, and the other Fairy species came to Elysia, the capitol of Shea, to take part in the festivities.  

            Iris smiled as she took in the sights, sounds and delicious smells of her favorite holiday. She giggled as she saw Declan, who morphed into a white pony with rainbow colored spots, canter around the hall with a small child on his back. Declan was having fun and so was the little girl, Wycca, who was Iris’ cousin. The other little children waited in line patiently for their turn for a quick canter around the hall.

            “Iris come play Flaie with us!” Raedella called out.

            She joined her friends and the group of other Fairies and Elves that had gathered around to play the Elf sport. It was played a lot like the Human game of field hockey mixed with freeze tag.

            “We Elves are going to beat your Fairy butts,” one of the Elf boys taunted in a playful manner. “You can’t beat us Elves at an Elfin sport.”

            “You forgot that they have me on their team cousin,” Raedella teased back with a grin on her face.

            Raedella’s is half Elf. Her father Raed, was the Ambassador of the Elves and when he was stationed in Elysia he meet Donella, Raedella’s mother, and fell in love. He never returned to his Elfin homeland expect to visit family here and there. Donella promised she would help him teach Raedella the ways of the Elves and she kept her promise. Unfortunately Raed was called into battle to defend his Elfin homeland from the evil Shadow Beings and he was killed in battle. But before he died he made sure that Raedella knew everything there was to know about her Elfin blood and he taught her how to play a mean game of Flaie.

            Raedella’s cousin laughed, “You still think you’re the best huh cousin? We’ll see about that.”      

            The game was intense! The two teams were tied until the last minute when Raedella proved she was the best player and scored the last and winning goal of the game.

            “Good game cousin,” Raedella’s cousin gave her a hug, “You really are the best player I have seen. Uncle Raed taught you well.”

            Raedella smiled brightly at the complements, “I think dinner is almost ready. Why don’t you and your team join my friends and I at the table. We can all sit together.”

            He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and replied, “My friends and I would love to join you and your friends. You are fun to hang around.”

            As the group made their way to the huge table Kallan pulled Iris aside, “When do you want to ask your father about the field study?”

            “Well I won’t have a chance to ask him now and I don’t want to interrupt his dinner.”

            “Yeah that’s one thing you don’t want to interrupt is Uncle Orin’s dinner,” Febrys joked.

            “I was thinking about asking him when the adults gather for their drinks before dessert,” Iris said.

            Febrys laughed, “Oh cousin good idea! Just get him drunk before you ask him to go.”

            “That is not my plan cousin. I figured this way he could talk to the other parents. Besides my father never gets drunk.”

            “He might tonight after that question.”        

            Iris glared at her cousin.

            Febrys chuckled, “I was joking cousin. Relax.”

            “Have you asked Aunt Breena?”

            “Yes and she is letting me go. It didn’t seem like such a big deal to her.”

            “Have you asked your parents Kallan?”

            “Yes I have and they told me to have a good time.”

            “Alright then I will ask him after dinner,” Iris said with determination in her voice.

            Dinner as usual was fabulous! Iris loved all of the traditional Rae celebration foods that were only served during Rista and other holidays. There also was food from the other Fairy species, Elves, Sprites, and Dwarfs. There were tons of food for everyone to share.

            Iris looked at the head of the long table. Her father wore a huge grin on his face as he patted his full belly. He scratched the head of the noble hawk resting on the arm of his chair. Iris saw that the hawk had one blue and the other green, the mark of Declan.

            The king caught his daughter’s glance and smiled at her. She returned the smile and then laughed at Declan who snatched the bones off the king’s plate.

            “Oh sure,” the king chuckled, “steal the best part of the meal right off of my plate when I take my eyes off of it for one second to smile at my beautiful daughter.”

            “You didn’t want the best of the meal to go to waste now did you?” Declan said holding the bone in his talons.

            “And what do you mean by that?”

            “You weren’t going to eat them. Besides you don’t need any extra food in your already extended belly.”

            The King glared at Declan but a smile was across his face, “You better run Sir Declan.”

            “You mean fly,” Declan flapped his wings once and in an instant he was floating in the air over the dining hall.

            “Declan is correct dear,” Queen Orla said.

            “Now my queen is calling me rotund,” he patted her hand.

“I am not calling you rotund,” she said calmly. “You look the same as you did when I first met you.”

            The Queen was right. King Orin was a good looking man, strong and tall. But the one thing that truly made him attractive was his big, generous heart.

            After dinner was cleared from the table some of the adults started pouring the after dinner drinks. Iris took a deep breath in before she approached her father. He was standing with his wife, sister, Kallan’s parents, Donella and her in laws, the King and Queen of the Common Fairies and other representative dignitaries. Declan was perched on the King’s shoulder in the form of a snowy white owl. 

            “Excuse me father?”

            “Yes my dear?”

            “Could I ask you and mother a question?”

            “Why of course,” he smiled then turned to the rest of the parents and Respectables as they are called, “Queen Orla and I will be back momentarily.”

            They walked away from the group to find a quieter place to talk.

            “Could you excuse us for a moment Declan?” Queen Orla asked politely.

            “He doesn’t have to leave Mother,” Iris interjected before Declan could even nod his head. She looked at Declan with pleading eyes and he stayed on the King’s shoulder.

            “What is it that you would like to ask us dear?” the Queen asked.

            Iris took in another deep breath then explained, “Today Donella told us about the Elite Fairy Secret. It’s a field study. Those Elite Fairy Students who would like to, have the opportunity to live amongst Humans for a complete school year. I was wondering if I could go.”

            She tried to stay calm as she looked at her parents. The Queen had looked up at her husband. They both had a slightly worried look on their faces.

            “May I speak your Majesty?” Declan said in a cautious voice.

            King Orin nodded his head not sure of what he himself could say.

            “It has been a few years since but I have gone on this field study before. It was the first time Donella was in charge of it if I do recall it correctly. She needed help and I had gone on the field study once before with the Elite Fairy Advisor before her. The part of the Human world where the students are taken too is a lot safer than what some of the magical creatures have told stories about. The students are well protected and there are numerous members of the Mythical Human Alliance that live in the town and work in the school. This field study has been going on for many, many years and each year has been a success,” Declan tried his best to persuade the King.

            “It was a good choice to take the shape of an owl Declan,” Iris thought to herself. The Drake had always sounded intelligent but there was just something about his voice of reasoning coming from the body of an owl that seemed to just fit.

            The King looked at his daughter and asked calmly, “Who else will be going on this trip?”

            “Kallan, Raedella, almost all of the Elite Fairy Students and Febrys,” she answered hoping that mentioning her cousin’s name last would swing his vote to letting her go along.

            “How badly do you want to go on this field study?” the Queen asked.

            She looked into her mother’s eyes and answered, “Very badly mother. I would be forever grateful to you both if you allow me to go.”

            Her parents looked at each other then the King responded, “I will talk to Donella then sleep on it and I will give you an answer soon I promise. Your mother and I just need a little time to think about this. Now go rejoin your friends and enjoy the rest of Rista my flower.”

            She smiled then hugged her dad, “Thank you father.” She hugged her mother and said, “Thank you mother”, before catching up with her friends again.

            “That went better than I had expected,” she thought to herself.

Chapter 5 by CarterFan28

Chapter 5 The Decision

            As Rista continued so did the conversations between other Elite Fairy parents and the King and Queen.

            “The trip is very safe your majesties,” Vidia, one of the queen’s best friends assured the royal couple. “I have sent all five of my children on the trip and they enjoyed themselves fully, learned more than they could ever learn and they were completely safe. I even went on the trip with my middle child due to a shortage of chaperones. The town the students go to have a large population of humans who are a part of the Mythical Human Alliance. We Raes have many friends in the human town of Darton.”

            “I am still not sure if I will allow my daughter to go,” the king answered.

            “Why not sir?” Kallan’s father asked. “She won’t be alone. My son will watch over her.”

            “I know Kallan will protect her but I have heard of a possible rise of the Shadow Beings. We all know that a Rae, a Fairy of any kind or any other magical creature, has diminished powers in the Human world. And Shadow Beings feed on weekend powers. I want my daughter and your children as well to be safe.”

            “But my King,” Queen Orla added in, “Our powers are strongest when we are in groups. The children won’t be alone in the Human world. Plus there will be plenty of Alliance members to protect them.”

            “But the Shadow Beings…”

            “Relax Orin,” Breena, Iris’s aunt breathed out, “The Shadow Beings were defeated a long while ago thanks to you brother. You put control over the Shadow Beings and there is no need to worry about them. You captured most of their magic anyway and cleaned it so that we could use it.”

            “It is still too risky for young Rae’s who haven’t mastered their powers to go into the Human world. I may have to put my foot down and cancel the trip.”

            “Orin,” the queen said in a scolding voice, “They are all 17 years old almost 18. They are mere months away from being adults. They all know how to control their magic and they know how to take care of themselves. And you know how badly each and everyone one of them wants to go.”

            “Especially your daughter,” Donella added in lightly. “She is the most excited about this field study.”

            “She would be crushed if you canceled this study or forbade her to go my king,” Queen Orla said in a calmer manner.

            “I can see it in her eyes how badly she wants to go but I need to think about my answer. Now let’s finish our celebration of Rista before my mind becomes too fretted over this decision.

            Later on that night as the King and Queen lay in bed the Queen asked, “Why are you so hesitant to let Iris study in the Human world?”

            The King let out a deep breath, “The Secret Charm.”

            “Orin,” the Queen said quietly, “That was 17 almost 18 years ago. That charm could not possibly last this long; it was cast by an old fairy whose magic had weakened and her mind has become rotten. Yes she is fascinated by Humans but she knows where she belongs and she loves Elysia too much to leave it forever. Let her go on the trip. Don’t break your daughter’s heart.”

               The next morning Iris sat down at the breakfast table next to Declan who was in the form of a gorgeous white cat. Breakfast was quiet but before the dishes were collected King Orin said, “I have made up my mind about the field study.”

            Iris could feel her heart drop after hearing the tone in her father’s voice, “And what is your decision Papa?”

            “I will let you go,” he replied.

            Iris dropped her fork in shock but the King continued, “As long as Declan agrees to go with you for protection.”

            Iris whipped her head toward Declan to hear his answer.

            “I would love to go your majesty,” the Drake bowed his head.

            “Thank you so much Papa!” she jumped up from her chair and wrapped her arms around her father’s neck. The King smiled at his daughter’s joy but worry still resided in his mind. 

Chapter 6 by CarterFan28

Chapter 6 Shaylee Marie O’Shea

            “So are you going after school today?” Brianna asked as she and Jace walked up to their mythology class.             

            “Yeah I’m going. It’s been a year,” he answered solemnly.

            “Are you going with someone?”

            “I wasn’t planning on going with anyone why?”

            Brianna shrugged her shoulders, “I just thought it would be better if you went with someone. I know how you still feel.”

            He looked up at her and semi smirked, “Don’t expect me to ask you to come with me. I would rather go by myself but I know you’re not going to take no for an answer. I know how stubborn you get Miss Bri.”

            She smiled, “You know me too well Jace. Just walk me to my locker after the bell and we’ll go together. I know it’s been a year but you are still taking this pretty hard. You try to hide it but I can see it in your eyes.”    

            “You do know me too well Bri.”

            “That’s what happens when we’ve known each other for as long as we have dude.”

            Brianna and Jace's last period class went rather quickly. The last bell rang and Mrs. Nesworth wished her students a happy weekend as she always did on Fridays. 

            Jace had completely forgotten that it was Friday. He took his time collecting his notebook and text book and he realized that he didn't take any notes which was very unusual for him. It was a good thing that this class was only Mythology and the easiest class on his schedule. Brianna, who sat behind him, waited for her best friend to pack up his backpack. 

            They were the last two to walk out the door and before they entered the hallway Mrs. Neworth stopped them.

            "Jace, I know it will be hard but try to take it easy this weekend," she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.                       

            She then turned to Brianna, "Take care of him, Bri. And watch out for Warren too."        

            "I'll try my best," Brianna nodded.

            Mrs. Nesworth knew Brianna, Jace and most of their friends ever since they were little. She was their next door neighbor, Brianna and Jace grew up two houses down from each other with Mrs. Nesworth's house in between them. Mrs. Nesworth's two daughters use to babysit Jace and Brianna and Mrs. Nesworth became good friends with their parents. She knew Jace and Brianna really well and she knew how hard this weekend was going to be on the both of them.    

            It didn't take long for the best friends to walk out of school. Their walk was quiet; they just listened to the birds chirping and the sound of their feet hitting the sidewalk. Usually their walks home were a lot less quiet and more cheery but today was different. They usually walk home with their other best friends from the ballroom dance team but today they were at a dance competition. Jace and Brianna would have been partners at the competition but today was the year anniversary of one of the worst days of their lives.

            Instead of hooking a left and heading toward their block, they continued straight toward the outskirts of town where the cemetery laid.

            They gazed at the tombstones with names of people they didn’t know etched into the granite and the colorful flowers making the cemetery as bright as a dark place as this could ever be.     

            In a few minutes they reached the gravestone that sent a sharp pain through their hearts.

            “SHAYLEE MARIE O’SHEA, 4/19/1994- 8/14/2011” was carved into the marbled granite plague. Jace knelt down and traced his finger delicately over the letters and numbers then the fairy that was etched next to the name.

            “I never noticed the fairy before,” Brianna said in a near whisper.

            Jace nodded his head making is medium length brown hair bob. He replied to his best friend but his eyes didn’t leave the gravestone, “It kind of looks like her if you ask me.”

            Brianna knelt beside him and looked at the etching, “You’re right, it does look like Shayl.”

            “Shayl,” Jace repeated. “I haven’t heard anyone call her that since she passed.”

            “The only ones who called her that was the dance team anyway.” She reached her hand out and traced over the words that were underneath the fairy. “Gra Anois Agus Go Deo.”

            “Love now and forever,” Jace joined her in saying.

            “Her favorite saying in both Gaelic and English,” he whispered.

            “I miss hearing her say that,” Brianna looked at her best friend to see how he was going to handle her words.

            He just raised his eyebrows and shook his head slightly, “I miss the way she talked, the way she danced, her personality, her smile. I just miss her period.”

            Brianna rubbed her hand on Jace’s back to comfort him as they remembered Shaylee.

            Shaylee Marie O’Shea was Jace and Brianna’s best friend. She had long chocolate brown hair that shone in the sun. Her medium brown eyes were expressive, kind and many said they could melt hearts with just one look into them. She was beautiful and her inner beauty out shined her outer. She always lent a helping hand to anyone who needed it and she held a lot of love in her heart. A lot of that love was for animals, but mainly her family and dearest friends.

            She was a dancer and an amazing dancer at that. Ballroom dancing came naturally to her. It was like she was born to dance. Shaylee was the best dancer on the team and everyone who watched her dance agreed but she was too humble to recognize her extreme talent. Her talent wasn’t limited to dancing though. She sang like an angel, painted like Michelangelo, and could ride any horse like she was reading its mind.    

            Purple was her favorite color, so much so that she often wore purple contact lenses that slightly tinted her eyes a violet color. They never made her eyes completely purple because her brown eyes were too dark.

            Shaylee also loved fairies. She was completely fascinated by them. Her room looked like a fairy palace and every year on Halloween she would make a new fairy costume for herself, each year being a different set of wings, dress and a completely different color. Like her parents and a few of her friends, she believed in fairies. She often wrote wonderful stories of adventures in a far off made up land called Eylsia. The stories turned into a series that she wished to have published one day. Sometimes Jace thought the stories were real because Shaylee wrote them so easily. They were like distant memories Shaylee was slowly remembering one by one.   

            Along with her family and pets, her friends meant the world to her. But Brianna and Jace meant the most.

            Brianna was like the sister Shaylee never had and the two girls did pretty much everything together. Brianna also believed in fairies and all the other mythical creatures Shaylee believed in. They were each other’s back bone. Brianna was bullied growing up and Shaylee and Jace were the first to stand up for her. They taught Brianna how to stand up for herself and now without Shaylee, Brianna felt a little weaker now.

            Jace was more than just Shaylee’s best friend, he was her boyfriend. They grew up together and their families were very close friends as well. The O’Sheas and O’Learys weren’t surprised at all when Shaylee and Jace started dating. They were the perfect couple, it just took them forever to realize that. When pretty much everyone in their grade started dating in 7th grade, the couple waited until they were in their sophomore year to start dating. It didn’t take long for them to feel that the connection between them was stronger than friendship; they were in love and they both agreed.

            “We miss her too Jace,” a kind voice said behind him.

            He looked over his shoulder to see Mrs. O’Shea holding hands with her husband and Warren, Shaylee’s twin brother.

            Warren hugged Brianna then exchanged looks with Jace.

            Brianna and Jace were Warren’s best friends too. Like his sister, Warren was very smart, very talented, an amazing dancer, and believed in fairies as well. To sum up Warren, he was basically the male version of his sister but a little less out going. He didn’t really say much unless he felt completely comfortable and he was completely comfortable around his family, best friends, and the dance team and that was it. But the person who knew him the best was Shaylee. After Shaylee’s death Warren almost never talked anymore. It was rare to hear his voice and everyone seemed to rejoice whenever they did hear him. It was hard to tell who was hit hardest by the death of Shaylee: her parents, Warren, Brianna, or Jace. Those five people were certainly the ones who missed her the most.    

            Warren placed a sprig of sweet smelling lilacs on the grave then rejoined his mom, “There you go Shayl. I know how much you loved that lilac bush in the back yard.”

            “This is probably the last time it’s going to bloom this year,” Mrs. O’Shea said.

            Mr. O’Shea nodded, “September marks the end of the lilac season sweetie. But like you always said, the last blossom has the sweetest smell.”

            All five of them stood in silence just staring at the grave stone. They all still couldn’t believe that it had been a year since she was diagnosed with a rare and deadly form of cancer that eventually cut her life way too short.

            They didn’t know how long they all stood there for but when the silence became too much for them, they walked out of the cemetery together. Brianna walked between Warren and Jace with her arms around their shoulders.

            That night before Jace feel asleep, he lied in bed staring at his favorite picture of Shaylee. She wasn’t wearing any make up but in Jace’s opinion she didn’t need any. She wore the most beautiful smile on her face which made Jace smile even though it pained him to remember how much he missed that smile.

            “You know how much I miss you Shayl but,” he said aloud to the picture, “I have to admit that I’m tired of missing you. I mean I will always miss you and you know that I will always love you but I don’t want to hurt like this anymore. I never want to forget you and I never will but I just want something exciting to happen. I’m tired of feeling this way and I know your brother, parents, and Bri are tired of feeling this way too. I don’t want to ever replace you but I want something to make me happy again. No one will ever make me happy the same way you did though. I just don’t want to be depressed forever.”

            He sighed then gently kissed the picture and placed it on his dresser next to his bed. He turned off his light and closed his eyes.

            When Jace was fast asleep, a figure with wings floated down from nowhere and sat softly on his bed next to him. Her wings, which looked more like fairy wings than angel wings, folded behind her. She ran her fingers through his hair and whispered to him, “Oh if only you knew how this surprise is going to change everything. Things will get better baby. You will become happy again; you just have to let yourself be happy.”

            She placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before she flew off.   

Chapter 7 by CarterFan28

Chapter 7 The Nesworths

            “Are you sure you have everything packed?” Queen Orla asked Iris.

            “Yes Momma,” she smiled back, “If I forgot anything I could summon it.”

            “No you can’t. Our magic doesn’t work in the human world the same way that it works here. And if you do use magic you can attract attention to yourself and that’s the last thing a young fairy needs to do in the human world. Now remember stay focused on your studies, always stay in a group no matter where you go, and most importantly do have fun.”

            “Thank you Momma I will.”

            They hugged and the King walked in the room.

            His daughter walked over to him and he lifted her chin to look into her violent eyes, “All I ask is that you stay safe and please don’t use your magic around the humans. You know the stories of fairies who have been captured and used for their magic. But like your mother said, do have fun.”

            She hugged her father, “Thank you Papa I will. And don’t worry about me I will stay safe.”

            “Oh Princess are you ready?” the Rae majesties heard Declan call out.

            They heard hooves plod delicately on the palace floor and an elegant silver-gray horse with a flowing black mane and tail entered into the room.

            “Yes I am Declan. And I must say that you look very handsome in this form,” Iris walked over and rubbed her hand down the Drake’s nose. “Why such a fancy form?”

            “I figured you might as well arrive in style to the meeting place. Besides I had so much fun giving pony rides during Rista that I wanted to try a bigger, faster form. And what animal was better designed for speed than a horse? Come now we don’t want to be late.”

            Iris gave her mom one last hug first then turned to her father who kissed her forehead.

            Declan folded one of his delicate looking but strong front legs under himself, and stretched out the other in a graceful bow. Iris swung lightly onto his back before he righted himself. When Declan was standing on all four of his feet, King Orin handed Iris her backpack and gave her one last smile.

            The King and Queen followed the elegant silver-gray horse as he walked proudly out of the palace.

            Iris chuckled, “I’m guessing you’re really liking this form aren’t you, Declan?”

            The Drake tossed his head in agreement then tucked his head and pricked his ears to make him even more appealing to the eye, “Why yes I do! I think I’ll be morphing into a horse more often. I can’t believe I have never been a horse in my 26 years.”

            “You are a very handsome horse Declan,” Queen Orla ran her hand over his arched neck.

            “Thank you your Majesty,” he replied graciously.

            Once outside Declan started to tremble with excitement; he was waiting all day to stretch out his equine legs. But he calmed down when the King placed a strong but gentle hand on his shoulder and said into his ear, “Take care of my daughter.”

            He looked the King in the eye and replied, “I promise I will keep her safe. I will see that Iris returns to Elysia unharmed.”

            The King smiled, “I know you will. Drakes never break their promises.”

            With that Declan bowed his head then asked Iris, “Are you ready?”

            “Yes!” she answered excitedly.

            “Hold on tight then!”

            He felt Iris’s legs tighten around his girth and her fingers interlock in his long mane. The silver-gray horse reared then exploded with speed toward the meeting place.

            “This is exhilarating!” Declan called out in pure excitement. He had to raise his voice over the sound of the rushing wind his speed was creating. 

            “I think this is better than flying Dec!” Irish agreed.

            “Remember how I said my dragon form was my favorite form?”


            “Well I think the dragon is now my second favorite. I’ll be morphing into a horse more often!”

            “I won’t complain about that! This is so much fun!”

            When they got closer to the rest of the Elite Fairy Student group Declan broke his fast gallop into a rocking horse canter, then into a flowing, smooth trot.

            “Is that Declan?!” Raedella gasped.

            “Yes it is,” Iris smiled.

            Everyone complemented Declan on his new form and once the last of the group arrived at the meeting place Donella gathered the students around.

            “Is everyone ready to go?”

            “Yes!” an excited call came from each of the Elite Fairy Students.

            “Alright then,” Donella smiled then looked at Declan, “If you would be so kind as to morph into a dragon good Drake.”

            “It will be my pleasure.”

            Iris dismounted and stepped aside as Declan turned into a magnificent silver blue dragon.

            “Why a dragon?” she asked.

            “It is the safest form to travel through portholes to different realms,” Declan explained.

            “Ok everyone go board Air Declan and hold on tight. Next stop the Human realm!” Donella said cheerfully.

            “Who wants the best seat? The first spike on my neck right behind my head will give you the first view of the human world,” Declan said.

            “Irish should get that spot,” all of the other students said together.

            She laughed, “Thanks guys!”

            Irish floated up to the first spike behind Declan’s head. Raedella followed then Kallan, then Febrys. The rest of the group settled on the Drake’s dragon back and Donella sat on his head.

            “Declan said the best view was from the first spike? I think you have the best view Mother,” Raedella commented.

            “It’s safer for you students to hang onto the spikes, besides I have to direct Declan as to where we are going,” Donella answered. “Now before we take off, I need you all to stay completely still for me. I need to cast a spell so that your wings will become invisible to the humans.”

            Donella raised her hands and chanted a spell in Gaelic, the old fairy language, and a misty, sparkling, silver charm surrounded the Elite Fairy students. 

            The trip through the porthole was like nothing the Elite Fairy Students had ever experienced before. Everything around them turned into a blur when Declan took to the sky and through the green, glowing, floating orb before him. 

            It only took a couple of minutes for the Drake and his passengers to transport into the Human realm and when Declan landed the Raes were a little stunned at the site laid before them.

            They had landed in a small, town of Mountain View, Montana. In the distance the view of the Arrow Head Mountains the town was named after reminded the Raes of the Eylisian Mountains back home. Leading up to the mountains was the only high way in town. On either side were miles of grassland leading into thick forests. It wasn’t exactly like Eylsia but it was close.

            “Our ride should be here in a matter of minutes,” Donella said as Declan touched the ground.

            “I was imagining this place to be crawling with humans,” Febrys commented. “We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

            “You won’t exactly be surrounded by humans Febyrs,” Donella answered her complaint calmly. “Mountain View’s population is miniscule compared to most of the other cities in this country. But if you do want to be surrounded by people we will be taking a few field trips into Darton City.”

            Once everyone had floated down to the ground off of Declan’s back he morphed into a German shepherd and sat at Irish’s feet.

            “Now we will be picked up by my good friends the Nesworths. They will be our hosts for our stay in Mountain View. I know you are all very respectful so I won’t remind you to be polite. When we get on the bus Mrs. Nesworth will explain what you will be doing and also give you an insight as to how you will be disguised and our strict policy about using magic,” Donella said.

            Just when she finished a white bus with blue stripes running down the side pulled up in front of them. The Raes weren’t startled by the bus because they were taught about everything human in school. The Raes were more excited about seeing one in person.

            A woman dressed in jeans, cowgirl boots, and a white t-shirt stepped out of the bus. Her long black hair was pulled back in a pony tail that lay under her tan cowgirl hat.


            “Donella! It’s good to see you my friend!”

            They hugged and a tall man wearing a cowboy hat, jeans, boots and a flannel shirt walked out of the bus after his wife.

            “Did you have a safe flight Donella?” the man asked after saying hello with a hug.

            “Yes we did,” she answered with a smile.

            “And I hear we have a Drake with us this time,” the woman commented. 

            “Not just any Drake. We have Declan.”

            “Oh wonderful!” the woman exclaimed when Declan walked up to her with his tail wagging. “I have missed you Declan!”

            “I have missed you too Theodora. It’s good to be back.”

            “I hate to cut the welcomes short but we better get the kids loaded on the bus,” the man said looking at his watch. “The school busses will be coming soon.”

            Donella turned to her students, “Class this is Mr. Tim and Mrs. Theodora Nesworth. As you step onto the bus introduce yourselves.”      

            Each fairy shook Mr. and Mrs. Nesworth’s hands and introduced themselves as they filed onto the bus to take their seats.

            Iris and Declan were the last to get on the bus.

            “Take the window seat,” Declan suggested. “Knowing you, you will want to see everything you possibly can while you’re here and I’ve seen it all before.”

            She took the seat next to the window and almost at once became mesmerized by the rolling mountains in the distance.

            “Those are called the Arrow Heads,” Declan said. Then he pointed toward a patch of woods that was coming up quickly, “That’s where we will be staying. Well we’ll be staying at a ranch tucked in those woods.”

            Iris looked toward were Declan’s finger was pointing. She did a double take.

            “Declan?” she turned her head slowly and couldn’t believe the human sitting next to her.

            “Yeah it’s me. I’m going to be your brother for our stay here,” he smiled.

            She looked intently at him. He did look like he could be her older brother. They shared the same facial features like their cheek bones, fair skin, and the same dazzling smile. He had light brown eyes and brown hair that was shoulder length and tied back in a ponytail.

            “So what do you think sis?”

            “I…” Irish stammered, “I think you look very handsome as a human… but it’s going to take me a while to get used to.”

            “I will only be in this form when I absolutely need to be trust me.”

            Their attention was brought back to the front of the bus as Mrs. Nesworth explained a few things,

            “When we arrive at Cut Out Corner, the Nesworth family ranch, you will be given clothes, school supplies, and a human name. I see Donella has already hidden your wings so that is one thing checked off the list. Today we will go over your schedules for the remainder of your stay and give you time to rest. You may not feel it now but inter realm travel can really drain Fairies, and Drakes. But for now I will let you enjoy the scenery as we continue the drive to Cut Out Corner.”            

            The drive lasted for about twenty minutes until the bus passed under the Cut Out Corner Ranch entrance sign. One by one the Raes got out of the bus and were given a backpack full of school supplies, some clothes which were very different from their almost medieval/renaissance looking attires, room assignments, and assigned a Human name.

            Mr. Nesworth handed the fairy students the backpacks and a few bags of clothes.

            Mrs. Nesworth gave each student a map of the ranch and the high school.

            Donella gave her students their new names. The last four off the bus were our main characters.

            “Febrys, you will be known as Phoebe. Raedella, you are now Rachel. And last but not least Kallan and Iris you two will keep your names.”

            “Why do they get to keep their names the same?” Febrys questioned.

            “I have told my students that you are all exchange students from Ireland,” Mrs. Nesworth started to explain, “And because your language and customs are very similar to those spoken and practiced in Ireland some of you can keep your names because they would be considered Irish names to my students. And in Iris’s case, her name is also an American one. In fact my middle name is Iris.”

            “Ok my students,” Donella spoke up, “Now what I want you all to do is go to your rooms, change into your new clothes, then meet us in the dining room of the main house in forty-five minutes. That will give you enough time to un-pack the new cloths we have given you. For this afternoon I suggest you wear a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and in your rooms you will find all of your new shoes, but for today you might want to wear your new cowboy boots. We are going to give you a tour of the ranch, then discuss the Nesworth’s policy’s and your chore duties here at the ranch.

            After taking the tour of the ranch with its main house, the bunk house where the fairies would stay, cattle barn which also housed chickens, and sprawling horse barn, they picked their places at the picnic tables near the horse paddocks.         

            As they waited patiently for their first American meal of hot dogs, hamburgers, and grilled chicken, they watched the horses graze.

            “They are so pretty,” Raedella commented.

            “Gorgeous,” Iris breathed out in awe, “Especially that golden one being led into the paddock now.”

            A beautiful golden palomino with a white star on her forehead, four white markings on her feet called “socks”, and a flowing mane and tail of pure white was being led back into the paddock by the boy who had just finished riding her.    

            “The guy isn’t that bad looking either,” Febrys joined in.

            Kallan rolled his eyes, “Are you going to do this for the entire trip?”

            “What?!” Febrys nearly screamed, “My cousin and best friend can comment about the good looks of few horses but I can’t comment on handsome American boys?”

            “Relax Feb,” Raedella lightly slapped her arm, “I think he’s attractive too.”

            “See, I’m not the only one,” Febrys stuck her tongue out at Kallan. “What do you think cousin?”

            Iris took in the muscular build of the boy who looked to be about her age, maybe a little older. She liked the look of his black hair up in spikes. His eyes were hidden by the sunglasses he was wearing.

            “He is good looking,” she said very nonchalant. Iris could be very good at hiding her feelings because “good looking” was an understatement. She taught he was HOT!

            The girls and Kallan watched him walk over to Mrs. Nesworth, “I’ll see you tomorrow in class Mrs. N.”

            “Why don’t you stay for dinner? You can be the first to be introduced to the exchange students,” Mrs. Nesworth replied.

            “Thanks for the offer but mom called in for Chinese food and I promised I would pick it up on my way home. Thank you though.”

            “Alright honey, drive safe please. Do me a favor and shoot me a text when you get home ok?”

            “I will. I promise. See ya tomorrow teach.”

            “Bright and early.”

            Mrs. Nesworth and the fairies watched as he got into his car and drove off.

            “I wonder who he is,” Febrys thought out loud.

            “Well from the sound of it we’ll meet him tomorrow,” Kallan responded.

            That night Iris could barely sleep thinking about her first day in an American high school and about meeting that American boy.    

Chapter 8 by CarterFan28

Chapter 8 Darton High School

            The next morning Donella and the Nesworths woke the Elite Fairy Students to help with chores around the farm. When the chores were finished, everyone gathered in the dining room of the Nesworth house for breakfast. The meal was filled with excited chatter of what the fairies were expecting from their first day of human high school.            

            When the table was cleared, the fairies collected their school supplies and headed toward the bus for the twenty minute drive to Darton High School.

            The school as a buzz with students getting to their first period classes and the fairies felt a little over whelmed with all of the activity that was going on and the excitement of finally being at a human high school.

            Iris was loving every minute of the experience that was unfolding before her but she was a little annoyed at the pulsation on her ring finger of her right hand.

            Declan, who could not be found after breakfast that morning, had left her a ring on her dresser with a note saying, “This is from your parents. They would like you to wear it while at school so it could bring you good luck and a little reminder of your beautiful home, Elysia.”

            She slipped the ring on her finger and marveled at the uniqueness of it. It was a very pretty purple iris flower, the one she was named after, and the band looked like a braided stem. It was a real flower just touched with magic. In Elysia, it was traditional for Raes to made their own jewelry out of flowers and their own magic. This iris was shrunken down so it wouldn’t look gaudy or too big on her finger. She hadn’t noticed the slight pulsing feeling until now.

            She tried slipping the ring off of her finger but the ring wouldn’t move and she heard a voice in her head say, Stop Iris you have to leave the ring on!

            Iris stopped in her tracks. What was that?

            It was me Iris, Declan. I am the ring.


            I promised your father that I would keep you save and watch you during this trip. I promise that I will not interfere with your day and when I am positively sure that you will be safe I will not turn into this ring again.

            Do you promise?

            You have the word of a drake Iris.

            There was no denying the fact that Iris was a little mad that she was basically being spied on but soon her mind shifted to something else.

            “Hi my name is Brianna but you guys can call me Bri and this is Warren and Jace. We will be your guides today,” said Brianna Collins, one of Mrs. Nesworth’s students. She was friendly and shook everyone’s hands as she learned the names of the fairies in disguise.

            Jace came to Iris and extended his hand in a friendly gesture, “Welcome to Darton High.”

            Iris was surprised she could find her next words because she was captivated by his blue eyes that in the lighting looked gray, “Thank you. I’m Iris.”

            “Jace O’Leary. It’s nice to meet you.”

            “It’s nice to meet you too,” Iris smiled at him and he returned the favor but she could see the sadness in his almost gray eyes.

            Why is he so sad? She thought to herself.

                Do you want me to read his mind for you?

                She was startled by Declan’s voice in her head. She had forgotten that he was wrapped around her finger.

                Drakes have this unbelievable ability to read the mind of anything on the planet at any time they wanted to. Raes could read the minds of others as well but they needed to be touching their subject. Raes and other Raes, Drakes and other Drakes, even Raes and Drakes were able to communicate through their minds and could also block each other out if they wanted to.              

                No. I want to make friends here without magic.

                As you wish my Princess.


                Oh that’s right you don’t want me calling you Princess in this realm. I won’t call you Princess here.

                Thank you.        

                From then on the school day went on as normal for the human students and the Raes quickly settled into the flow of the school with help from Bri, Jace, and Warren. Except Iris couldn’t take her eyes off of Jace. She was very good at hiding it because her best friends and cousin didn’t notice.

                On the walk home Bri, Warren and Jace talked about the new students they met and were going to spend the rest of their senior year with.

                “Is it just me or does Iris look very familiar?” Bri asked.

                “She looks like my sister,” Warren said bluntly.

                Jace nearly stopped walking. When he first laid eyes on Iris he knew she reminded him of someone and he had felt sad and yet happy at the same time but he couldn’t put his finger on whose memory was making him feel that way. And once Warren said it, there was no denying the fact that it was Shaylee he saw when he looked at Iris. Instantly he felt a flood of emotions: sadness, happiness from the memories her image stirred, and something else he hadn’t felt in a very long time, the feeling of being attracted to someone. Immediately he fought the feelings. He had sworn to himself that he would never feel that way again about another girl, not after Shaylee passed. She was too special to him. He truly loved her and his heart felt like it had shattered when she took her final breath in his arms. He couldn’t love anyone ever again. He wouldn’t let himself fall in love. He didn’t want anyone except Shaylee.  

                He had trouble sleeping that night. His dreams were haunted by memories of his lost love. He dreamt of them riding out into the mountains side my side. Shaylee loved to ride her horse Braine and Jace loved watching her ride. She had such a way with that horse, he couldn’t describe it. It was like she knew what the horse was thinking and the horse could read her rider’s mind. They were such a team it was incredible. In his dream they had just ground tied their horses at their favorite spot, a piece of the forest sitting on a cliff overlooking the valley below. They could see the stable to their left, the other mountains painted with different colored wildflowers to their right, and the crystal blue river that cut across in the middle. Shaylee had packed a picnic and while Jace ate Shaylee read him an original story from her story book like she always did. One of her favorite hobbies was to write stories. She excelled at writing about fairies as if they were real. He applauded her after she finished reading aloud her newest love story between a fairy girl and average American boy when a dark storm cloud threatened to ruin the bright and sunny day.

                She took his hand and said, “I have to tell you something.”

                He saw the uneasy look in her eyes, “What’s wrong?”

                “I’m dying.”

                With those words Jace’s world seemed to stop. The sky went dark and rain poured down on them. Lightning slashed across the sky making the horses scream and run in fear. The thunder was so loud that it made the ground shake. As the rain was hitting Shaylee’s skin she slowly faded way like a hologram projection slowly being turned off. Jace was screaming for her to come back, not believing that what he was seeing was real.

                He woke up breathing heavily. He turned on the light on his bedside table and took hold of the picture of his beloved girlfriend he adored.

                “Why did you have to leave me?” he whispered to the picture.

                He put the picture back in its place and his eye caught something shine from the moonlight that came in from his window. His gaze fell onto the necklace she had given him when she found out she was dying. It was a silver circle with Celtic waves and knots. He picked it up and traced his fingers over the pattern. It was the same one that was carved into Shaylee’s head stone.

                “It’s the symbol of the Raes,” he could hear her voice telling him in his mind. “They are the fairies that are the most like humans. They have strong magic but they are mortal. Every single Rae is given one of these necklaces when they are born. Legend says that this is the source of their magic and if a human who believes in them wears it, the Raes protect them. It’s said to hold unbelievable powers. I’m told it gives strength to the person or Rae who wears It, heals the wounded, and that it helps Raes and humans stay connected to their loved ones. Living and dead.”

                She had wanted him to have it to remember her by. She told him that he didn’t have to wear it because she knew that he didn’t believe in fairies, and that she wouldn’t be insulted if he didn’t wear it. He had kept it by that picture since she had given it to him. He was always afraid of losing it because the chain was so delicate and flimsy looking. He didn’t want to have it break and lose the pendant. He told her so and she laughed informing him that the chain too was enforced with magic and that he would never lose the pendant. He tried putting both the picture and the necklace away in the draw numerous times but he could feel something telling him to put the two items back in their place. He always did. And every time his heart ached for Shaylee.

                “I’m never going to get over you,” he said as he laid back down.

                He fell asleep and didn’t notice that the pendant began to shine.


                Warren woke up from a slight burning sensation on his chest. As he sat up in bed he looked down at the Rae pendant he always wore. It was shining so bright that it was hurting his eyes. He moved it with his fingers so that it wouldn’t burn his chest. He ran into his parents’ room and found them to be awake too. They each wore the same necklace and theirs were glowing brightly too.

                “What’s going on?” he asked frantically, shielding his eyes from the light.

                “We don’t know exactly baby,” his mom answered.

                “I think it’s time to tell him,” his dad said cryptically.

                The phone rang and his father answered it.

                “Yes, ours are glowing too. Something is about to happen. I just don’t know what. Are you going to explain it to Brianna?” After a pause Warren’s dad said, “Yes Phoebe and I are going to tell him now.”

                He hung up the phone then said to his wife and son, “The Collins’ pendants are doing the same as ours.”

                “What’s going on?!” Warren raised his voice.

                “Honey sit down and relax and we will explain everything to you,” his mother said resting a gentle hand on his shoulder. “It’s going to be hard to hear and you might not believe us when we are finished but in time you will. You will believe just like your father and I do. Just like Shaylee did.” 

Chapter 9 by CarterFan28

Chapter 9 Stories

                “Warren,” Brianna pulled her best friend aside during study hall in the library, “Did your parents tell you about the pendants last night?”

                He nodded his head and responded in a hushed tone, “Shaylee’s stories are all true. Every single one of them.” He pulled out a purple notebook from his backpack and pushed it toward Brianna. “My parents told me everything about this mythical place called Elysia…”

                “The setting of all of her stories,” Brianna finished.

                “And about the Raes…”

                “The fairies…”

                “It’s all real. My sister did not make these stories up. They are all memories! I read every single one of them after my parents explained everything to me and I remembered everything in this book. Bri these fairies are real and our families are allies to them. The necklaces were glowing last night because there are fairies here in Darton! And I could have sworn I knew Iris from somewhere…”

                “She’s in Shaylee’s stories,” Brianna finished for him, her eyes wide with shock. “And she’s a fairy, and so are the other new students.”

                “So you believe it too?”

                “I do. I believe it. We have to talk to Jace about this.”

                “No. My mom talked to his mom this morning before she went to work. The believe in these fairies too but Jace doesn’t believe. Shaylee read him her stories but he just thought they were stories. He doesn’t wear the necklace like we do.  My sister gave him one before she died but never wears it.”

                “Maybe if we tell him the truth…”

                “No. He has to find out for himself. The person we need to talk to is Mrs. Nesworth. And Iris.”  

                After school Warren and Brianna went to Mrs. Nesworth’s class room.

                “What brings you too here after school?” she asked with a smile on her face.

                “We would like to talk to you about fairies. Raes in particular,” Brianna said.

                “And how they are connected to my sister,” Warren added.

                “I’m guessing your pendants were shinning last night?” She showed them her own pendant that was tucked in her shirt.

                They both nodded and Mrs. Nesworth ushered them inside, “Come in an sit down but close the door tight behind you.”

                Warren handed Mrs. Nesworth his sister’s story book, “We always thought that these were all just stories but there…”

                “Memories,” the teacher said.

                “Exactly. Why didn’t I remember them until I read them last night? I was there and so was Bri in some of them.”

                “I cannot remember exactly why but a charm was cast that effected the memories of you children. The charm was cast by the King of Elysia to protect his kingdom and to protect the children of the Mythical Human Alliance. All of your memories of Elysia were erased but somehow Shaylee’s memories remained. The Mythical Human Alliance is guessing that your memories are starting to return as well because you are coming in contact with the fairies you used to play with when you were younger. You are also starting to believe in fairies again.”

                “So the exchange students from Ireland are really fairies?” Brianna asked.

                Mrs. Nesworth nodded her head, “Yes. And just like your parents I am a part of the Mythical Human Alliance. Hence the identical pendants. Our principle Mr. O’Hare and a few other teachers are also in the Alliance. There are actually a great amount of Alliance members who live around here.”

                “So why don’t the fairies have wings?” Warren asked.

                “They are under a cloaking charm. Only true believers will see their wings.”

                “Jace was in some of these stories too. We haven’t talked to him but his is family apart of the Alliance too right?” Brianna questioned.

                “The O’Learys are Alliance members but Jace might not be a true believer yet. I have noticed how enthusiastic you two are in class compared to Jace. He may need a little more convincing. But we’ll have to convince him quickly.”            

                “Why’s that?” Warren looked cautiously at his teacher.

                “I’m sure you’re pendants woke you up in the middle of the night last night with a fantastic glow correct?”

                Her students nodded their heads.

                “Mine did too and all of the fairies who I am hosting at the ranch woke up screaming in pain. Something is coming. What that something is, no one knows. And I’m afraid we won’t know until it arrives.” 

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