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Past Featured StorySummary: Some people call me a modern day Cinderella, but my story's hardly an eff-ing fairytale, and it's definately not for the faint of heart. Sure I see the similarities between the two stories but that pansy-ass little princess had it easy. Fate? Prince Charming? Fairy God mothers? Is my life a fairy tale? You tell me. Just don't judge the book by it's cover. You need all the details before you can answer that question
Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Brian, Howie
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Death, Domestic Violence, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content, Sexual Assault/Rape
Series: None
Chapters: 22
Completed: Yes
Word count: 66193
Read: 27167
Published: 12/07/06
Updated: 03/08/07

1. Prologue by honey [ - ] Liked (803 words)
Ok, this is my first attempt at first person so wish me luck. It's also a total change of pace for me. I dunno what came over me but this idea just popped into my head and I had to write it down. I'll try and update much as possible. I know the last thing I need is yet another story to work on, but it seems I need a story for all of my moods -lol. And I know I didn't include Kevin in this one. I'm not trying to be mean, just trying to see what its going to feel like without him. ***more tears*** Anyway enjoy! And, just to warn you, the language in this one is awful. Tons of swearing. ***YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED***

2. Once Upon A Time by honey [ - ] Liked (2570 words)

3. The New Guy by honey [ - ] Liked (3003 words)
Thanks for the feedback. As always, it helps! Here's the next chapter. Enjoy!

4. Basketball And Birthdays by honey [ - ] Liked (3222 words)
Hey everyone! Thanks for the reviews. I'm glad you like it so far. I probably won't be back until after Christmas so, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!!!

5. Repercussions by honey [ - ] Liked (2740 words)

6. Mixed Feelings by honey [ - ] Liked (2995 words)
Hey everybody! Thanks for all the wonderful reviews! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

7. Just Another Girlie Girl by honey [ - ] Liked (3178 words)
Hehehe, things are about to get really interesting! I'll try and update as soon as I can. Hope you like!

8. Sex Talk. by honey [ - ] Liked (2659 words)
just a side note, when you get to it... I have no idea if Leighanne was ever really her prom queen or not. I made that up for the sake of the story. (wouldn't surprise me though) If you know, feel free to share. :)

9. A Day For The Record Books by honey [ - ] Liked (3678 words)
hey ya'll! I finally finished my Brian story and have decided this one will be my next main focus. Yea for finishing stories!!! Enjoy the chapter! Oh, and I'm still haveing so much trouble comming up with a title for this one, so if you have any suggestions... I'm totally open! :)

10. Back To Ordinary by honey [ - ] Liked (2784 words)

11. Wicked Step-brothers and Fairy Godfathers by honey [ - ] Liked (3244 words)

12. The Last Straw by honey [ - ] Liked (2885 words)
thanks you guys for all the reviews! You guys rock! I'm glad you like this one cause I'm having a lot of fun writing it! I think only a few chapters left... Good stuff to come, so stay tuned!!!

13. Prince Charming by honey [ - ] Liked (4561 words)
ok, I by no means think I'm a good writer and I don't want to sound concited or anything, but reading back over this one my head is kind of spinning. I hope you like!!!

14. Fate by honey [ - ] Liked (3709 words)
Sorry guys, a little slow giong right now... I've been sick. :( but, Here's the next chapter and I'm starting to feel better so hopefully you won't have to wait as long for the next one. Enjoy! :)

15. Mommy Dearest by honey [ - ] Liked (2867 words)

16. The Ball by honey [ - ] Liked (2287 words)
Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while. I've been working on something ...TOP SECRET... for the last couple days. Details comming soon, just be excited! haha.

Anyway, this chapter's a tiny bit shorter than the others but it was kind of one HUGE chapter so I had to find a place to split it up. Unfortunately the other half's not quite finished yet (hopefully tomorrow) but don't worry, this one doesn't really leave you hangin'... much... sorry :) Enjoy!

17. I'll Never Break Your Heart by honey [ - ] Liked (3508 words)
Woot! Finally! I updated something! Go me! -lol SOOOOO, If you haven't had the chance to see it yet, be sure to check out the new fanfic series 00Carter!!! We've finally launched the web site and the first episode is posted! I'm having a blast working on it! chech it out!


oh, and... enjoy the new chapter! :)

18. Shattered Dreams by honey [ - ] Liked (2856 words)
Hey everyone! Just a quick warning... This chapter is pretty graphic (violence/sexual assult) so if that's not really your thing, just skip it and wait for the next one. You'll still be able to piece together enough of what happened without getting all the details. Otherwise, I'm really curious to hear what you think. I've read many stories with this kind of thing in it but have never written it myself. Hope I pulled it off.

19. Selective Amnesia by honey [ - ] Liked (4071 words)
Hey guys! Finally! -lol For some reason I had a hard time getting this chapter down on paper even though I knew exactly what was going to happen. Writers block sucks. Anywhoo... So close to the end I can almost taste it! Hopefully I wont have trouble with the next chapter.

20. Meet The Littrells by honey [ - ] Liked (3530 words)
Hey guys! Thanks for being patient, but I had a crazy weekend and then a nice birthday. 26... Geez I feel like I'm getting old. Then again, I am writing Backstreet Boys fanfiction... haha. Anyway, I was wrong and this didn't end up being the last chapter. There is one more :) and I've already started working on it so hopefully this week I will be able to chalk up another completed story! Oh and I just want to say thanks again for all of your reviews! I've had some wonderful support through this one and it really really means a lot!!! So thank you so much! Enjoy this chapter and get excited for the next cause it's gonna be GREAT! (I hope!) :)

21. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes by honey [ - ] Liked (4309 words)
LAST CHAPTER!!!! WOOHOO!!! But don't forget to read the epilog though (that's the real ending) And don't forget to tell me what you thought!

22. Epilogue by honey [ - ] Liked (734 words)
WooHoo!!! Another one bites the dust!!! Yay! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me along hte way! I got so many wonderful reviews and It really meant a lot! Helpped me finish too! Yay! again! Anyway, thanks again guys and enjoy the end!!!!!