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I sat on the bed as the boys battle it out on the Nintendo, it was pretty late. I didn’t want to admit I was tired so I just sat there, smiling at the boys and their competitive nature. Dad turned around at one point to see me laying down starting to drift off to sleep.

“Maddie, if you’re tired Nick won’t mind if you go to sleep in his bed and I’ll wake you when we are ready to go home.”
“Yeah, go ahead Maddie.” Nick replied.
“I’m having fun watching you guys.” I smiled.

“No, go to sleep Maddison. It’s fine.” Nick said.


I did what I was told, which I can’t believe I’m doing at twenty-two. I dozed off pretty much straight away, hearing the sound of the boys yelling at each other and the sound of buttons tapping.


When I woke up, I woke up to an arm draped over me. I sat up with a fright. Then looked down to see a blond haired head laying peacefully. Of course, Dad left me here for the night. With a handsome guy I barely know.


I reached over to the bedside table and looked at my phone. It was only five in the morning.

Hey sweetie, sorry I left you there but you seemed so peaceful. Go with Nick to rehearsals. I’ll bring you a change of clothes. Sorry we were so loud. Love you. Dad x


I went into the bathroom and had a quick shower, and changed back into the clothes I had worn yesterday. I went back out into the bedroom to find Nick still sound asleep, so I went out onto the balcony and watched the sunrise.


I went back inside once the sun had risen and I curled back next to Nick for a while, actually dozing off. I was woken by the sound of my phone at about eight o’clock. Nick began to stir too. I checked to see who it was. Of course, it was Dad.


Hey chicken, hope you’re awake. If Nick isn’t up can you wake him cause rehersals are at 9 and we were going to meet for brekky at 8:30. Love ya, Pa.


“Who was that?” Nick asked half asleep.
“My Dad. We’re meeting in half an hour for breakfast, so get your big butt up and shower.”
“Okay.” Nick replied as he got out of bed and went over to his suitcase.

“How’s your head this morning after all those Rum and Cokes?”
“Sore, but it’s a big day of rehearsals today. We’re running through the whole show from start to finish, choreography and vocals.”
“Oh man, that is tough. Well quick, we have fifteen minutes til we need to be at breakfast by the time you shower stinky boy.”

“Admit it, it’s sexy.”
“Now why would I ever find you sexy Carter? You’re not my type.”
“Oh really? Now what is your type?”
“Let me see, guys who aren’t self absorbed pricks who won’t give people a chance, guys who are actually sweet to girls and who aren’t blond.”
“Wow, picky.”
“I’m a Wahlberg. I’m allowed to be.”


When we finally got to breakfast, Dad looked like he had the worst hangover in the universe, he handed me a duffel bag with some clothes in it. I took it into the restaurant bathroom to change. Ahh Dad, you know what I like to wear. He had packed my dance pants and a black t-shirt and inside the duffel bag were my ballet Pointe shoes and jazz shoes. Oh yeah this is something I never admitted before, I am also a dancer. I have been doing Ballet since I was two years old, I don’t really like to admit it, it ruins my tough image. However to inhance my performance I actually want to have a bit of dancing.


I went back out to where everyone was sitting for breakfast and saw that Dad had ordered me Pancakes and ice cream.

“Are you trying to make me fat, old man?” I teased.
“No, I just know what you like.” He smiled.

When we eventually got to the studio, I went off into a different room and practiced some ballet to incorporate into my performance. I was so entranced in my performance that I didn’t realise Nick was watching me from the door.


“I didn’t know you could dance.” Nick smiled.
I got a fright and turned around.
“Oh hey. Yeah I’ve been doing ballet since I was two. But shh, don’t tell anyone it’ll ruin my reputation.”
“What reputation?”
“My bad girl reputation.”
“You, a bad girl? As if”
“It’s part of my whole sex appeal.” I teased.
“Oh really?”
“No not really, I have the sex appeal of a potato.”
“It’d have to be one sexy potato.”
“You’re hilarious Carter. Surely you have rehearsals to do?”
“Break time. Listen, do you want to go out clubbing with me tonight?” he asked.
“Yeah sure, why not.”
“Awesome, so I’ll pick you up at nine?”
“Is my Dad going?”
“No, just Jonathan, AJ, Jordan and I.”
“Yeah alright, that sounds like heaps of fun.”


Later on during the day, we all sat down and discussed the set list for the tour. The boys needed by setlist so they could organise the band for me. I was allowed six songs, so I chose the six I am best at singing. Four of my songs and two covers

1)    Angel with Devil Wings

2)    Fragile

3)    Mistakes (Delta Goodrem & Brian McFadden cover)

4)    You Said

5)    I’ll Be Fine

6)    Electricity (From Billy Elliot)

During the instrumental in Electricity I would display my dancing. Electricity is one of my favourite songs and relates to me so well. If I was a guy, I’d want to try out for that musical, just to sing that song. Dad nodded approvingly at my set list and told me to go home and get some sleep before I went out that night. After all, if it’s a night out with Jordan and Jonathan it was guaranteed to be a huge night.  


Chapter End Notes:

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