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i'm an 18 year old writer. i've been writing since i was 15. i write mostly adult fanfiction. i have writers block right now. so hopefully i might get an idea soon. i write some original and some backstreet and lord of the rings. all depends on my mood. i also write some harry potter.

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The Waters of the Nile by velvet_tears Rated: PG-13 Liked [ - ]
Summary: After landing in Cairo for a month of being a tourist, AJ Mclean is being haunted by an Egyptian beauty, but only in his dreams. He never sees her around. Can he figure out the mystery of this woman before he leaves? Did he have a hand in her fate and is she trying to say something to him?
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Other
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Supernatural
Warnings: Death, Sexual Content, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 7 Table of Contents
Completed: No
Word count: 1625
Read Count: 7005

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07/01/06 » Updated: 09/17/06
a chance meeting by velvet_tears Rated: NC-17 Liked [ - ]
Summary: Aj Mclean's life is incomplete something's missing. can a chance meeting with a local ranch owner and her twin brother bring what he's been longer for. can it be love or just friends

Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Group, Other
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Graphic Sexual Content
Series: None
Chapters: 9 Table of Contents
Completed: No
Word count: 3319
Read Count: 336

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05/06/06 » Updated: 07/29/06
Summary: harry's last year has to be interesting right? especially with a new auror following him around school as a body guard. not olnly that the new auror is the defense against the dark arts teacher. this year should be really interesting.
Categories: Fanfiction > Movies > Harry Potter
Characters: Harry Potter, Other
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Table of Contents
Completed: No
Word count: 1945
Read Count: 5637

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06/10/06 » Updated: 06/29/06