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Anita's life is turned upside down after a drunken stupper and a bad choice on AJ and Howie's behalf. One little secret whispered into the wrong ear can change it all. Which results in a big misunderstanding and two broken hearts. 


Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: None
Genres: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault/Rape, Sexual Content, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 27
Completed: Yes
Word count: 37284
Read: 11182
Published: 03/25/07
Updated: 01/26/11

1. Sitting here by kevmylove [Reviews - 9] (728 words)
This story is for my loyal reader ANITA! It's in the works and I hope to get it done fast...cause the idea is straight in my head. Hope you like! Sorry I was writing it in first person, but I decided third will be better cause I can throw in parts of HIS life too.

2. Cheap by kevmylove [Reviews - 5] (967 words)

3. Betrayed by kevmylove [Reviews - 6] (789 words)

4. Nervous feeling by kevmylove [Reviews - 6] (648 words)

5. Dance Baby! by kevmylove [Reviews - 5] (1131 words)

6. Paid Hoe by kevmylove [Reviews - 7] (790 words)

7. Comfortable by kevmylove [Reviews - 7] (1165 words)

8. Could it be... by kevmylove [Reviews - 7] (682 words)

9. Splashing Fun by kevmylove [Reviews - 8] (1211 words)

10. Long Day by kevmylove [Reviews - 8] (1344 words)

11. First kiss by kevmylove [Reviews - 8] (1521 words)
Sorry for the long wait...WRITERS BLOCK has attacked me...hope you like...

12. Emotions by kevmylove [Reviews - 8] (1211 words)

13. Love me by kevmylove [Reviews - 9] (835 words)
*BLUSHES* Although this is not really vivid...I'm shy about parts like this...but please feel free to let me know if I should add or take something away. Thank you guys so much for keeping up with the story!!!!

14. She knows by kevmylove [Reviews - 6] (731 words)
I know this one is short, but I'm still thinking on where I'm going with it...I hope you continue to read and have patience with me...with my two girls and another on the way...time is precious!! Thanks!

15. Trapped in a Lie by kevmylove [Reviews - 10] (1957 words)

16. New Start by kevmylove [Reviews - 8] (1907 words)
Wow so it's been a year and three months that I worked on this poor story. And well to tell you the truth I'm still stuck. So if you have any ideas on where i can take it...greatly appreciated.

17. Torn Apart by kevmylove [Reviews - 7] (2454 words)

18. New Roomie by kevmylove [Reviews - 4] (1657 words)

19. Jealousy by kevmylove [Reviews - 5] (1348 words)

20. Bully by kevmylove [Reviews - 7] (1496 words)
Thank you for taking the time to read and review. Greatly appreciated.

21. Unfold by kevmylove [Reviews - 5] (1490 words)
Anita confesses...

22. Game On by kevmylove [Reviews - 6] (1259 words)

23. In His Eyes by kevmylove [Reviews - 4] (1710 words)

24. So Sick by kevmylove [Reviews - 3] (1894 words)
Hey all I know it's been a while. Hope you still like. Thank you!

25. Disaster Zone by kevmylove [Reviews - 2] (1845 words)
Thank you for those that are still sticking with Anita and Nick. Thanks for the kind reviews too.

26. See You Later by kevmylove [Reviews - 3] (2007 words)

27. Crazy Things by kevmylove [Reviews - 2] (2507 words)

OMG!! I finally finished this story...now I'm sad. I just hope you guys like it, I'm not good at endings. period.

Thank you all for the reviews and for embarking on Anita and NIck's journey. I hope you enjoyed it.