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( Sequal to Sinister Devotion) Crystal thought Jack was dead...and she was right. Jack did die that fateful day, at the farm; however, Alex McLean is still alive and kicking. He's got a new life, but the past, still seems to haunt him. What he doesn't know, is what is in store for him, now.




Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ
Genres: Action, Alternate Universe, Romance
Warnings: Death, Domestic Violence, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content, Violence
Series: Jacklex Series
Chapters: 15
Completed: Yes
Word count: 28457
Read: 16342
Published: 04/03/09
Updated: 04/02/12

1. Prologue by kevmylove [ - ] (900 words)
Hi all...after some serious thinking...and reading your reveiws...plus listening to Kristal...I decided we should really find out what happens to Jack...or Alex! I hope you guys like this one just as much as the last

2. Chapter 1 by kevmylove [ - ] (2054 words)
I'm sorry the start might be a bit slow, but I promise that there is a lot to come...thank you so much ladies, for keeping up with Ja...I mean Alex. (I have to get used to that) lol!

3. Chapter 2 by kevmylove [ - ] (2239 words)

4. Chapter 3 by kevmylove [ - ] (1650 words)
Hey all, I was in a damn writing funk...couldn't write on anything. Thanks to Kris she got me out of it...yay! hope you like...I want the action to start already! Thanks ladies!

5. Chapter 4 by kevmylove [ - ] (1715 words)
Hope you like!

6. Chapter 5 by kevmylove [ - ] (1870 words)
By the way thank you all for the reviews. I promise as soon as I get catched up. I will reply to my reveiws, wouldnt' want you guys to think I don't appreciate them. lol

7. Chapter 6 by kevmylove [ - ] (2530 words)
Sorry for the long wait. You know how writers block is...thank you so much for keeping up with Jack...I LOVE AND APPRECIATE all the reviews. *hugs*

8. Chapter 7 by kevmylove [ - ] (2419 words)

9. Chapter 8 by kevmylove [ - ] (2700 words)
I apologize ahead of time for any and all typos...my computer was acting up. But this is the last update for a while...so I really wanted to post. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

10. Chapter 9 by kevmylove [ - ] (2142 words)

11. Chapter 10 by kevmylove [ - ] (2813 words)
Wow its been a while, I was so stuck. Plus I had no net, well, I still don't. I'm trying to post from my blackberry, please let me know if the formatting or something is wrong.

12. Chapter 11 by kevmylove [ - ] (1807 words)
Jacklex is back!!

13. Chapter 12 by kevmylove [ - ] (1699 words)

Ok so I noticed that it's been well over nine months since I last updated this. So some of you proly lost interest already. UNDERSTOOD!! I have new ideas for it, so hopefully it shouldn't take that long to update now. Thanks for reading and reviewing...I appreciate you guys keeping up with Jacklex.

14. Chapter 13 by kevmylove [ - ] (1780 words)

15. Sorry... by kevmylove [ - ] (139 words)