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Author's Chapter Notes:

Things get a little heated up

Chapter 5… Racy

            The next day at work I couldn’t stop thinking about Nick. Mark and I were teaching our teenagers a new routine for the competition and it was pretty racy but nothing that was inappropriate for our students. Mark and I were demonstrating it to our class. I usually take on the character of the dance but this one I really got into. Mark picked up on it and got into the routine also.

            After our teenagers left Mark pulled me aside and asked, “Kay are you alright?”

            “Yeah I’m fine why’d you ask?”

            “You seemed different today.”


            “You were really getting into that routine. I mean really getting into that routine.”

            “Yeah I was getting pretty…”

            “Racy,” he cut me off.

            “I was really that into it?”      

            He half laughed, “Yeah. Did you and Nick…”

            “Not yet.”



            “Damn Kay you are taking this one slow.”   

            “Hell yeah. Nick’s different from all the rest. In more ways than one.”       

            “You really love him don’t you?”

            I looked at my dance partner and smiled, “Yes I do. And he really loves me. That’s just one of the reasons why he’s different from all the rest.”

            “Well Kayl all I have to say to that is I hope you two stay in love for a long time and that you both stay the same and never change.”       

            “Me too Mark.”

            On the way home I thought about what might happen if Nick got home the time he said he would.

            Just as I finished cooking mac and cheese the way my Grandma taught me, Nick called my cell phone.

            “Hey honey!” I answered happily.

            “Hey Kayl,” he sounded somewhat annoyed.

            “Let me guess you’re going to be late again?”          

            “How’d you know?” his voice was half serious half sarcastic.

            “You sounded annoyed. You always sound like that when this happens to you.”   

            “Well you’re right I’ll be late tonight… again. But I shouldn’t be too late. Things might change.”

            “Alright baby. I’ll see you when you get here. Let me go eat before it gets cold.”

            “Alright Kay. I’ll see you when I do. Love ya.”

            “Love you too babe.”

            I ate then went up starts to take a shower and change. Then I plopped on the foot of the bed to wait up for Nick.

***Nick’s Point Of View***

            Luckily practice ended earlier than expected and I made sure that I got home at a reasonable time that is I pressed a little harder on the gas pedal than I usually do.

            I didn’t even bother grabbing my bag of sweaty practice clothes from the trunk. I just wanted to get to Kalie’s side as soon as possible. I couldn’t get her out of my mind all day when we were learning the moves for PDA. That dance got very… racy and the dancer I was partnered with looked like Kalie, except see was taller and had bigger boobs. Not that I was looking but they were kind of hard to miss because we were dancing so close. I needed to get to Kalie quick.

            I threw the rest of my dinner into the fridge and bounded up the stairs to my room. I slowly opened the door to find Kalie lying on her stomach across the foot of my bed. She was wearing a pair of sexy pink panties and a white tank top. She had her hair pulled up in a long flowing pony tail. She looked over her shoulder when she noticed I opened the door, “Hey babe! You’re home earlier than expected.”

            “I know. You should have seen me driving home.”

            “What were you Speed Racer?” she laughed.

            “Pretty much,” I chuckled.

            “Did you eat already?”

            “Yeah I got a chicken parm sandwich before I left practice. Jenn actually ordered dinner for us. I didn’t finish it. The other half is in the fridge if you want it for lunch or something.”

            “Ok. Are you feeling alright? It’s not like you to leave half a sandwich uneaten.”

            “I’m alright. My stomach just isn’t the greatest since we really picked up on practice. I think it’s all the dancing.”

            “Yeah could be. As long as you’re ok baby.”

            “I’m better now that I’m finally home.”

            “Could you hand me my brush please?”

            “Sure,” I handed her the brush and she sat up to let her hair down. Her long beautiful, brown locks fell over her shoulders and some of them in front of her face when she shook her head. I stared at her when she pushed her hair to one side and started untangling the knots in her hair. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she ran the brush through those locks of chocolate brown. Her head was turned toward the TV and her hair made the perfect wave as it fell to the opposite side from me. She was sitting with her legs bent behind her. The light from the TV was accenting her facial features in a way that made my heart flutter.

            As I stared at her I thought, “My god she’s perfect!” I inconspicuously pulled my phone from my pocket and took a picture of her without her even turning her head to ask what I was doing. Of course she turned her attention to me when I took off my shirt and jeans.

            “Gray’s your color honey,” she startled me because I thought she was still looking at the TV. I didn’t know what she was talking about until I looked down at my gray boxers.

            “Ya think so?” I asked looking at her over my shoulder.

            “Turn around let me see.”

            I turned around and did a few funny poses.

            She started laughing at the faces I was making, “Ooh sexy honey!”

            “I know I am.”

            She continued to laugh and I joined in. Her laugh was so contagious I loved it!  Kalie’s laughing fit continued as I flopped on the bed next to her. She was laughing so hard that she held her sides and fell over onto my stomach. She let out a few more giggles and caught her breath.

            “You’re too funny Kaos.”

            “I know I am.”

            “But seriously you do look really good in gray,” she rolled off my stomach and back on her own so she was laying the way she was when I got home. “It accents your eyes babe.”

            “I’ll take your word for it.” I started stroking her hair, “I was thinking about you all day today.”

            “Oh really? Because… I was thinking about you all day too.”



            “I wonder if we were thinking about the same thing.”


            “Well we were practicing PDA today and the dance gets pretty…”


            “How’d you know?”

            “Because Mark and I were teaching a pretty racy dance routine for the competition.”

            My face became a question mark.

            “I wasn’t dancing with one of my students I was dancing with Mark but still it got pretty racy and I have to admit that I got into it. But... even though I was dancing with Mark I imagined I was really dancing with you. That’s the only reason why I was really getting into “character”. But go on with what you were saying.”

            “So we were practicing PDA… with our partners…”

            “Describe your partner,” she asked without missing a beat.

            “Well… she’s a little taller than you… has the same hair color but hers is shorter…”

            “Bigger boobs?”

            “That too.” She raised her eyebrow at me, “It was kind of hard not to look because we were dancing so close. But she did look like you.”

            “So you’re saying she looked like me but was prettier and you were dancing closely, just great.”

            “I never said she was prettier than you. She just looked like you.” I pushed a strand of hair from her face to behind her ear, “No one can compare to you. You’re the only one who really catches my eye.”

            “Oh stop Sweet Talker.”

            “It’s the truth baby.”

            “Then prove it.” She smirked slightly at me.

            I flipped over on my side and placed my hand behind her ear. I gazed into her eyes as I leaned in closer to her lips. We kissed passionately and she started tangling her fingers in my hair. We were kissing deeply and something in me snapped. I was just about to make my move but Kalie beat me to it.

***Kalie’s Point Of View***

            There was something in that kiss that started to drive me crazy.

            “That’s it!” I thought to myself, “If he doesn’t make a move tonight, no right now, I will!

            I ran my hand down his chest to his lower abs. I was going to make my hand go lower but I stopped before my fingers touched the elastic on his boxers. I don’t know what made me do so but I pushed on his shoulder and made him flip on his back while we were still kissing. I pulled away from his lips to take my tank top off. I threw it to the floor and Nick propped himself up on his elbows behind him.

            I started kissing his neck and up to the side of his face then sat over his crouch. I could feel he was getting excited and so was I.

            “Are you sure you want to do this?” Nick asked eyeing my white lace push up bra that unsnapped from the front.

            “Yes I do.” I unsnapped my bra and Nick’s breathing became quicker yet one side of his mouth slowly rose into a naughty smirk.

            He rose up to me, our lips connected and he pushed me onto my back with our lips still connected. As we made out I felt his hands caress every inch of my torso and down to my hips. He slid his fingers gently over my panties then started to slowly pull them down.

            I was scared yet I wanted it. Nick pulled away from me just to remove his boxers.

            As the gray boxers hit the floor Nick asked, “You ready?”

            My eyes hit every inch of his naked body and a naughty smile formed on my lips, “Oh yeah I’m ready!” Nick hovered over me and from then on I wasn’t scared.

            I don’t even know how long it took, I didn’t really care to be honest, but afterward we lay under the covers and held each other.

            “So how did that feel?” Nick whispered into my ear.

            My head was rested on his shoulder so I raised myself so that my lips were next to his ear, “That felt amazing! Did you like it?”

            “I loved it. Were you scared?”

            “A little bit.”

            “Did I move to fast?”

            “No. Not at all baby. That was perfect.” I kissed his check sweetly.

            “If I did move too fast I’m sorry. You’re just soo sexy and beautiful; I… I had to act before either of us changed our minds.”

            “Baby look at me,” I placed both hands on his face to turn it toward mine, “You didn’t move too fast and I wouldn’t have changed my mind. I had been thinking about, no imagining about that for a long time now.”       

            “Was it what you imagined?”

            “More than I imagined. Just face it honey you’re perfect.”

            “No you’re perfect.”

            “Sweet Talker.”

            “It’s the truth though. And I really want to have my perfect girl on tour with me.”

            “Nick, let’s not talk about this now. I’m tired and I really want to go to sleep.”


            “Good night baby. I love you Nick.”

            “I love you too Kalie. Good night babe.”

            We kissed and both fell asleep with little smiles on our faces.