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Summary: Various short works from a creative writing class.
Rated: G
Categories: Original Fiction, Poetry/Songs
Characters: None
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Warnings: None
Series: Various Short Original Works
Chapters: 7
Completed: Yes
Word count: 1088
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Published: 02/24/07
Updated: 02/24/07

1. The very first prompt....~Fiction style! by nicksgal [ - ] Liked (294 words)
This is the prompt that later led to the story "With Commentary By Yours Truly," which is posted in a seperate file here. :)

2. Can't we talk about it?! by nicksgal [ - ] (112 words)
A prompt where a man makes another man cry without saying a word or touching him....

It's kind of ambiguous... But given the prompt, this is the only shonen-ai you will ever see me write....

3. Death by nicksgal [ - ] (147 words)
What would you think about while you were dying?

Tough subject, huh?

4. What? We need good characters? Psh. by nicksgal [ - ] (216 words)
Basically, everyone in the class had under-developed characters.... Well not me... But, meh. *shrugs*

We wrote down a list of three to five traits and passed it to our neighbor...

5. What if you couldn't follow your dreams? by nicksgal [ - ] (58 words)
And what if it was your fault?

I had some problems with this one... Mostly trying to decide what my greatest dream was...

6. Half page story by nicksgal [ - ] (177 words)
Write an entire story on a half sheet of paper.

The key to this is... write small.

7. For My Big Sis by nicksgal [ - ] (84 words)
Write a poem to someone of the same gender as you.