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Chapter 13 My Safest Place To Hide

            The next morning I woke up to the sunlight hitting my face. I turned my head to Kalie who was still sleeping on her side facing me.

            She had the red, fuzzy blanket she normal hogged, wrapped around her waist. Her hair was down and I never noticed how long it grew until now. The long, chocolate brown locks fell over her breasts and hid them. The sunlight was hitting her curves just right and she had a slight smirk on her face. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “I’ve come home to an angel in my bed.”

            I snuggled closer to her and kissed her eye lids. Her deep brown eyes opened to gaze into mine.

            “Good morning honey,” she murmured.

            “Good morning angel” I replied. “How’d you sleep?”

            “That was the first night since you left that I didn’t have a nightmare.” She rested her hand over my heart, “It felt so good to sleep in your arms.”

            “I’m so happy to be home.” I kissed her forehead then sat up, “What do you want for breakfast?”

            “I don’t know. But I’ll make breakfast.”

“No I’ll make it. You’ve cooked for yourself every day. Let me cook. What do you want?”

            “Scrambled eggs please? Light and fluffy?”

            “Scrambled eggs light and fluffy coming up,” I got up and pulled on boxers and the sweats that were lying on the floor. Kalie got up to take a quick shower. She came into the kitchen just in time for breakfast. She was wearing a black belly shirt and light blue booty shorts.

            We sat across from each other at the kitchen table. We didn’t talk while we ate but we did play footsie.

            I laughed as her foot glided up my leg, “You’re feeling playful huh Kay?”

            “What do you think?” She got up and put her plate in the sink. She headed toward me and it looked like she was leaning in to kiss my neck but instead she gave me a raspberry.

            I dropped my fork and got up from my chair, “Oh you’re gunna get it now Kayl!”

            She giggled and ran into the living room. I chased after her and caught up to her quickly. I grabbed her waist and she grabbed a pillow from the couch. She started beating me with it but I pinned her down on the couch. She continued to hit the back of my head with the pillow until I tickled her ribs. She laughed so hard that she began squeaking and snorting which made me laugh uncontrollably.

            “Mercy! Mercy!” she called between her squeaks and snorts.

            We caught our breath and I hovered over her.

            She smiled up at me, “I’m so happy you’re home.”

            “I am too baby.” We smooched each other’s lips and I helped her up from the couch. 

            “So what do you want to do today Kaos?”

            “Don’t you have to go to work?”

            “I took the day off.”

            “I say we spend the day together, doing whatever we want.”

            “That sounds fun. How about we take a walk through the park then go bowling or catch a movie? Well after I do some laundry that is.”

            “Perfect. Then come home and swim?”

            “Sure. And how about a bbq for dinner then we can build a bon fire and have smores for dessert?”

            “I like the sound of that.”

            “Alright then I’ll go start my laundry.”

            “Ok I’ll be upstairs unpacking my bag.” She walked over to the front door and grabbed her duffle bag. It looked like it was fully packed.

            “What are you all packed up for?”

            “You’re gunna yell at me.”

            “Why would I yell at you?”

            “I packed all my clothes in case you didn’t want me back after all and you kicked me out.”

            I grabbed her hand with the Claddagh ring on it, “Which way is the heart pointing?”

            “Toward me.”

            “And that’s how it’s going to stay. Your heart is mine baby.”

            She smiled, “I’m glad you’re the one who stole it.”

            I winked at her then I followed her up the stairs. I helped her unpack her clothes and put them away then she helped me with the laundry.

            It felt like we were first dating again as we walked through the park. We walked hand in hand and talked about what happened on tour. I even told her about Marcy. She laughed at my stories as we sat on the swings.  

            “What are you laughing about? A pro dancer just tried to steal your boyfriend.”

            “I’m laughing because I know that so called pro dancer.”


            “I talked to Jenn about her and your tour manager gave me Marcy’s last name. She used to be on my dance team. She wanted to be captain really badly but she was terrible! Diangela picked me over her and ever since then she’s been very jealous of me. She thought Mark and I were dating once and she decided that she wanted Mark because she thought that I had him. Mark and I never dated but because we were such good friends and that we were always partnered together it looked like we were a couple. Somehow she found out you are dating me and that’s the whole reason why she wanted to hook up with you.” She chuckled, “She’s so pathetic.”

            I started laughing too.

            “I can’t believe that was the only reason why she wanted to hook up with me.”

            “But she’ll never steal you away from me.”

            “So I guess that means I’m your man?”

            “There’s no doubt about that.”

            I leaned over and started kissing my girlfriend then I felt raindrops on my head. In typical Florida weather it started raining with no warning.

            “Let’s get out of the rain,” Kalie suggested. She grabbed my hand and pulled me off the swing. I stumbled after her as she was running for cover under a tree. We stood under the tree for a while. I wrapped my arms around her waist and rocked her back and forth for a little bit. I was breathing in the scent of her perfume. It felt like I was getting high off of it. I started kissing her neck and then started sucking on it.

            “Nick, honey, let’s head to the car. It stopped raining for now.”

            “Alright. Wanna go see a movie?”

            “Only if you want to.”

            We walked hand in hand to my car and just as I started the engine the rain started pouring down again. It took us a little longer to get to the movie theater then it would have normally taken because people were driving slowly. Once there I paid for the tickets and Kalie insisted on paying for the popcorn and drinks with her own money. We found seats all the way in the top row of the theater and we didn’t watch much of the movie. Kalie invented a game of picking certain words that when one of the characters in the film would say that word we would make out. I have to say it’s a fun game.

            After the movie we went bowling. Our first game just finished when the power went out. Kalie and I used our cell phones as flashlights as we made our way to the car.

            “Only this could happen to us,” I commented as I started the car.

            “Well it was fun while the lights were still on,” Kalie chuckled.

            “What do you want to do when we get home?”

            “It depends on if the power is on or not. What should we do for dinner?”

            “The grill is gas powered. Hot dogs and hamburgers sound ok?”

            “Do you really want to stand out in the rain and grill?”

            “Eh why not? It’ll be fun. “   

            “Ok. You’ve got a weird idea of fun sweet heart.”

            Kalie ended up standing out in the rain with me as I grilled. We even ate out in the rain.

            “We’re crazy Kaos.”

            “Eh I know. But wouldn’t we be boring if we weren’t crazy?”

            “You have a point there… you know what this reminds me of?”

            “No what?”

            “The Quit Playing Games music video.”

            “Oh man you’re right!”

            “Come on let’s sing and dance in the rain!”

            She started singing the beginning of the song and acted like she was performing in the video shoot. I joined in when it became my verse of the song. I had so much fun with Kalie in the rain and she was really getting into the song and imitating the way the Boys and I acted in the video. That is until a lightning bolt lit up the sky and a loud clap of thunder made Kalie jump. I grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s go inside Kayl and dry off. Maybe the power came back on.”

            The power was still off so we grabbed flashlights and lit candles. Kalie grabbed towels and dry clothes for us as I placed candles all over the living room. We stripped down to our underwear and dried each other off. Before she put her shirt on I started rubbing my fingers over her ribs and felt the slightly raised scar on her right side. A flashback of that horrible day I thought I was going to lose the girl I loved the most came to me. I remembered how angry at Ryan I was and how scared I was about living without Kalie.

            “Nick what’s the matter?” her angelic voice brought me to realize she was still breathing and standing in front of me.

            “I was thinking about your incident,” I traced my fingers over her scar. “I was thinking about how much I was going to miss you and running my fingers through your hair, looking into your eyes, watching you dance, hearing you sing, your daily kisses.”

            “You don’t have to miss me because ta-da here I am!” she smiled sweetly.

            “You know what I would have missed the most?”

            “No what?”

            “Your laugh… especially when I do this!” I tickled her sides and she immediately squealed and giggled. She pleaded with me to stop until she started chocking. I stopped automatically, “Shit I’m sorry Kalie! Are you ok?”

            “I just…need…to…catch…my breath,” she took deep breaths and stopped coughing.

            “I didn’t know you were gunna hack up a lung on me. You sure you’re alright?”

            “I’m fine baby,” she smiled at me. “Just stop when I tell you too next time please.”

            “Trust me I will. I don’t know about you but all I want to do is crawl into bed and get cozy, warm up. Just lay down and relax, talk if you want to.”

            “That sounds perfect.” She slipped the shirt over her head and started blowing out candles. I grabbed a flashlight and she grabbed my hand as I led her up the stairs.

            The thunder and lightning had stopped when we got in the house but when we crawled into bed and flipped off the flashlight, the noise and light storm started again.

            Kalie got scared and practically jumped on top of me. Her grip tightened around my neck and I chuckled, “Sweetie, its ok. You’re gunna strangle me if you squeeze any tighter.”

            “But I hate thunderstorms! And power outages.”

            “Why? You’re not scared are you?”

            “You know I’m afraid of the dark.”

            “I knew that but I didn’t know you’re afraid of a little thunder and lightning.”

            “Well now you know. So just be my handsome, strong boyfriend and protect me from the scary storm.”

            We both laughed but Kalie inched closer so it seemed like our bodies could morph into one at any second. She grabbed my wrist and wrapped my arm around her waist. My other arm I wrapped around her shoulders when she rested her head on my mine.

            I kissed her forehead then asked, “Is that better now that your strong, protective boyfriend is holding you?”

            “I’m a lot better now. But you left out the handsome part.”

I laughed, “Thanks for the complement.”

            “It’s the truth. You’re very handsome.” She kissed my cheek, and then I kissed her forehead, down her nose, and ended my trail of kisses on her sweet tasting lips. Silence fell between us for a few moments and the only thing I could hear were our breaths synchronizing.

            “I have to admit Kalie,” I whispered, “you scared me with that phone call. My world was gunna fall apart without you in it.”

            “I still feel really bad about that. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

            “All I kept thinking about was all the colors you can see when no one else can, and every one of your breaths I hear a symphony. I kept thinking about how you understand me like nobody can and whenever I’m around you I feel my soul unfolding like a flower blooming.”

            “Nickolas, I know you promised me forever and there really is no stronger word you can use to reassure me when the storm is raging outside like right now. You really are my safest place to hide Nick. I’m sorry I forgot about how happy you make me and how fiercely you protect me and how passionately you love me. My mind was clouded with thoughts of you cheating on me and forgetting all about me.”

             I rubbed my hand up and down her back, “I would never forget about you or how much I love you. I’ll love you no matter what happens down the road. Kalie you’re my heart and you’re my best friend. I promise ‘til the end that I will love you the best that I can.”

            She placed her hand over my heart, “I love when you recite lyrics to me.”

            “And I’m not just saying them for the hell of it. I mean every word.”

            She nuzzled her head deeper into my shoulder, “That’s why I love when you do that. That’s why I love you. You’re so different from the others and I’m keeping you around for as long as I can.”

            “You don’t have to worry about losing me because I’m kind of hard to get rid of.”

            “Good,” she giggled.

            “Remember I said we would figure something out for the American and Canadian legs of the tour?”

            “Yes I do.”

            “Well I have an idea. Marcy was fired because of what she was trying to do with me and we’re looking for her replacement.  Auditions are being held all next week for possible dancers. I was thinking that you’re a professional dancer and my girlfriend so if you want the job you have it in the bag already. Plus you’ll get the best benefits.”

            “Like what?”

            “You’ll get paid, get to see different parts of America and Canada, get to dance on stage and show off your skills every night.”

            “You forgot that I get to be with you night and day.”

            “Yeah that too.”

            “It sounds like an awesome idea.”

            “You’ll do it then?”

            “I’ll have to think about it and talk to Diangela about my job.”

            “I don’t want to have another tiff over distance.”

            “There won’t be this time. I promise. You’re too special to me Kaos.”

            “I’ll remember that you promised. You have to keep that promise because you love me right?”

            “Of course I love you. I always will.”

            “Good… because the feeling is mutual baby.” I rested my cheek on her head and we drifted to sleep together.