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Chapter 15 Maybe It Is True…

            The next morning I woke to Nick singing, “Once there was a time love was just a myth/It just wasn’t for real it didn’t exist/Until the day you came into my life/it forced me to think twice/ I didn’t have too much/No I wasn’t rich/ You made me believe someday I’d be more than this/ That’s why until this day I’m still your man/ Cause you made me understand that love is/ Kisses in the bean bag chair/ The two of us with no one there/ Love is the moment that I climb the stairs/ To hold you in my arms after we made love/ Love is waking up to see your face/ Or kissing in the morning rain/ The only thing that keeps me sane at the end of the day is that I’ve got you.”

            “Good morning Nick,” I said groggily.

            “Good morning baby.”

            “So what were you singing for?” I asked as I stretched and yawned.

            “I don’t know. I had this song stuck in my head for a while now.”

            “It’s an unreleased from Never Gone right?”

            “Yup. I wish we did release it though. It’s a good song.”

            “I like it a lot too. But I know you; you always have a reason to sing. You never sing out of the blue. What’s your reason this morning?”

            “Well I wanted to wake you up gently and also I wanted to tell you that…” he pushed my hair behind my ear then he put his lips to my ear and sang lightly, “You’re my secret place where I can be myself/ You connect with me like nobody else/ Even though our circumstances changed our love still remains/ You keep me on the ground still you help me fly/ You taught me to be patient I got you to rely/ So no matter what tomorrow brings/ We got the simple things cause/ Love is a Sunday morning with the blanket wrapped around your waist.”

            I chuckled, “Like today baby?”

            “Just like today. It’s even Sunday.” He smiled then continued singing, “Love is the way your lips seem to curve when you say my name.”

            “Awe Nick,” I smiled.

            “See like that,” he smiled back then sang, “And when I’m stressing like the world’s turning upside down/ It all makes sense when you’re around/ Because love is the only thing that keeps me sane at the end of the day is that I’ve got you.”

            I pushed a stand of his hair out of his face, “I think you’re going to have to wake me up like that every morning. That was really nice.”

            He laughed, “I guess I know how I’m waking you up while on tour. Do you have to go to work today?”

            “Yes I do but I only have to teach three classes so I won’t be late for practice.”

            “Ok babe.”

            A few hours later I left work and headed for tour practice. When I showed up I was a little late and Greg was a little pissed.

            “Greg I’d like to introduce you to my girlfriend Kalie,” Nick said to the head choreographer when I arrived.

            “It’s nice to meet you Kalie. But god damn where is Alana! She was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago!”

            “She’s standing right in front of you,” I said calmly. Greg looked at me and I explained why I disguised myself.

            “Welcome to the tour crew Kalie!” Brian came up and hugged me after I explained myself.

            “Thanks Brian.”

            “Now we won’t have to put up with a pouty Nick without his girl,” Howie joked.

            That first day the other dancers and Greg showed me all of the routines first then they broke down the choreography for Larger Than Life, She’s A Dream and PDA. It was all pretty easy but at the same time tiring because of work just hours before. At least the other dancers and I got along really well together and Greg really liked me because I was quick to learn the dance moves and remembered quickly too.

            “Ok guys thanks for a great practice today. We are done for the night. And before we leave let’s give a round of applause to our new dancer Kalie, you had an awesome first day today. Welcome to the Backstreet crew Kayl.”

            “Awe thanks everyone. I’m excited.”

            “I am too,” Nick grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me closer to him. He started sucking on my neck. “I get to dance with my girl every single night.”

            “Gross Nick! Can you go do that at home?” AJ joked.

            “That’s what I was planning on doing,” Nick replied. “And maybe a little more.”

            “Honey, chill out,” I laughed out.

            “I thought you liked PDA.”

            “Yeah the song. Let’s go home.”

            He grabbed my hand and we walked out to the parking lot.

            “Oh crap! I forgot my bag at the studio. I’ll meet you at home baby.” I said before getting in my car.

            “Ok Kayl. Can I have a kiss before you drive off?”

            “Sure,” I kissed my boyfriend before we got in our cars and headed in different directions.    

            After dinner that night Nick and I relaxed in the hot tub. The hot water and messaging jets felt so good on my aching muscles. I had never hurt that much after dancing. I guess my body wasn’t used to dancing all day straight. Thank god for the hot tub though. Nick and I soaked in the hot tub together every night after practice. Then a week before tour Greg gave all of us the week off. Luckily it was the week of Lacey and Mark’s wedding and I was one of Lacey’s bridesmaids. I had to help Lacey and the rest of her bridesmaids with wedding preparations and I had to get my dress altered.

            That week seemed to last forever until finally the big day arrived.

            “My ride is hear baby,” I said to Nick when the limo that was taking the bride and her wedding party to the hotel pulled up in front of the gate. “I’ll see you at the wedding sweetie.”

            “Have fun getting Lacey ready.”

            Lacey, the rest of her wedding party and I had so much fun together. We were laughing so hard that we were having trouble zipping and hooking each other’s dresses. Lacey’s was the hardest to get on because all of us bridesmaids were having the biggest giggle fit.

            “Oh. My. God! Stop laughing and zip up my dress!” Lacey started laughing herself. “We’re going to be late for hair and makeup.”

            “You won’t be late,” I said after catching my breath and stopping my laughter. “You’re all zipped up. I just have to get this damn hook. Somehow I was elected to hook the toughest part of the dress.”

            “Because you’re the one who does it the quickest!” Lacey’s sister, her maid of honor, exclaimed.

            “Oh lucky me!” I said sarcastically.

            After hair and makeup was finished us bridesmaids looked at Lacey and exclaimed, “You look so beautiful!”

            She blushed, “Thanks you guys. I’m starting to get nervous.”

            “Lace,” I sat down next to her, “You look beautiful, your man will be waiting at the altar for you and all you’ll have to do is walk down that aisle with your dad, say your vows and then kiss your man. That’s it. Then you party your ass off after you dance with your new husband.”

            “Thanks for making it sound easy.”   

            “Eh I’ve been a bridesmaid for enough weddings to prove my point.”

            “Yeah but never the bride. Are you starting to wear Nick down about that?” Lacey asked.

            “Maybe. We haven’t talked about it at all.”

            “I won’t be surprised if he does propose soon.”

            “Who knows? Oh speaking of Nick he’s going to sing Heart Without A Home for you and Mark.”

            “OH MY GOD! That’s awesome! Thanks for pushing him to sing it for us.”

            “He said he was honored to do it for you guys. And I have to ask you something and don’t get mad at me.”

            “What is it girl?”

            “Will Jasper be there tonight?”

            “Kalie,” Lacey looked into my eyes and continued, “Mark ended all ties with that bastard the second he found out about what he did to you. You’re Mark’s best friend Kalie and you’re more important to him. I’m glad you’re Mark’s best friend because you and I have gotten closer and you are such a good friend. That’s why you’re here today girl! Don’t worry, Mark has your back. You’re like a sister to him.”

            I smiled, “Thanks Lace. I knew I could trust you two.”

            “Always Kayl.”

            “Time to get Lacey married girls! Let’s head to the limo.” Lacey’s mom announced.   

            We all filed out of the hotel room and into the limo. Once we arrived at the venue each bridesmaid got out of the limo one by one and was handed our bouquets and linked arms with the groomsmen that were escorting us.

            As I walked with my escort Toby down the aisle I smiled at my parents, older siblings and their spouses, and my twin and his wife. Yes the rest of the Smiths were invited. Mark wouldn’t have a wedding without them there because we kind of adopted Mark as yet another family member when his parents were going through a nasty divorce and he practically moved in with us to get away from that chaotic household. Also Michelle, Chris, Crystal, Dan and Nick were sitting with my family and I smiled at them as well. Nick looked really handsome in is gray suit and white dress shirt. He smiled back at me but he looked at Toby weirdly.

            Before I took my place with the other bridesmaids, Mark and I did our signature point and goofy smile routine. We got a giggle from everyone and I could tell Mark was nervous because he mouthed the words, “Thanks, I needed that”, to me and took a deep breath before his bride started her journey down the aisle.

            I watched as everyone stood up and Mark straightened his posture. Lacey walked down the aisle and I was amazed at how beautiful she looked. It seemed like she was floating instead of walking. I turned my head to Mark again and I smiled at the amazed look on his face as he watched Lacey. Tears started to swell in his eyes and Lacey was trying to hold back her own tears.

            During the vows Mark started to cry. I had never seen Mark cry before, not even when he was going through all that crap with his parents. So being the best friend that I am, I spoke up, “Awe Mark! I never knew you were a crier! That’s so cute!”

            Everyone laughed, it was a good thing Mark and Lacey invited people with a sense of humor. Even Lacey and Mark laughed.     

            “Thanks Kalie. I figured you would be the comic relief of this wedding.”

            “Hey somebody had to be. What are best friends for?”

            He chuckled, “You have a point there. Now where was I?”

            “I love you with all my heart Lace,” I reminded him.

            “Thanks Kayl.”

            “No problem.”

            “I love you with all my heart Lacey and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,” Mark continued his vows. Lacey then said hers and they were announced husband and wife. Everyone cheered as they kissed then practically ran down the aisle hand in hand.

            After Mark and Lacey walked into the reception hall and were announced as a new married couple Nick stepped up to the microphone and Michelle, Dan, Chris and Crystal took their places as his band to perform the couple’s first dance together. Nick sang Heart Without A Home beautifully and Mark and Lacey looked so happy together and absolutely loved that Nick sang their song for them. The party was so much fun and the DJ knew how to keep everyone on the dance floor. Then came the slow dance.

            The DJ started playing Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls featuring Taylor Swift and Nick was nowhere in sight. I got up from my seat at the bridesmaid table and started toward the table where my family and Nick were sitting but he wasn’t there. It was like he disappeared.

            I headed back to my seat as everyone else partnered up and started dancing. Someone grabbed my hand and I spun around quickly expecting Nick to be behind me.

            “Oh you scared me Toby.”    

            “I was wondering if I could have this dance. You don’t look like you should be a wall flower tonight.”

            “Awe thank you. Sure I’ll dance with you.”

            He led me to an unoccupied spot on the dance floor next to the newlyweds. We started dancing and talking but he started asking personal questions and also I felt his hand slowly inch further and further down my back. I was starting to get a creepy feeling from him.

            “Excuse me but that’s my girlfriend you’re dancing with and your hand is a little too low there bro.”

            Toby turned around and the color drained from his face when he saw Nick standing behind him.

            “Sorry man I didn’t know she was taken.”

            Toby left hurriedly as if he was escaping a fight with Nick. I grinned at my boyfriend and he placed my hands on his shoulders then he places his on my waist.

            “You must’ve read my mind or something because I was starting to get this creepy feeling from him. I was looking for you before he asked me to dance. Where were you? I went to your table and you were gone.”

            “I was in the bathroom. I came out and watched as his hand got lower and lower and you became more nervous. I had to step in.”

            His grip became tighter and his face became serious when a drunken man accidently bumped into me.

            “Baby chill out. It looked like you were going to rip Toby’s head off.”       

“He was hitting on my girlfriend! And I swear if I didn’t step in when I did he would’ve grabbed your ass. That’s not his ass to grab… it’s mine.”

            I laughed, “Why are you so territorial all of a sudden?”

            “I’m just… jealous.”

            I chuckled, “Of what? Of who?”      

            “Of that guy that walked you down the aisle.”

            I laughed again, “Nickolas I wasn’t the one getting married. You know what I said about that.”

            “I know. I just don’t want to chance anything with you.”

            I smiled then shook my head, “You’re too funny baby.”

***Nick’s Point Of View***

            That night we stayed in a hotel room. I practically had to carry Kalie into the room because she was so tired.

            “Do you need help with that dress baby?”

            Kalie looked at me in the mirror she was sitting in front of, “I have to get all these Bobbie pins out of my hair but I really want to get out of this dress so can you un zip it for me please?”

            “With pleasure,” I slowly unzipped the dress and watched as she removed Bobbie pin after Bobbie pin from her pulled back hair. She didn’t even bother brushing it out or pulling it into a low pony tail like she would usually do. She just threw on her pjs and we crawled into bed together.

            It didn’t take long for either of us to fall asleep. It was easy falling asleep but it wasn’t as easy staying asleep.

            That night I dreamed the strangest, and to be honest scariest, nightmare in my entire life.

            It started off with me getting dressed in front of a tall mirror. I was putting on a black tux and over my white collared shirt I was wearing a purple vest. A purple boutonniere sat in my jacket pocket and I was wearing cologne. I only wore cologne on special occasions.

            I was walking down a series of long straight hallways leading into this ceremony hall.

            “Are you ready?” some guy dressed like me asked.

            “I’m ready,” I replied then walked into the ceremony hall. The hall was beautifully decorated with purple and white flowers and four women were dressed in matching purple dresses. There was no doubt about it, I was at a wedding and I was standing at the altar waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle with her father. The question was, was it my wedding I was dreaming of?

            A piano started playing Here Comes the Bride and everyone stood up. The bride seemed to float down the aisle and I watched every move she made. My breathing started to quicken when I recognized the father of the bride as Mr. Smith. I thought my heart was going to stop beating when I realized Kalie was the one he was leading down the aisle.

            This has got to be my wedding, I thought to myself as Kalie walked closer and closer to me. Once they reached the altar Mr. Smith kissed his daughter then turned to someone standing on my left and said, “Take good care of her son.”

            “I will Dad,” the guy replied. I looked at the man who just called Mr. Smith “Dad” and recognized him from Mark and Lacey’s wedding. It was the groomsman that was hitting on Kalie.

            He extended his hand and Kalie took it gracefully and smiled so brightly it almost blinded me. She stepped up in front of the priest and the priest started the ceremony. I stood there in shock just watching the girl I love get married. I didn’t know what to do. My heart was racing and I was starting to sweat but I couldn’t move a muscle.

            The groom just finished his vows and Kalie was starting to say hers. Each and every one of her words were burning me. I felt my heart starting to break and finally I screamed out, “Kalie! Don’t do this to me! No please! I love you! Kalie! Kay!”

            Someone grabbed my arms and started to drag me out of the wedding hall. Then I heard some voice repeat, “Nick. Wake up. Nick honey wake up.”       

            The voice got louder and clearer and the feeling of being pulled away turned into shaking. I woke up soaking wet with sweat and my breathing short and quick.

            “Nick you’re sweating bullets and you were screaming for me. What were you dreaming about?”

            I sat up and she flicked on a lamp. I wiped my forehead off with my shirt then looked at Kalie.

            “What was your dream baby?”

            “You were getting married.” 

            “You mean we were getting married?”          

            “No just you. You were going to marry that creep that was hitting on you. I guess I was one of his groomsmen or even his best man because I was standing next to him at the altar. You were saying the vows and I tried to stop you but I felt someone’s hands on my arms trying to pull me away.”

            “That was me waking you up. You were full out screaming for me and you were starting to thrash around like you were fighting against something or someone. It was only a dream,” she said reassuringly. “I’m not getting married and if I ever do I would want it to be to you. Let’s go back to sleep baby.” She kissed me and I lowered myself under the covers.

            “Don’t think about that dream and get some sleep. I love you Nick.”

            “I love you too Kalie.” We kissed then she wrapped her arms around my neck and drifted back to sleep.

            It took me a little longer to fall back to sleep because I did think about that dream and what Kalie said about if she was ever going to get married.

            I started running my fingers through her hair and whispered gently, “Maybe it is true…”