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Author's Chapter Notes:

The site won't let me post a full chapter... something about an error so I have to retype it myself and post in sections... It might take a while

Chapter 14 part 3

            I counted 27 girls that went before me. I watched Nick intently while he watched the other dancers. He looked bored and unimpressed. I didn’t even care about looking at the girls competing for the open spot on stage; I was getting a kick watching Nick become so bored with watching the same routine over and over again. Then he must have gotten the feeling that someone was watching him. He looked toward me and I became a deer in the head lights.

            Crap he can see right through the disguise. I thought to myself. I was going to look away but I didn’t when Nick flashed a half hearted smile toward me and I grinned back. He went back to watching the last girl before me perform. Ok maybe I’m still safe. If he hasn’t figured it out by now that it’s me he probably won’t until I dance.

            “Thank you Mandy,” the choreographer said, “Please wait in the waiting room as we make our decision. Last up Miss Alana Kash.”

            I stood up and walked to the middle of the dance floor. The music started and I performed the choreography perfectly. I glanced at Nick a few times and his eyes were wide with surprise. Everyone who was watching me was surprised. Nick wasn’t bored anymore. He was watching me intently. Maybe he figured it out now.

            I finished the routine by throwing my hat at Nick. He caught it but it still surprised him a little.

“Thank you Alana please wait in the waiting room while we make our decision,” the choreographer said before I went back to the waiting room. 

All the girls were very fidgety and anxious as they waited for their names to be called back into the room where the Boys were sitting. One by one our names were called and we were told what the Boys had decided. 

I was the last one to be called into the dance room. I breathed out and put on my serious, professional face as I went to hear is Alana got the job or not.

"First off let me introduce myself," the choreographer said after the door was closed behind me, "My name is Greg and I am the head choreographer here and this is Jenn BSB's tour manager. And of course this is Brian, Howie, AJ, and Nick. On behalf of the Backstreet Boys and the rest of the Backstreet crew, we would like to welcome you as our new back up dancer Alana. Congradulations."

"Oh thank you so much!" I shook Jenn and Greg's hands then the Boys extended their hands to me.

Nick was the last to shake my hand, "Welcome to the Tour group Alana."

"Thanks Nick," I disguised my voice a little bit as I answered him. He looked into my eyes like he just saw someone he hadn't seen in ages.

I walked out to the waiting room and called Mark. 

"So did he figure out Alana is actually you?"

"No not yet. I'm going to tell him tonight when he gets home."

"Ok I'll be there in five minutes."

"Thanks Mark."

"Hey what are best friends for?"

As I waited for Mark I heard BSB talk in the other room.

"So do you really like Alana or were you just playing along to get this day over with?" I heard Brain ask someone.

Nick replied, "No I do like her. She was the most professional and the best one who tried out. I'm just disappointed that Kalie didn't show up at all."

"Well she already does have a high paying job that she loves to do," Jenn said.

"I guess she lover her job more than she loves me," Nick sounded depressed.

"Alana left her hat here," AJ said changing the subject.

"I'm going home so I'll check if she's still in the waiting room," Nick answered.

The door opened and out came Nick with Mark's hat in his hand.

"You are still here." Nick came over to me and handed me the hat, "You left this inside."

"Thanks for returning it. I forgot all about it. I would've been in deep shit if I left it here."


"It's my borther's lucky hat. He let me borrow it today for good luck."

"It worked."

"Yes it did. I'm guessing Kalie's your girlfriend?"

"You were listening huh?"

"I didn't mean to but thos doors and walls aren't as thick as you think they are. I'm sorry I took your girlfriend's spot on tour."

"No you deserve it. You were a lot better than all the girls and more professional. But I think I've met you before. You look very familiar."

"I don't think we have. But I get that a lot."

"You sure?"

"Yes I'm sure." We heard a car honk three times. "We'll that's my ride. I'll see you tomorrow for practice. It was nice meeting you Nick."

"Nice meeting you Alana."

I jumped in the car and called Diangela as Mark started to drive away.

"I got the job Dia!"

"I knew you would! Does Nick know that Alana Kash is actually Kalie Marie Smith?"

"No not yet. He'll findd out when Mark drops me off home though. Alana will be waiting on the front steps for him."

"Sounds like you might scare the crap out of him."

"Oh come on Dia can't I have a little fun with this?"

"Knowing you Kalie if I told you not to scare the crap out of Nick you would do it anyway so go have fun with it. Oh what time are you picking up your car tomorrow?"

"We'll I'll actually pick it up tonight. I'm going to convince Nick to take me out for dinner tonight because I don't feel like cooking."

"I do that to Mr. Dawson all the time. But have fan Kalie and congradulations!"

"Thanks Dia. I'll see you tomorrow at work."

Mark dropped me off and I waited on the front steps for Nick.

He called me just when I starting to think about how he was going to react to the Alana news.

"Hey babe what's up?"

"Nothing much. You home yet?"

"Yeah I just walked onto the steps. Will you be home soon? I seemed to have left my keys at the studio."

"I'll be home in like two minutes. I just called to ask why you weren't at the auditions today. Don't you want to come on tour with me?"

"I do baby but don't get mad at me when I say I'll tell you the reason when you get home."

"Alright. I'll see you in a few minutes."

"I love you Nick."

"I love you too."

It was about two minutes after I hung up the phone when Nick pulled in the drive way. He was less than happy to see Alana sitting on the front steps.

"What the hell are you doing here?! If you don't get off my property in the next minute I'm calling  the cops and you are going to be fired from the job you just got! And how the hell did you get the security code for the gate?!" he screamed as he stormed closer to me.

"I know the security code by heart Sweet Talker," I answered calmly.

"How do you know it by heart?! Wait a second... what did you just call me?"

"I called you Sweet Talker."

"The only person who calls me that is..."

I took off my wig and took out all the Bobbie pins from my hair and once it fell around my shoulders Nick looked at me in awe.

"Is you girlfriend Kalie Marie Smith. Yes Nick it's me," I finished for him.

"And your eyes..."

"They're colored contacts."

"WHy did you disguise yourself?"

"I wanted to get the spot on tour fair and square not just because I'm your girlfriend."

"Kalie I offered you the job in the first place because you are the best dancer out there."

"Oh stop Sweet Talker. So Mark, Lacey, Diangela and I came up with Alana Kash. Lacy made the disguise and Diangela faked the resume and Mark pretty much came up with the fake name."

"Clever idea."

"We thought so. This way too I have a diguise for when we're out around paparazzi."

"You still want to be hidden from them huh?"

"Them and your crazy fans."

"Really good idea. How about we go get cleaned up and go out to dinner to celebrate Alana Kash getting the job?"

"I was just about to ask if you wanted to go out to eat. Should I dress up Alana or Kalie?"

"There won't be any paparazzi or fans where I want to take you tonight."

"Kalie it is then."

We headed inside and got ready for dinner. A half hour later Nick escorted me out to his Cadillac and we headed to the restaurant where Nick and I had our first group date with our best friends. Nick reserved the VIP room and by sheer coincidence we met AJ and Rochelle there.

"What are you guys doing here?" AJ asked.

"We just decided to go out for dinner tonight. What about you guys?" Nick replied.

"We just got finished celebrating Alex's 8th year of sobriety," Rochelle looked proudly at AJ as she spoke. 

"Congratulations!" I exclaimed.

"Thanks," AJ smiled at me.

"So you guys are pretty dressed up and picked a pretty fancy restaurant to just have dinner," Rochelle commented.

"We came to celebrate Alana Kash," I said grinning.

"What?" AJ questioned.

"Kalie is our new back up dancer just in disguise. Alana is actually Kalie," Nick explained. 

"Seriously?" AJ asked.

"Seriously," I said. "I just threw on a wig and colored contacts and you have Alana Kash. I wanted to get the spot on tour fair and square and not just because I'm dating Nick and now I have a disguise from the paparazzi and the fans."

"Good idea!" Rochelle said. "Yay! We're going to have so much fun on tour Kalie!"

"Welcome to the Backstreet crew Kalie, I mean Alana," AJ hugged me. "Have a good dinner and I'll see you tomorrow at practice. Are you going to tell everyone else the secret?"

"We're going to tell them tomorrow," I nodded my head.