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Author's Chapter Notes:

Part 2 of chapter 14 still have no clue why this site wouldn't let me post the entire chapter if one copy paste job from word... Hope you enjoy!

            Diangela returned dragging Lacey behind her.

            “What did you drag me in for? Did I do something wrong?” Lacey asked with a worried look on her face.

            “Calm down sweetie you did nothing wrong,” Diangela comforted her. “You’re going to help us disguise Kalie.”

            Lacey looked at me with a question mark on her face.  I gave her a short explanation and a smile came across her lips, “You came to the right girl! My friends used to call me Miss Disguise and I would always win the award for best Halloween costume in school! And you’re lucky that I left a few wigs in my car.” She studied my face for a second, “I think you would look good with a different hair color.”

            She dashed out to her car and grabbed a whole make up kit and a few different wigs and another little case that I couldn’t figure out what was inside.

            Diangela and Lacey started with my hair at first placing a lot of Bobbie pins in it so my long locks would be hidden under the wig. First Lacey placed the red wig on my head. None of us liked it. It was kind of obvious it was a wig. The second wig I tried on was a dirty blonde one. Lacey and I both turned up our noses but we agreed with Diangela that it was better than the red one. 

            “This is the last wig I have with me. I have more at home but hopefully number three will be the charm,” Lacey placed a long black wig on my head. She stood in front of the mirror for a second so I couldn’t see. “I like it Kalie but I’m not finished yet. How do you feel about colored contacts?”

            “I’ve worn them before. They’re ok. But it’s kind of hard to find ones that cover up my dark eyes.”

            “I have blue ones that I haven’t even opened so they’re brand new. They are also the best brand of colored contacts and they can mask any eye color. Want to try them?”


            “Do you want to put them in or should I?” Lacey asked as she opened the box that I didn’t know what was inside.

            “No I trust you,” I pushed back my head and held open my eye lids as Lacey put in the contacts.

            After I opened my eyes after letting the contacts adjust Lacey looked at me and exclaimed, “If I didn’t just transform you into a new person I would have never guessed that it was actually you sitting in front of me.”


            I looked at Diangela and Mark and both of their jaws dropped.

            “Lacey you’re a genius!” Dianagela exclaimed.

            “Wow,” was the only thing Mark could say.

            “Let me see,” I stood up in front of the mirror and was amazed at the girl who was staring back at me. “Oh man nobody is going to recognize me now! Not even Nick.”

            “He didn’t see you leave this morning did he?” Lacey asked.

            “No he didn’t. And this is a new outfit anyway.”

            “Ok because I would have offered you my clothes if he knew those were yours.”

            “Well part one of our brilliant plan is complete now we have to fill out a fake resume,” Diangela sat back down at the table and looked at the resume. “What should your name be? Any suggestions?”

            Diangela continued reading out the resume and Mark and Lacey helped come up with fake answers. After the resume was filled out my boss and best friends helped me with the choreography I needed to learn. I got the routine down pat in a matter of minutes and was ready to go to the audition. Mark drove me because I had no idea where I was going and we decided it would be a good idea if Nick didn’t see my car in the parking lot.

            “Break a leg Kayl… I mean Alana,” Mark said as I got out of the car. “Oh and take my hat for good luck and a little extra disguise.”

            “Thanks Mark. I’ll call you after the audition. Or do you think I should spill the beans when everyone else leaves?”

            “At least tell Nick when all the other girls leave. And I was thinking while we were driving here that now you have a disguise from paparazzi.”

            “Good point. I’ll call you afterward. Thanks for the ride again.”

            “No problem Kalie. Go show those girls what a real dancer is.”

            I followed the signs into the dance hall where the auditions were being held. I handed my resume to BSB’s choreographer who I had never met before. He handed me a name tag and a pen. He showed me into a room where the other dancers were waiting for their names to be called. BSB was sitting behind a long table with their tour manager and when their choreographer joined them, the auditions began.