If We Could Only Make Believe by CarterFan28
Chapter 1 by CarterFan28
Looking at Rose you would think that she was just a normal woman but once you stated talking with her you would soon find out that there was something wrong. Her parents knew almost right away when she was a baby but her doctors could never figure it out, not even at her current age of 28 could they diagnose the disability that she had her entire life. Growing up her parents kept her life as normal as possible. She went to school just like her older siblings and she did really well. She even skipped a grade. In school she was picked on but she had a small close nit group of friends who stood up for her when she was bullied. Her best friend though was her older sister Meg. They did practically everything together and Meg was Rose’s best supporter and defender. But the best thing that Meg ever did for Rose was introduce her to music. Rose absolutely loved music and she was good at it too. By the age of nine knew how to play the piano, drums, guitar, saxophone, and found her passion for singing, and she had an excellent voice. She liked all sorts of music but one little boy band captured her heart and held it prisoner. That little boy band went by the name of the Backstreet Boys.
Rose loved everything about the Backstreet Boys:their songs, the lyrics and the track behind those lyrics, their voices, dance moves, good looks, especially Nick Carter’s. He was her favorite and her one and only crush, celebrity or non.
When she wasn’t at school or hanging out with her friends and sister, she found herself in a little world of her own. One where she ruled and all who made fun of her bowed down at her feet. In that own little world of hers, Nick Carter ruled by her side. This fantasy of hers didn’t dissipate as she grew older, it grew bigger. It came to a point where she found herself almost living in her make believe world.
When she graduated she didn’t want to go to college. She found herself a job working at a recording studio as a backup instrumentalist and mixer. She absolutely loved it and got to meet some of her favorite artist. But her dream of meeting the Backstreet Boys didn’t come true. Until one day when she wrote a song.
“What are you up too sis?” Meg asked when she came home from work and found her younger sister sitting at the dining room table scribbling away at a piece of paper.
She quickly covered her arms over the paper, “Nothing! It’s nothing.”
“Ok. I’ll leave you alone then as I’m making dinner. Mac and cheese good for tonight?”
“Yes! It’s good for tonight. Very good for tonight,” she answered excitedly.
Dinner was ready in about half an hour and by that time Rose was all finished with what she was writing.
“So how was work today?” Meg asked as they ate.
“Good. It was good. I did some mixing and played some bass for Daughtry.”
“Daughtry huh? I wish you called me I would have loved to meet him.”
“Yeah I should have. I should have. He’s coming back tomorrow though. He said I played a mean bass and to call him Chris and that he is happy to come back tomorrow. You should come tomorrow. I’ll get you in. Yeah I’ll get you in. You have off tomorrow right? Yes. Yes you do have off tomorrow because it’s Friday tomorrow and you don’t work Fridays! So come with me to work and I’ll introduce you to Chris. Chris Daughtry that is.”
Meg smiled at her sister’s excitement, “I’ll go with you to work tomorrow.”
“Cool! But the really cool thing is that Steve told me that a group I really like is going to be recording there soon but he won’t tell me who or when the group is going to be there. I wonder who it is? And he, he also said that they are looking for a few songs for a new album so Steve is going to help them with that. I was hoping that he would ask me if I would want to help.”
“He might. You’ll just have to wait and see.”
“Yeah. Wait and see.”
After dinner Rose ran up to her room to put away the project she was working on earlier and then ran back down the stairs to help her sister with the dishes.
The next morning Meg went with Rose to the recording studio and met Chris Daughtry and the rest of his band. While Rose was in the recording session with the band Steve, her boss and owner of the studio, pulled Meg aside.
“I wanted to let you know that the Backstreet Boys are going to be recording here for a few days. I know how big of a fan she is and I know she has been very professional with the other artists who have come here but how do you think she will act around them?”
“Wow… I mean that’s hard to say because she has never met them before. I know she will be thrilled but she might freeze up around them or try to talk their ears off. It’s really hard to tell. She loves those guys more than anything on this earth.”
Steve looked concerned, “I’d hate to push her away from working because she is great at what she does and she’s a musical genius but I don’t want to push them away either.”
“How about we see how she acts the first day they come? I’ll take off of work and I’ll come with her if you just let me know when they are coming.”
“That’s the thing I’m not sure when they are coming exactly. And I’m stressing out a little because they are asking for a song by the time they get here. I have nothing yet. I don’t have a track I don’t have lyrics. I don’t know what to do.”
“I’m not entirely sure but I think my sister wrote a song yesterday.”
Steve chuckled, “I told her that I needed some help writing a song and she said that she was going to start working on something. She had this melody in her head and asked if she could do the demo for it. That girl amazes me.”
“I’ll make sure she brings it to you as soon as she is finished with it.”
“Good. She’s helped out on a lot of tracks.”
“I hope she’ll actually let you use the song. You know how shy she can be about that stuff.”
Steve nodded his head and sighed, “Yeah I hope she won’t keep whatever she did a secret. Especially if it’s going to be a great song.”
“I’ll see what I can do.”
Over the weekend Rose finished her “project” but still kept it a secret from her sister. One day when Meg came home early from work beating Rose home. She took advantage of being home alone. Meg went up to her sister’s room that was decorated with nearly a million pictures and posters of the Backstreet Boys and looked under the bed. There it was. Rose’s “project” that she didn’t want anyone to see.
“No way…” Meg muttered to herself. “She wrote a full song. This is amazing.”
“Meg! I’m home!”
Crap! Meg thought. She hurriedly stashed the song back under her sister’s bed then made her way down stairs.
“Hey Rosie. How was work today?”
“It was good. Yeah it was good. Steve wanted me to give this to you. He didn’t tell me what it was but he told me to just give it to you so here.”
She handed her sister an envelope that read “For Meg’s Eyes Only”.
“I wonder what this is,” Meg said. “Thanks for bringing it to me Rosie. I’ll read it later.”
After dinner while the sisters were watching one of their favorite shows, Meg opened the envelope and read it silently to herself. It revealed that the Backstreet Boys would be coming to the studio that coming week and that Steve wanted to introduce the sisters to them but didn’t want Rose to know. Meg almost screamed but kept her cool as to not tip off her siste. One of her biggest dreams was about to come true in a matter of hours.
*The Next Day At The Studio*
“Steve,” Meg pulled Rose’s boss aside as Rose started mixing a few songs. “This is Rose’s secret project I told you about. It’s a complete song, everything from the lyrics to the sheet music for it, which includes the instrumentals, harmony, melody, you name it she has it in here. She even has suggestions for how BSB should sing it as if she knew this was going to be for them. But the most amazing thing is she finished it in four days.”
“You’re kidding me?”
“Nope. It’s all there. Just do me a favor. Make a copy of it and then give it back so I can stash it back under her bed. She’ll never forgive me if she found out that I took it.”
“Not a problem. I’ll read it over and make a copy of it. By the time she is finished mixing those songs the Boys should be here and I’ll introduce you two to them. And we’ll see how she acts around them. I know you are a fan too so just try to stay calm and treat them like normal guys. Just like you did with Chris Daughtry.”
“You have my word. I’m just a little nervous for Rosie.”
“You and me both Meg.”
It took Rose about half an hour to mix the songs and just as Steve handed the song back to Meg, the Backstreet Boys walked through the door.
Meg kept her composure as she introduced herself to her favorite boy band.
“Now I know you fellas didn’t come here to meet fans but,” Steve said cautiously, “One of my workers is a big fan of yours. She has been since the start of your career.”
“You’re actually one of the reasons why she fell in love with music. I know because she’s my sister. And she’s special if you understand what I mean.”
The Boys nodded their heads.
“And if she doesn’t act like a crazy fan…” Steve started to say.
“Or if she doesn’t completely shut down around you guys,” Meg added in.
“She’ll be working closely with you on the recording process. She is very talented and is one of the best we have here in the studio,” Steve finished.
“And it has always been her dream to meet you guys,” Meg said finally.
“It wouldn’t hurt to give her a chance,” Kevin said and the rest of his band mates agreed.
“You guys really are the best!” Meg nearly shouted.
“Meg why don’t go bring Rose to studio one and I’ll show our guests around.”
Meg nodded her head and nearly ran to go get her sister.
“Do you know who is going to be recording here sis?” Rose asked. “You look very excited. Very excited.”
“It’s a surprise but I can tell you that you are going to be very excited too.”
Just then Steve walked through the door with Rose’s favorite band.
“Rose, you know who these guys are right?” Steve asked with a smile on his face.
Her eyes were wide as she nodded her head slowly.
“They are going to record a few songs with us and as long as you keep calm around them you can help with the recording process,” he added in. “You understand?”
She didn’t say a word just nodded her head.
“Come on Rosie why don’t you introduce yourself?” Meg nudged her.
She shook her head and buried her face in her hands.
“What’s wrong?”
Rose motioned for her sister to come closer so she could whisper in her ear, “I’m scared.”
“You’re scared? Why are you scared? It’s just the Backstreet Boys. They won’t bite. They’re really nice guys. You have been in love with them for 20 years. I’m surprised you’re not jumping up and down right now. They need your help with recording their new album.”
“That’s right. Steve told us that you are the best at your job here,” Kevin said.
That made Rose blush.
“Come on sis. Go shake their hands and then do your job. I’ll be right here. No need to be afraid.”
Rose stepped away from her sister and stood in front of her idols, “I’m Ro-Rose. I’m a big fan. Yeah a big fan.”
Each Backstreet Boy shook her hand and gave her a warm smile.
The rest of the day went smoothly. Rose acted like she normally did as she continued to work with the Boys. At the end of the day the Backstreet Boys gave her hugs before she left and told her that they couldn’t wait to work with her the next day.
Before she left, Rose hugged her boss.
“Thank you Steve. Yeah thank you. You made my dream come true today.”
Meg smiled as she saw Steve’s eyes start to tear up.
He patted Rose on her back, “Don’t mention it kiddo. Just keep up the good work.”
“I will boss. I will.”
That night before bed Rose hugged her sister a little tighter then she usually did.
“You made my dream come true today. You are the best sister in the world! Yeah the best sister in the world! I love you Meg!”
“I love you too Rose.”
The next day Rose found out about her song being put into the hands of the Backstreet Boys. She wasn’t mad that her sister and boss went behind her back but she was shy about it. And to Meg’s amazement, the Boys absolutely loved the song.
“I know they are recording it but there’s a possibility that it might not make the final album cut,” Steve told Meg.
“I’ll break the news to her when we go home. I hope she’ll understand.”
At diner Meg explained to her sister that the song she wrote might not be put on the new BSB album and Rose’s response shocked her.
“I know. They told me today. Yeah they told me today. I want to wait for the CD to find out if it made it or not.”
Meg shook her head, “I can’t believe it Rosie.”
As any other BSB fan would be, Rose was ecstatic when they released In A World Like This on July 30, 2013. That morning Rose ran into her sisters room and jumped on her bed.
“Meg, Meg, Meg! Wake up! Wake up!” Rose shook her sister awake. “We have to go to Target! Yes Target! There’s bonus songs on the Target cd. We have to go now before the cd’s sold out!”
Meg rolled over and looked at her alarm clock, “Rosie it’s 6:30 in the morning. You don’t get up until 8.”
“The store opens at 8 we have to get there! We have to!”
Meg sat up in bed and looked at her sister. She was fully dressed complete with her favorite BSB shirt and her custom made “Backstreet Soldier” dog tags, “Ok let me get dressed and we’ll have breakfast then we will leave to go to Target I promise.”
“Yay!” Rose rejoiced. “New BSB CD! New BSB CD!”
About an hour and a half later the sisters were on their way out the door when Steve called the house.
“Hi boss!” Rose answered the phone. “Me? I’m not doing anything. Meg and I were going to Target to get the CD. You have to give me something now? Ok I guess we’ll get the CD after. Yeah after.”
“What’s wrong?” Meg asked.
“Steve wants us to go to the studio. He has something for us.”
“Ok we’ll go now.”
It only took the sisters ten minutes to get to the studio where Steve waited with a surprise for Rose.
“The Backstreet Boys left this for you Rosie. Enjoy it. But read the letter first.”
“Ok,” Rose took the package Steve handed her and then read the note attached to it,
“Dear Rose,
We all wanted to thank you for writing such an amazing song. We all loved it! Thank you for being a big help with the recording process. We will be back to record the next album when the time comes and we hope you’ll have another song for us. You are a very special fan Rose and we cannot thank you enough for helping with the In A World Like This album. Enjoy your very own signed copy and now that you are one of our writers consider yourself a VIP and stop by during our tour. Thanks for being such a big fan Rose!
Love always The Backstreet Boys.”
“They all signed it,” she whispered in shock as she ripped open the package to reveal a copy of the CD. “They all signed the letter too. Yeah all five!”
Meg looked at the CD and nearly dropped it, “Rosie, your song is number six on the CD!”
Rose smiled widely, “Make Believe is number six! This is awesome! Yeah this is awesome!”
Steve pressed a button on the sound system and Make Believe played throughout the studios for Rose. She smiled as she closed her eyes and sang along. The lyrics came alive as her favorite artists sang the words she wrote. This was the best day of Rose’s life. Her make believe world was now a reality.

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