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Chapter 9 Make Him Cheat?

***Rochelle’s Point of View***

            Things were going good between Nick and Kalie after I helped them fix that little tiff of theirs.  I was really glad they didn’t break up over that tiny fight because there was no way of knowing how Nick was going to act if they did. Who knows? He could have done something drastic.

            It was about three months into tour when the rest of the Backstreet Girls and I noticed Nick’s dance partner Marcy become a little more than professional.

            “Have you noticed how Marcy has been dancing with Nick lately?” I asked AJ one night as we were settling down for bed.

            “No I haven’t. Why? What’s going on?”

            “She’s all over him!”

            “The choreography does get pretty racy.”

            “I know that but she’s putting her hands very close to places that shouldn’t be touched by other girls besides Kalie.”

            His eyes went wide with surprise, “Really?”

            “Yes! She’s not being professional Alex.”

            “Has Nick noticed this? Have you even confronted him yet?”

            “No I haven’t but the rest of the girls and I agreed that if she continues to touch him like she has been we’re confronting him tomorrow. And if he won’t say anything to her I’m telling her.”

            “Could you please leave her in one piece?”

            “It depends on if she’ll continue to hit on Nick or not. I have to protect Kalie’s man for her because she’s not here. Somebody has to do it. They almost lost each other two times before. I want to see them last a good long time.”

            “I do too. Nick’s never been happier.”

            “And I know Kalie won’t cheat on Nick but…”

            “You think he’ll be the one to cheat?”

            “I’m not sure. I don’t think so because I really think he is truly in love with her but Marcy is a very big temptation.”

            “You’re right. I hope Nick doesn’t fall for her.”

            “That makes two of us.”

            The next night the Backstreet Girls and I watched Marcy dance with Nick intensely. She was the best dancer out of the four of them but she added in her own choreography to the routines. The three of us watching were appalled by where she was placing her hands during PDA and our eyes went wide when she smacked his ass! It surprised Nick but he kept singing and ignored it.

            “Ok I’m gunna call Kalie right now!” I ripped out my cell phone but Leigh stopped me.

            “You won’t be able to hear with all this noise and she is probably working. Confront Marcy and Nick first before you get Kalie worried. Let’s see if Nick notices what might be going on. Wait and see what happens before you bring Kalie into this.”

            I did as Leigh suggested and put my cell phone back in my pocket. After the concert we met up with the Boys back at the hotel lobby and I couldn’t help but over hear Nick’s little conversation with Marcy.

            “Was that just my imagination or did you smack my ass during PDA tonight?”

            Marcy answered innocently, “I’m sorry about that. My hand accidently hit you when I was skipping away.”

            “That’s ok. It was just an accident.”

            “Phew! I thought you were going to be mad at me.”

            “No I’m not mad.”

            “Good. I have a question to ask you.”

            “Ask away.”

            “Do you think I’m a good dancer?”

            “Yeah I think you’re an awesome dancer. I’ll let you in on a little secret; you’re the best dancer we have.”

            Her eyes went wide and her lips curled into a huge smile when she exclaimed, “Really?! That’s too sweet Nick! You’re such a nice guy.”

            “I’ve heard that before.”

            “And I’ll let you in on a little secret of my own. I am a big fan of you guys and I was so star struck when I first met you guys especially when I met you Nick. You’re my favorite.”

            Nick was taken aback, “You seemed so professional when we first met you. I would have never thought you were a fan. I thought you were just a professional dancer looking for a job.”

            “No I was so star struck you have no idea!”

            Her voice was annoying me to no end, it was too sickening sweet.

            “I never knew that. So how long have you been a fan?”

            “Since the beginning.”


            “Yeah and I have to admit, I have a pretty decent size crush on you and it’s very exciting that I get to dance with you every night.”

            I watched as Nick gulped, “Well that is very flattering but I have a girlfriend. And I really need to go up to my room and call her now. Night.”

            “Oh good night.”

            Nick walked away from her and headed for the elevators. Marcy watched him walk away and she thought out loud to herself not knowing I was listening, “So he does have a girl back home. That doesn’t mean I can’t be his girl on tour. He’ll be mine in one kiss.”

            I had to cover my mouth with my hand before the words, “I knew it!” blurted out of it.

            “What’s the matter?” my boyfriend asked.

            The rest of the Backstreet Family were in a separate room from Nick and Marcy when they were talking and we had a conversation of our own started but I wasn’t paying attention. No one knew I was listening to Marcy.

            I watched Marcy walk to her room before answering in a near whisper, “Marcy wants to hook up with Nick!”

            “No way!” Leigh exclaimed.

            “I’ve been listening to her talk to Nick this whole time! And I just heard her say ‘He’ll be mine after one kiss’!”

            “Did she say that to Nick?” Brian asked.

            “No she said it out loud to herself. I’m calling Kalie right now.”

            “Don’t call her,” Leighanne said. “She doesn’t need to know unless he is actually cheating on her.”

            “Leighanne is right. Nick isn’t cheating… yet,” Leigh said cautiously.

            “He wouldn’t cheat on Kalie,” AJ commented. “At least I don’t think he would. B-Rok you know Nick better than I do, do you think he would cheat on her?”

            “I don’t think he would but I’m not sure I could say the same about Marcy,” Brian answered.

            “None of us know that much about Marcy. So it’s not so much Nick we need to be asking about it’s her we have to worry about,” Howie said.

            “I don’t think she’s going to make it easy for Nick to resist her,” Leighanne commented.

            “You’re right. She is good looking,” I winced.

            But AJ brought up a good point, “It’s not that she’s good looking it’s that she looks a lot like Kalie. When I first saw her I thought she was Kalie.”

            “That’s it I’m keeping both my eyes on her whenever she is around Nick,” I said. “Who’s with me?”

            The entire Backstreet Family raised their hands and from there we devised a plan in case anything happened between Marcy and Nick.

            Close to a month after Kalie and Nick’s close call, Marcy became a little more bold and started hanging out with Nick more and more. Nick was oblivious to what Marcy was trying to do so I stepped in. AJ didn’t want me too but I ignored my boyfriend’s warnings and pulled Nick aside one day after he went shopping with Marcy by themselves when we had free time.

            “So what’s going on with you and Marcy?” I asked bluntly.

            “Nothing. She and I just went shopping.”

            “I would put some distance between her and you if I were you.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “She has a huge crush on you! She wants you badly Nick! And if you cheat on my girl Kalie god help me Nick I will…”

            “Are you crazy?! I wouldn’t cheat on her in a million years! She’s too special to me.”

            “Well you better tell Marcy that. And you better tell her that if she tries anything with you while Kalie is back home where she can’t defend her property, i.e you, I’ll defend you for her.”

            “Ro calm down. I’ll take care of it if anything happens which I doubt anything would because Marcy knows I have Kalie waiting for me back home and that I’m not interested in my dance partner. Besides she’s just being friendly.”

            “Ok Nick. If you say so. But remember I’ll be watching her like a hawk.”

            “Ro chill. I have it covered. I have to go get ready for the after party.”

            “That’s what you say now,” I whispered to myself when Nick walked away. “Wait until Marcy starts to get under your skin and you mistake her for Kalie. I pray you’ll be smarter than that.”

            I watched Nick walk to his hotel room then Marcy caught up to him and said, “Mind if I hang with you tonight at the after party?”

            “Don’t mind at all,” Nick replied.

            “Here we go,” I thought to myself. I shook my head then wondered what Kalie was doing at that exact moment.

***Kalie’s Point of View***

            I had just gotten back from Girlie’s Night at Crystal’s house and I threw my jacket on the hook then looked at the message machine. There was one new message so I pressed the play button.

            “Kalie baby!” Nick’s voice came in mixed with static. “I just wanted to let you know that I am missing you like crazy but I love you more. I don’t know where you are or what time it is but I just got finished with a show and I’ll be going to an after party in about a half hour and then afterward I’ll be sleeping and my phone will most likely be off because it needs to be charged. I love you way too much for words Kalie. And I miss you just as much.”

            I smirked but I was kind of mad that I wasn’t home to talk to him.

            I was going to call him back but instead I texted him.

            “I knw u r going to get this txt whn u wake up so good morning =) just letting u knw I got your message and I miss u like crazy but I love u more.”

            The message sent successfully then I grabbed the picture I kept of him and I on the bedside table. I kissed his picture like I did every night then slipped under the blankets. I fell asleep peacefully but, I didn’t dream peacefully.

            My dream started off with me standing in an airport looking for someone. Then I caught site of Nick’s bodyguard Bruce.

            “Bruce! I’m over here!” I raised my hand and caught his attention.

            He came over to me and hugged me, “How was your flight?”

“Long, very, very long. Does Nick still have no idea that I flew out here to surprise him?”

            “He has no clue.”

            “Good! How long is the drive to the hotel?”

            “It’s not far. We’ll be there in no time.”

            “Thanks again for picking me up Bruce.”

            “Eh don’t mention it. I’ll do anything for a Backstreet Family member.”

            Bruce escorted me to the rental car and drove me to the hotel. He then guided me to Nick’s room.

            I was about to knock on the door when I heard Nick say, “Where’s my surprise?”

            “It’s right here. You can open your eyes now,” I heard a female voice reply seductively.

            “This is the best surprise I have ever received,” Nick said in his sexy voice.

            “I’m glad you think so,” said the female voice. Then the voices were replaced with muffled moans.

            I pushed open the door of Nick’s suite and followed the female’s giggles to the bedroom. My worst nightmare was playing out right in front of my eyes. Nick was naked in a hotel suite with a girl who looked a little bit like me but was hotter, she too was naked.

            Tears escaped my eyes and I screamed, “How fucking dare you! You promised you’d be faithful! You lied to me! You said you’d be different! You’re just like all the rest of them!”

            He didn’t even stop kissing her. I stormed out of the room with tears streaming down my face.

            Rochelle was standing outside and she stopped me and brought me into her arms.

            I whimpered, “I should’ve listened to you! You warned me about him and her! I should’ve broke up with him when I had the chance!”

            I woke up when I felt something wet hit my face. My eyes opened and I became aware of my surroundings and an actual tear running down my cheek. I wiped it away then looked at the picture of Nick and I.

            “It’s was only a dream. That’s what you would be saying to me if you were here. Then you would whisper in my ear, “Everything’s going to be ok. I’m here now.” Then you would engulf me in those strong arms of yours and kiss my temple. You would start rocking me back and forth until I would fall asleep in your arms,” I talked to that picture as if I was talking to Nick on the phone. I stared into his sky blue eyes and felt a cold shiver of loneliness shoot down my spine, “I miss you so much baby. Maybe it’s not the greatest idea to have a long distance relationship.”

            I returned the picture to its proper place then fell back to sleep with a heavy question on my mind.

            The next morning just before I left for work Nick called me. I was going to tell him about my nightmare but I decided against it. I just let him talk for the most part. It was heavenly hearing his voice without static. He was telling me about some of the after parties and sound check parties and he even told me about Marcy, his dance partner.

            “Wait, she smacked your ass?”

            “It was an accident.”

            “Really Nick? It sounds like she’s crushing on you.”

            “No she’s not. She’s very professional actually. You have nothing to worry about.”

            “I have a lot to worry about.”

            “What you don’t trust me?”

            “No I don’t trust her.”

            “Well don’t worry because she has absolutely nothing on you.”

            “If you say so baby.”

            “I mean so. Well baby I’m pretty tired and I know you’re getting ready to go to work so I’ll say good morning and have a good day at work. I love you.”

            “Good night baby. I love you too. Sweet dreams.”

            “Thanks babe. And don’t hang up because Rochelle wants to talk to you. It’s her phone anyway.”


            “Hey Kalie girl!”

            “Hey Ro!  What’s up?”

            “I have to tell you something very juicy.”


            “Well it’s about Nick and Marcy.”

            I became very nervous, “What about them?”

            “I might have to beat her up if she won’t stop hitting on Nick.”


            “Yeah. Didn’t Nick just tell you?”

            “He only told me about the time she accidently smacked his ass. And he also said that she has been very friendly and professional about her job.”

            “Well I guess he and I have a different definition of friendly and professional.”

            I gulped, “How so?”

            “She has got the biggest crush on him and wants to be the other girl on tour. She knows about you but doesn’t care. She wasn’t to hook up with Nick badly and thinks that if she does he’ll dump you and stay with her.”


            “She’s crazy and Nick just thinks she’s being friendly. But don’t worry I’ll defend your territory for you while you’re not around.”

            “This is just very scary,” I said in a near whisper.

            “Why? I highly doubt that Nick will do anything. He really does love ya girl.”

            “No, it’s just that I had a nightmare last night.”

            “Tell me about it.”

            I explained every detail of the nightmare to her and her reply was, “Holy shit! You can predict the future!”

            “That’s what scares me.”

            “I didn’t mean it that way. Like I said before I highly doubt he would do anything, it’s just Marcy I would worry about.”

            “But I can’t confront her when I’m here and she’s there.”

            “Leave that to me. If I see the slightest hint of her wearing down Nick I’ll knock some sense into that daring little dancer.”

            I chuckled at the way Rochelle was talking. She reminded me of Michelle. They had the same personality pretty much and kind of the same style. That’s why I got along so well with her and my Girlies did too.

            “Thanks Ro. I’m glad I’ve got a friend watching over my boyfriend for me.”

            “Oh you have more than one. Bruce is watching him, the rest of the Boys, even Leigh and Leighanne. Don’t worry we got ya covered.”

            “Well thanks again. I gotta go to work so I’ll talk to you later.”

            “Have a good day!”

            “Have a good night!”   

            Rochelle hung up and I made my way to work but I couldn’t help thinking about Nick and Marcy. Could she really wear him down and make him cheat?