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Kelly and AJ McLean are married for quite a while now. The first years of their marriage were more than great. Now, since a year ago, AJ started partying a lot, coming home drunk almost every night, this having consequences for their relationship and their marriage. Not only the other members of the Backstreet Boys suffer from his behaviour, Kelly suffers the most. Mentally AND psychially. What happens when AJ goes too far and realizes it only after that? Will their marriage survive? Will AJ survive? Or Kelly? Will it have consequences for the Backstreet Boys? Find out!

Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Brian, Group, Howie, Nick, Other
Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Death, Domestic Violence, Graphic Violence, Slash M/M, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 9
Completed: No
Word count: 12872
Read: 10070
Published: 12/20/09
Updated: 01/21/10
Story Notes:
One: This story is absolutely NOT about AJ's alcohol abuse he used to have! It's about him 'cause he's my fave. If Howie, Brian, Nick or even Kevin would be my fave, it would be one of them! This story is based on the song Don't Wanna Lose You Now of the Backstreet Boys, which is also the title of the story.

Two: English is NOT my native language! That doesn't mean I suck at English, but it doesn't mean my English is fluent either! So, please bear with me lol!

Three: That means I can make some grammar or spelling mistakes, though I always check the chapter I wrote twice!

Four: I have been writing fanfics for a few years but only started writing fanfics about the Backstreet Boys since a couple months ago.

Five: I deeply apologize if the rating is incorrect or I didn't pick the right genre or forgot to pick a genre. This is because I've never posted a story on a website like AC. So I still have to figure out the warnings, rating and genres a bit. I'm not very common with stuff like this yet. The other reason is point Two.

And six: I will post point Two, Three, Four, Five and Six in each and every story. ;)

1. 1: Homecoming & Drunk. by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (1158 words)
There, my very first BSB story ever written!

2. 2: A Bad Decision. by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (716 words)
Last chapter for now. It's 11.30 pm here so I'm pretty tired. xD

3. 3: The Morning After. by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (979 words)
Thanks for your nice reviews! It gives me motivation to continue posting! :) So virtual cookies to everyone! (Not made by me though, lol)

4. 4: Shot The Photo & Shut The Door. by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (2230 words)
Thank you, thank you, muchas gracias! Your reviews make me really really happy. :D
So, to make you happy, a new update!
Btw, I added a banner to my summary. What do you think? (I suck at Photoshop so I just made it with Paint hehe)

5. 5: I Never Thought That I Would Lose My Mind. by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (1270 words)
6 reviews on the last chap! WOW. I guess I can only send a big THANKS to you all!

6. 6: I've Got This Feeling You're Not Gonna Stay. by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (1857 words)
Hey peeps! Sorry for the delay but as you might understand I celebrated Christmas too. First Friday with my own family and last Saturday I was dragged to my boyfriend's family lol. Nah, I had a good time. So, now I finally have time again, here's a quick update! Hope you'll like it!

7. 7: Better Times To Come. by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (1595 words)
Thanks a bunch for all the reviews! Glad you still like it!
To tell a little something about this chap, it would be the last chapter first, but i wasn't quite satisfied with it so I changed the whole chapter and so this isn't the last chapter yet. :) Just dunno how many chapters I still have to go until the last one but we'll see. ;)

8. 8: Like A Nightmare. by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (949 words)
The last chap I've written so far. ;) Will try to write more tomorrow!

Hope you'll like this update!

9. 9: Things Seem To Become Clarified. by TheDistantHeart [ - ] (2118 words)
SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY!!! I've been abandoning this story! It's just that I'm in this really stressing period and I have been down quite much this week so my head wasn't really focused on writing. :( Either way, I've found a moment to write the next chap and I hope it worked out well. I came up with this really great idea to keep the fun in writing this story and hopefully keep the fun in reading this story as well. :)