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Chapter 6 Promise Me One Thing

            Six days passed after that night and it was the day before Nick had to leave for tour. He had the day off and Mark and I gave our students a much needed brake from practice for the day.

Nick and I spent the day together. We didn’t want to leave each other’s sides. We woke up kind of late and had breakfast in bed. Afterward we watched a few movies then decided to get dressed and drive around town until we figured out what we wanted to do for the rest of the day. I popped in the Unbreakable album and started singing. Nick joined in too subconsciously.

Nick stopped his Cadillac at a red light and I turned my head for some reason and got an idea of what Nick and I could do.

“How about we go bowling?” I suggested.

            “Where do you see a bowling alley babe?”

            “Right there,” I pointed to the building I was looking at.

            “Oh ok. I forgot that was there. Let’s go see if there is parking in the back.”

            Nick bought a few games and the shoes and from there he and I had a blast. We were trying to mess up each other’s games and when either of us would swing back our arm the other would grab the ball from the out stretched arm. We had so much fun and were acting like we were in high school. We were also taking pictures with my little digital camera. Afterward we went to a pizzeria and munched on a few slices of pizza and the best bread sticks in town. Then we walked to the park and strolled through the gardens. We held hands and just talked about anything and everything. It was calm and relaxed like our first date. I kind of missed going out on simple dates with Nick even though I lived with him. We sat and talked on the swings for a while soaking in the sun and the lovely cool breeze.

            Nick unzipped my purse and started searching for something.

            “What are you looking for?”

            “Your camera but I think this monster you call a purse ate it.”         

            “Baby let me get it.”

            I picked up the purse from the ground and unzipped an inside pocket and pulled out the camera.

            “I didn’t even know that had inside pockets!” Nick exclaimed.

            “What do you need the camera for anyway Kaos?”

            “I just realized something,” he said taking the camera from me.

            “What’s that?”           

He looked at me and smiled, “We’ve been an official couple for a while now and we don’t have a kiss picture yet.”

“Awe Nick you’re right. Is the camera ready?”


We leaned into each other and kissed as Nick snapped the picture.

“That’s really cute baby,” I commented as I looked at the picture.

“You’re the really cute one,” Nick said.

“Stop being a Sweet Talker.”

“Is that you’re new nick name for me?”

“I guess so.”

He chuckled and kissed my cheek. Then my cell phone rang.

            “Hey Chris!”

            “Hey Kayl. Do you and Nick have anything planned for tonight?”

            “No we don’t.”

            “How would you like to go out clubbing with Mark, Lacey, Mich, Tally, Dan and me?”

            “Hold on let me ask Nick… How does clubbing with our besties sound for tonight?”

            “Sounds fun. What time?”

            “What time are you guys thinking Chris?”

            “How about dinner around 8:30?”

            “That sounds good.”

            “Alright Kay we’ll see you at Club Party Lights.”

            “Ok Chris we’ll see you tonight.”

            “So what’s the deal for tonight?” Nick asked when I hung up my phone.

            “We are meeting at 8:30 for dinner at club Party Lights.”

            “Alright. How about we go back home and chill by the pool for a little bit?”

            “Sounds like a plan. Let’s go.”

            After swimming for a good while Nick and I took turns taking showers and got ready to go clubbing.

            I pulled on a short denim shirt with fringe on the bottom and a purple and white halter top. I pulled my hair back in a playful looking half pony tail with my bangs and other shorter pieces of my hair falling in front of and to the sides of my face. I shaded my eyelids with a light purple and lined my eyes with black. I threw on some mascara and lip stick and I was ready to go when I slipped on my black flats.

            Nick wore dark jeans, his favorite sneakers which he kept spotless, and a black short sleeved shirt that was semi dressy. He spiked up his hair and splashed on a little cologne. He stepped out of the bathroom and I could smell the slight hint of the sensual cologne.

            “What are you wearing cologne for baby?”

            “I don’t know. I just wanted to wear it. You don’t like it?”

            “No I love that smell. It’s just that you don’t wear cologne often. I really like that stuff honey. Come here,” he walked over to me and I buried my nose into the crook of his neck and Nick laughed.

            “I guess I’ll have to wear it more often then.”

            “I guess you should.”

            We smiled at each other and he looked me up and down, “Look at you wearing a denim skirt. I really like it on you.”

            “I guess I should wear it more often then.”

            “I guess you should,” he smiled a devilish smile then kissed my forehead.

            The party really started pumping around 9 when more and more people started arriving. It was a good thing we got to the club when we did because the bouncers were starting to turn people away because the club was at full capacity.

            People crowded the dance floor and made it hard to actually dance but the eight of us hit the dance floor anyway and had a really good time. Nick and I left at midnight because he had to get up early to be on time for the taxi. Our besties stayed behind to party longer but they all wished Nick safe travels before we left and the girls and I set up a Girlies Night for the night Nick left for tour. On the way home he and I talked about all the stops on the upcoming tour. It was only then that it really started to hit me that I was going to be left alone for a long while.

            That night we shared a bowl of our favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream before we changed to get ready for bed. Then we settled down under the covers and started to stare into each other’s eyes.

            I whispered to him, “I don’t want you to leave honey.”

            “I don’t want to leave either,” he started running his fingers through my hair.

            I tightened my grip around his waist, “I’m going to miss you like crazy! I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”

“I was hoping you’d say that because that’s exactly how I feel. Although we wouldn’t miss each other if you came on tour with me.”

“Nick you know I can’t go.”

“Yes you can come. It’s not too late to change your mind.”

“No Nick I have to stay here.”

“But I want my girl on tour with me.”

“I know you do and I’m gunna miss you so much… I’m scared though.”


“I’m afraid you’re going to forget about me.”

“How could I forget about the girl I love?” His fingers pushed my chin up and our lips met in a sweet kiss. Our lips locked for a few minutes then we looked back into each other’s eyes when our lips parted.

“I’m going to miss that kiss,” I said with my eyes skimming every inch of his face, “And what am I supposed to do when I hear that angelic voice of yours and I start to feel… passionate?”      

A piece of my hair fell into my face and he pushed it back behind my ear. His other hand ran down my body.

“How about we have one more night of passion to remember each other by?” he whispered with a slight smile forming on his lips and a little shimmer in his eye.

Seductively I replied, “I like the sound of that. But promise me one thing before we do… promise me you’ll stay true to me.”

He tightened his grip around my waist to bring me closer as he stared into my eyes, “I promise with all my heart Kalie. I love you.”

I raised myself up to lay my chest on his. I lowered my head to nibble on his lower lip.

“Prove it,” I spoke softly with my lips hovering over his.

He flashed his dirty little smile and I let out a knowing giggle.