Total Eclipse of the Heart Parts Part 2 by NKOTBSBfan17

This is part 2!  This is when you know that Howie and Brian is really good friends.


Enjoy!  :D

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1. Part 2 by NKOTBSBfan17

Part 2 by NKOTBSBfan17
Author's Notes:

I am so sorry that this part took so long to upload on here, but I hope that you all will live it! :D 


Part 2


Brain smiled as he opened the door. There, he saw A.J. grinning and holding a bottle of wine in his left hand. "Well, it is always great to see you." A.J. smiled and walked into the living room. "Well, I got you some wine. I hope you like it."  Brian smiled and grabs the wine bottle. One thing that Brian loved is wine, so he glad that A.J. got him a wonderful gift.  "Thank you so much for the wine. I am glad that you got some." A.J. nodded and sat down on the love seat.   Brian opens up the bottle and poured some wine into two wine glasses. Then, A.J. took out a cigarette and starting to smoke.  He sighed softly as he was thinking about rehab.  He didn't tell anyone, except his ex- girlfriend. That is the reason why she broke up with him. So, he wanted to stop this smoking and drug habit of his before anything bad happens.

"So, I heard that you are going to rehab again." Said Brian, as he sat next to his friend. He handed him a glass of wine, while A.J. sighed slowly. "Yeah. I am going again."  He didn't even care that Brian found out that he was going to rehab because he was too ashamed.  "Well, I know that you will do well. You are a strong man Alex, I know that you will do it. I wish that I was strong like you...I'm weak." A.J. looked at Brian and saw the sadness into his baby blue eyes. "Don't say are a very strong man. I could never live another day if my child was suffering."  Brian nodded and a couple of tears roll down his eyes.  He wiped the tears quickly on his arm as A.J. put his arm around Brian to comfort him. " Your right A.J., I am strong enough..."

A full hour passed by, and the two friends were mostly talking about their problems, like Brian getting divorce and A.J. breaking up with his girlfriend.  But, they knew that they were going to go on a tour with the legendry New Kids On The Block in a couple of months. A couple of minutes later, A.J. looked at the sky when he went on the small patio. He really did love the nighttime.  The cold wind blew on his face. The night sky and the beautiful town of Tampa Bay was filled with lights from the buildings, while the gleaming starts were covering the whole city.

Brian walked closer to his friend and was holding his wine glass firmly "Such a pretty view tonight." A.J. looked at Brian and nodded. "I am glad that this day is almost over."  A.J. got a cigarette out of a pack and started to smoke once again. Brian watched his friend puffing the smoke out of his mouth. "Hey man, I think you should stop smoking. You know that rehab will check you out."  He smirked a little and still was smoking. "I'm good. They didn't check me out the last time." Brian rolled his eyes playfully and chuckled lightly.  A.J. laughed, but sighed a little. "I really hoped that I become sober this time." Brian nodded and looked at the sky. He saw a shooting start crossing the dark smile and smiled brightly. "Look Alex, I see a shooting star! Make a wish!" A.J. looked up and he also saw the shooting star. He taught for a second about his wish, and then he taught about Bradley.   "I wish that Bradley will recover soon, because he is a good kid and I don't want my best friend to be in any more pain." Brian gotten a little teary eyed and hugged his best friend. A.J. smiled his friend firmly; he knew that his best friend's son needed a wish to really come true.






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