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20 years later exact June 20th 2007, I’m working at the Memorial Hospital of Tampa as nurse for past 5 years now. I started my shift 6am as usually. I walked out of staff's locker room when someone shouted my name to help. It’s Doctor Smithe who shouted and asked me to join her. I run to her and started to listen what she is going to say.

“Becca… Are you busy?” she asked and I shook my head.
“Good. We got 27 year old male. He used lot of sleeping pills and cocaine. Breath smells very strong from alcohol.” She started to explain when we walked to one of the emergency rooms where was man laying down unconscious.
“Check the pulse and keep telling us.” she said when she started to help this man.

I walked fast to left side and checked his pulse. He got skull tattoo that said Old Habits Die Hard. I wonder what that meant for him. I kept telling his pulse to everyone.

“Becca… Check if he can respond for your voice.” Doctor Smithe said and kept saving this man’s life.
“Sir? Can you hear me?” I talked to man’s ear, but no respond.
“He’s not responding. His pulse is very high, doc.” I said and looked to monitor.
“John! Take Becca’s place! Becca… Check his ID’s and call to his family.” Doctor said and John walked to my spot. I stepped aside and went to check man’s stuff to check his ID.
“His name is…” I started to look driving license and see familiar name.
“Oh my god.” I said quietly and looked at the man.
“Becca!” one of the other nurses shouted to me and I snapped.
“He’s Nick Carter.” I said and looked at everyone and showed driving license.
“Shit… Everyone keeps doing what is doing!” Smithe yelled and walked to me.
“We are not letting him die in this hospital. None celebrity has ever died on here. Not on my watch.” Smithe said and looked Nick’s stuff.
“Doc… I use to know him once. 17 years ago when I was 9 years old.” I said and sighed.
“You sure this is the same person? There could be lot of different Nick Carters.” Doc said.
“I’m sure. I wouldn’t ever forget those blue eyes.” I said and looked at his ID.
“I’m sorry, Becca. I think you shouldn’t be here. We help him. Just go call to his family.” Smithe said.

I walked out from the emergency room and looked to room from door windows. I really hope he’s going to survive this. Why would he do such thing and take his own life like this? I checked to find his phone, but I didn’t find it. I walked to registration booth and started to see if I can contact his family.

“Jacob? Could you find a file to me from this person?” I asked and showed Nick’s ID to him.
“Holy shit… Are you serious?” Jacob asked and looked shocked when saw Nick’s ID.
“Your jaw is down. Can you find it?” I whispered.
“Yeah. Everything for you, love.” Jacob said and started to type to computer.
“So how serious is this?” he asked and I waited him to give me Nick’s file.
“Big serious. Death serious.” I said and sighed.
“Do you think he will survive?” Jacob asked and walked to file cabinet to find Nick’s file.
“He took cocaine and sleeping pills. He was half dead when they brought him here.” I said and I didn’t notice I have small tear on my cheek.
“You okay?” Jacob asked and walked to me with the file.
“You got tear on your cheek.” he said and handed me the file.
“I’m fine.” I said and took a file.
“Can you tell from the computer who called 911?” I asked and Jacob started to type.
“Anonymous caller. Never told name.” Jacob said and looked at me.
“Smithe asked me to call his family. I’m going to that. I once knew his family.” I said and looked at Jacob.
“Lucky bastard. I wish I had played dolls with him.” Jacob said and smiled.
“We never played with dolls.” I said and chuckled little.
“Tag with kisses?” Jacob asked.
I slapped his arm with Nick’s file and smiled.
“Shut up.” I said and walked to nearest phone and dialed first number on Nick’s file.

I waited to someone answer but the number is no longer in use. I dialed next number that belonged to Kevin Richardson. I waited his answer, but there was no answer. I disconnected and looked Nick’s file and checked when his file been last time used. On the file was reading that Nick’s been in the hospital last time 2002. This is just great. These phone numbers might not be no more in use. I notice familiar number on his file and started to dial it. I wish someone could just answer. I waited 4 beep tunes going when someone answers.

“Hello?” woman was answering.
“Is this Jane Carter?” I asked and looked at Nick’s file same time.
“Yes. I’m Jane Carter.”
“I’m Rebecca Nolan calling from Memorial Hospital of Tampa. Your son just came here for using cocaine and sleeping pills. He’s now in the emergency room.” I said and waited respond.
“I have 2 sons. Which one are we talking about?” Jane asked.
“Nicholas Gene Carter.” I said and looked around if someone heard what I said.
“I’m not surprised. Please call to his father. He’s gonna take care of this.” Jane said and hung up on me.
“Bitch…” I said and put phone down and walked back to Jacob.
“So did you call to his family?” Jacob asked.
“His mother, but seems like she doesn’t care. She hung up on me when I said his name.” I said and sighed.
“Whatta bitch… What are you going to do now?” Jacob asked.
“I’m not doing anything. Please find these 4 persons numbers. And when you do find them, please dial me.” I said and gave Nick’s file to Jacob.
“You buy me a drink.” Jacob said.
“I buy you a dinner.” I said and started to walk fast to emergency area to find Doctor Smithe.

I checked the room where they were before, but it was empty. I walked to closest nurse whose name is Emily or Amy. I asked if she knew where they took man in the emergency room. She pointed direction and mention that Doctor Smithe was there too. I thanked her and ran to direction Emily/Amy pointed and find Smithe in the nurse section booth.

“Becca… Did you call his family yet?” Smithe asked.
“I only was able to contact his mom, but she’s seems to not care. Is he okay?” I asked and looked at her.
“We saved him. He’s in the private room.” Smithe said.
“Is he awake?” I asked.
“Not yet, but in few hours I think he will be. I know you are worried, but he is going to be fine.” Smithe said and put her hand on my shoulder.
“Can I go see him? I just want to see him myself if it’s really the same Nick I use to know.” I said.
“Yeah. Did you contact other family members than mom?” Smithe asked.
“No. All other numbers were no more in use. I asked Jacob to find 4 numbers that I’m sure might want to know.” I said.
“Good. I got other patients to look after. Don’t be too long in the room.” Smithe said and walked away.

I walked to room where Nick is sleeping. I never thought I’m going to see him after 17 years. Well I did see him on TV and I heard him on the radio when his music came on. From this day is 20 years exact when we first time met each other. I was drawing with my pad and he came to talk to me. Since that day we were inseparable 3 years. I don’t know what happened when he moved to Orlando. I’ve been living in Tampa my whole life. I studied Medical science when I was 18 and graduated 21. I was apprentice in this very same hospital when I was studying my last year. Doctor Smithe hired me when was my last day as apprentice. She said that I can start working here after my graduation. So here I am… 5 years being in this hospital and I love it. Helping people is amazing job. I wished I could’ve been there for helping Nick. I stand his left side and looked at his hand, where’s the tattoo I saw earlier.

“Old Habits Die Hard.” I said out loud and couldn’t but chuckled.
“What that means?” I asked and looked at sleeping Nick.

Only way I can know that this is my Nick that I knew 17 years ago, I had to see if he got scar on his knee that his dad stitched when he was only 9 and I was 8. I looked at his knee and touched small scar and smiled. He’s my Nick. My best friend. His foot moved little from my touch and I looked to Nick’s face. Was he awake?

“Nick?” I whispered and looked to his eyes that were shut. I wish he could open them and see me.
“It’s Becca. Your Becca when we were kids.” I said and waited him to respond, but he didn’t move or show any movement that he heard me. I touched his blonde hair gently and smiled.
“I’ll be back later. Don’t do anything stupid.” I said and walked out the room.