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Next day June 21st, I had day off, but decided to go check if Nick has woke up. I greeted Jacob and he looked at me surprised to see me at work today. I told him that I just wanted to check on Nick.
He understood, because I used to know him when we were kids. Jacob told me that Nick has opened his eyes once, but close them right away. I was glad to hear that he even opened his eyes for minute.
I walked closer to doorway that is going to room where Nick is resting. I looked inside and saw him lay down looking at TV. He looked so tired. I felt sorry for him. I was worried whole night. I kept wondering what am I going to say to him and am I going to tell him who I am… I just stare him because he looked so older, but so in bad shape. His head turn to look to doorway and notice me staring at him.

“Yes? Who are you?” he asked in hoarse voice.
“I’m… “ I couldn’t speak and gulped.
“You must have wrong room. I don’t know you.” he said.

I didn’t understand why I couldn’t say any word. Just say something Becca. ANYTHING!

“I’m nurse in this hospital… I took care of you yesterday. ” I said oddly.
“You don’t look like a nurse.” he said.
“I have day off and I was worried about you last night.” I said and walked little more to room and sat to chair.
“Worried about me? Why would you be worried about me?” he asked.
“I’m always worried about patients. Mostly the ones who tries to kill themself.” I said and looked at him worried.

He didn’t look at me and stayed quiet when I said that. I know it wasn’t my place to ask about why he did it, so I didn’t ask. We didn’t talk for each other and I just sat there wondering should I tell him that I’m Becca who liked to draw butterflies and flowers when I was only 6 years old. I lean my back of the chair and looked up to TV. He was watching football. Tampa Bay Bucs were playing. That game was from last night. I guess it’s replayed today. I notice him looking at me when I was keeping my eyes on TV. I turn to look at him and he looks away as quickly as possible, but I caught him from looking at me. I smiled little and chuckled little also. He turns to look at me when I chuckled. He starts to finally talk and asks.

“What’s so funny?”
“You are funny.” I said smiling.
“I didn’t say anything.” he said.
“Yeah, but you keep staring at me. And when I turn to look at you, you look away.” I said still smiling.
“I’m trying to read you. Why you are really here and what you want from me?” he asked.
“I told you why.” I said serious look on my face.
“You don’t need to worry about me. I’m fine. Now please leave.” he said and turns to look at TV again.
“Fine… I just tried to be nice. I thought maybe you want to have some company.” I said and stand up from the chair.
“I want to be alone. I don’t need your charity.” Nick said.
“What happened to that boy who used to love drove his blue bike?” I asked and hoped he could now know who I am.
“You sound like you know me. You don’t.” Nick said and looked at me.
“Nicholas Gene Carter. Born January 28th, 1980. Had first kiss age in 8 with girl name Becca.” I listed when I looked at him.
“Everyone knows those.” Nick said.
“Right… You are Backstreet Boy…” I said and pointed at him.
“I guess you are not fan.” Nick said.
“No I’m not.” I said and grossed my hands to chest.
“Okay… You know my name. I think I deserve to know yours.” he said.
“Rebecca Nolan. Friends call me Becca.” I said looking at Nick.
“So Becca…” He said, but I lift my hand up to make him stop talking.
“Rebecca for you. We ain’t friends.” I said.
“Rebecca… I would really love to be alone now. Could you be so kind and leave?” He asked.
“Of course. I promise to not bother you anymore.” I said and turn to door.
“One more thing.” he said after me and I turn to look at him.
“If you come to work tomorrow, do not check on me.” Nick said.
“Sure thing, NG.” I said and called him NG, nickname that I gave him when we were little.

He and I only knew about it and I was the only one who allows to call him as NG. His look was priceless when he heard me saying that. After calling him as NG, I just walked out the room.
I walked to Jacob and sighed.

“You okay? How did he react?” Jacob asked.
“I don’t even think he remembers me.” I said and leaned my elbows on the counter.
“Did you tell him who you are?” Jacob asked.
“I gave him a hint.” I said and looked at Jacob.

Jacob was going to say something, but then his look turn to something.
I turn my head and saw Nick standing at his doorway looking at us.

“Yes, Mr. Carter? Everything okay?” Jacob asked.
“Everything is… fine.” Nick said and looked at me.
“What you doing up off the bed?” Jacob asked.
“Miss Nolan… Did you just call me NG?” Nick asked confused.
“I’m just gonna go check on some patients.” Jacob said and left me with Nick alone.
Nick and I are stayed quiet for moment until he spoke.
“Please talk to me. I feel awkward.” Nick begged and smiled little.
“What should I say? You don’t even remember me.” I said looking to his eyes.
“Remember you?” Nick questioned.
“Just forget it.” I said and sighed.
“Please tell me.” Nick said and touched my shoulder.
“June 20th, 1987. I was 6 years old and I use to sit on my patio and draw with my drawing bad. That day I met this boy who drove his bike everyday 3pm pass my house.” I said and looked at him to see his reaction.
“Becca? Becca who likes butterflies and flowers?” Nick questioned.
“That’s me.” I said smiling.
“Oh My God… Are you joking me right now?” Nick asked in shocked.
“I’m not. You should really get back on bed.” I said and pointed to his room.
“Can you stay for a while? I feel bad how I acted earlier.” Nick said.
“I have things to do today. I’ll come by tomorrow when I start my work.” I said and smiled little to him.
“Rebecca Nolan… It’s been what? 20 years?” Nick questioned.
“Yeah… 20 years.” I said nodding.
“Nurse huh?” Nick said smiling.
“Yeah. I’ve been working here 5 years.” I said nodding.
“I feel so bad I didn’t contact you years ago.” Nick said and sighed.
“It’s okay. You were busy. Can we talk tomorrow little bit more?” I asked.
“Of course. Maybe I can buy you cup of coffee.” Nick said hoping.
“Sure. I’ll bring coffee in the morning so we don’t need to drink restaurants awful coffee.” I said joking.
“I think breakfast is terrible too.” Nick said smiling.
“Are you asking me to bring you breakfast?” I asked curious.
“No, but now that you asked… Could you?” he asked.
“I only bring you coffee. Nothing more.” I said.
“Fair enough. I’ll see you in the morning then.” Nick said nodding.
“Get some rest and do not get off that bed.” I commanded him.
“Yes ma’am.” Nick said and walked to his room.

I went back home and started to think of Nick. He needs help to get clean from drugs. Maybe I could help him with that if he let me. First he needs to go rehab and get in the good shape. Of course diet is in order too. Maybe I’m too helpful. I haven’t seen him 20 years. I need to talk to him first about our lives. That’s what old friends do, right?