Help Page

Problem: I can't view the text against the black background on the Fire(default) skin.

Resolution: Try changing the skin to the Lightning skin. Other skins will be added as I have time, including more light-colored backgrounds. I'm not sure why it's not working for some users and have been unable to duplicate the problem on my own computer. You can save the setting by clicking the "remember me" box when you log in, click on "Account Info" and then "Edit Personal Info" where you can change the default skin to Lightning (or other) themes.

Problem: I can't view NC-17 Stories!

Resolution: You need to be logged into the site to view NC-17 Stories.

Reason for this: I had a few complaints from parents not wanting their child to be viewing NC-17 stuff and me making it readily availble without any sort of restriction. I know that this won't completely satisfy some, but it does make it conform to regulations a bit better, and I can keep the stories on my site. I have no intention of removing NC-17 stories from the site, but will do my best to see it regulated a bit better.

Problem: I forgot my password and the new password sent to me doesn't work.

Resolution: Contact me with your username. The lost password feature doesn't seem to work, so I'll have to set it manually. You may also temporarily log in to view stories by using the login of Guest with a password of IamOldEnough until such time that I can get the Lost Password feature to work.

Problem: My bookmarks that I had for stories on this site prior to May of 2006 are not working!

Resolution: You'll need to update your bookmarks; the URLs had to change for some of the new features to work properly.

Reason: In order to make it so that people can change their pen names, the links needed to change to be a number rather than using the pen name as the folder...Sorry for the inconvenience, but I think that in the long run it will be worth it.

Problem: I don't know how to add an image to my story.

Resolution: First, you must upload the image (or have it uploaded on another server). To upload it to AbsoluteChaos, you can log into your account, click on Account Info, and then click on Manage Images. From there you can click on "Upload New Image" or you can view the images you have already uploaded and the code to insert into your story where you want the image to appear.

Problem: I had a picture in my story prior to May of 2006, but now it's just showing the broken image thing.

Resolution: You'll need to update the code for the image. (See above for instructions on finding the coding you need to insert.)

Problem: I can't figure out how to make a challenge that is specific to a particular fandom.

Resolution: First click the dropdown box and select the top level category (ie Fanfiction, Poetry, etc), and then click the dropdown again to select the fandom. When you select the fandom, it will list characters that you can select if you want to have the fic about specific characters.

Problem: I want to answer a challenge, but can't figure out how to do it.

Resolution: First you need to upload your fic to the site. Then go into the Challenges area, find the challenge you're answering, and click the Respond to the Challenge link. It will bring up a list of your stories and you can check the appropriate story and submit it in response to the challenge.

Problem: I would like to suggest a story to be Featured.

Resolution: Contact Me and I will consider it. I will only be featuring one or two stories at a time (one for now, but may increase to two) but will keep requests in mind for future Featured Stories. Stories should be well proofread and preferance will go to older, completed stories rather than those that are still being updated.

Problem: I want to request a Fandom that is not currently available.

Resolution: Contact Me with the subject of "New Fandom" and include the fandom name as well as a listing of the major characters that will be used as search options for the fandom.

Problem: I want to request additional characters for a fandom already listed.

Resolution: Contact Me with the fandom and the character(s) you are requesting added.

Problem: I have a great idea for a theme/skin and would like to create one. Is that possible?

Resolution: It would actually be really cool. I've really intended to create more skins, but just haven't had the time. The main thing(s) I'd need are 1) The Absolute Chaos banner (upper left corner) and 2) the color scheme you have in mind. If you do .css styles I can give you the style sheet to use as a template. If you're familiar with efiction templates, you'd be welcome to create the full skin if you wanted to.

I'm having a problem that isn't listed here.

Resolution: Contact Me (is it me or does that seem to be a pattern...hmm) and let me know. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.