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Deanna Jones is a 21 year old woman who has one dream, to meet her favorite band. The Backstreet Boys are, to her, the most greatest band on Earth. “God, I wish I can meet them.” she thought, watching her favorite video from them: Homecoming: Live in Orlando. She loves their dance moves, as well as their velvety voices.

They are the only music she ever listens to, but there is one member in the group that she loves more than anything. His name is Nick Carter. He is the blonde haired, blue eyed heartthrob that melts through every females soul and makes them scream like banshees. When she looks into his deep blue eyes, she literally trembles. His golden blonde hair was very shiny and it looked like silk.

She lives in an apartment building rented by her mother and father. She doesn’t have a roommate, but she is best friends with Krystal, or Krissie, as she loves to be called. Everyday, they would talk about Backstreet this and Backstreet that. To them... the Backstreet Boys will never grow old.

One day, Deanna called Krissie, to talk to her about them as usual....it was like a ritual of sorts.

As soon as Deanna hung up the phone, she got up and headed for the supermarket.

While at the store, she decided to buy her favorite ice cream: Snickers. As she was pushing her little cart, she noticed a guy with a gray hoodie and black jeans. He also had shades on to hide himself....or not to be noticed. She thought nothing of that, so she continued shopping.

Deanna was about to grab the last Snicker Bar Ice Cream on the shelf, until she felt a hand on hers. She turned around and saw the mysterious man that she noticed earlier. "I'm sorry." was all he said to her. He takes the ice cream, and hands it to her. "Wait a damn minute..." she thought. "That voice sounds abosolutely familiar...No....it can't be...him..." She looked up at him, only to find his eyes stolen by those damn tinted shades. She couldn't see through them, though she's surprised that he can see with them on. The man took the shades off, and her jaw literally dropped. It was indeed the man that she so longed for...the one man that always made her smile...Nick Carter.

"Oh my God..." she managed to say. "Hi. I take it that you know who I am. I'm here just to take some time off from the tour. Are you a fan?" Deanna was still on cloud nine. She still could not believe that Nick Carter of all people was holding her a damn conversation. "Ye--yes...I am." She finally built up some courage. "Hi. I'm Deanna. Deanna Jones. You can call me Dee. Everybody else does." "Well, it's nice to meet you...Dee." She nearly melted when he said her name. "Um...is it just you that's here, or..." "Nope. Everybody else is here, just separated." Even though Nick is a Backstreet Boy, and is a famous person, he is still a human being. He didn't seem like a bad person at all to Deanna. She found Nick as a pure sweetheart.

"I think you better put your shades back on, before you get noticed by someone." She said that full sentence, while still staring into his radiant blue eyes. "You're right, Dee." He puts his shades back on. Nick started to walk away, but she said... "Wait! Um....where are you located here? I swear, I won't tell a soul." "I'm at the Sagittarian Hotel. You can come up if you want. I can add you to my visitors' list." Deanna could not believe this. Nick Carter...NICK CARTER was inviting her to come up to his hotel. "It's a dream..." she thought. "There's no other explaination..." As soon as she bought her groceries, and stepped outside the store, with Nick, she decided... "Sure, Nick. That's a great idea." "Great, Ms. Deanna. What time should I pick you up?" Deanna still could not believe that this was actually happening to her. "Um...How about 7:00? I'm not busy." "Alright then. 7:00 it is. I'll be there with bells on." All that Dee could do was laugh. It was funny to him as well. "Well, Nick. See you then." "Alright, Deanna." "Please, call me Dee." "But Deanna is a beautiful name...for a beautiful woman." He said with a near deep voice. Her heart melted yet again.

As Deanna made her way to the door of her house, she leaned against it, and let out a sigh. "Oh sweet Jesus..." she said. "I'm gonna be in the same damn room as him....Nick." 7:00 was nearing, and Deanna picked out the perfect outfit. She picked out a black dress with red roses on it. It was truly beautiful.


Nick freshened up for his date with Deanna. "Man..." he thought. "That girl was beautiful. Girls like that you can't find anywhere else." Just then, Kevin and AJ walked in. "Hey Kaos." said Kevin. "Where are you going?" "I have a date tonight." "Pfft... One Night Stand." "AJ, shut the fuck up!" Kevin exclaimed, as he punched him in the arm. "It is NOT a One Night Stand! I think I found the one. I'm inviting her to the hotel." "Uh...Nick...Do you think that's a good idea?" asked Kevin. "Relax, Kev. Everything will be fine. Besides, no one knows we are even in Baltimore." "That's good. I really don't wanna be bothered with these screaming girls right now." professed AJ. As AJ and Kevin left the room, Nick continued to freshen up, and as he glanced at the clock, he saw that it was 6:55. Five more minutes away from seeing Deanna's gracious face again.

It's 7:00 on the dot. Deanna was ready to leave the apartment, when she heard the buzzer go off. She pressed the button and asked who it was. "It's me, beautiful." "Holy Shit!" she thought. He called her beautiful. Deanna couldn't believe that, but it was true.

Deanna headed down the steps, and opened the door. Before her was Nick, dressed in a black satin shirt, and black jeans. "Oh Sweet Jesus..." she thought to herself. "Ok Deanna....control yourself. Don't wanna see yourself on the 10:00 News for Attempted Rape of a Backstreet Boy, do ya?" She took a couple of deep breaths, until Nick extended his arm out to her. Deanna linked her arm to his, and they headed for the black Durango Nick had. "Wow! This car is hot!" "Heh... thanks a lot. I get that all the time."

No other words were said, Nick had lead her in the car, and as he got in next, they drove off into the lustering moonlight.


Nick had lead Deanna up the elevator to the 32nd Floor of the Hotel. She had never been in a place like this. As they made it to the 32nd Floor, Nick lead Deanna out of the elevator. "This way, Dee," said Nick, as they were walking to the suite, hand in hand. Deanna and Nick had finally made it up to the suite. They walked all the way to Room 219. "Close your eyes, Dee," said Nick, placing a black blindfold around her eyes. "Oh, Nick. I can't wait for whatever it is you are gonna show me," said Deanna, excitedly. As Nick opened the door to his room, he took the blindfold off Deanna. What she saw next was out of this world.

Deanna's jaw dropped when she saw Nick's room. It had a beautiful crystal chandelier, a balcony, a king sized bed, the works. "Nick...oh my God...it's beautiful!" "Thanks, Deanna." Said Nick, as he took her hand and kissed it. Her heart fluttered as she felt his sweet, soft lips upon her skin. "Can I step out to the balcony?" Nick agreed, and lead her towards the balcony, which had the most beautiful view of the ocean. Deanna took in the scent of the ocean air, for it was very relaxing. "Nick, this place is amazing. I never knew Baltimore had a place like this." "Me either, Dee." Said Nick, coming up behind her. He began to wrap his strong arms around Deanna's waist. She really loved that. It felt as if she was protected. Deanna didn't turn around to face him just yet. Instead, she let her head fall back upon his chest. "Mmmm...Nick..." She didn't know that she said that, though she didn't care. Nick turned her around, and saw her beautiful blue-turquoise eyes. Nick couldn't hold in his temptation to kiss her. "Deanna...I..." "Yes, Nick?" "It's this feeling that I....well...I really want to kiss you." "What's stopping you?" Nick smiled at her, leaned down slowly toward her, and softly kissed her on the lips. Deanna moaned against his lips, overpowering her's with a sweet, yet lusty kiss.

Nick broke the kiss and began to kiss her neck. "Ohh...Nick....right there..." Nick chuckled to himself, for he was hitting one of her hot spots. "This is a dream come true..." thought Deanna. "I can't believe this is happening to me. It's too good to be true...Oh God..." Nick stopped kissing her neck, grabbed her hand, and lead her to the bed. "Deanna...I think that you're the one I'm looking for. By my girl? Forever?" "Oh my God...Nick, yes, I will."

And with that, Nick passionately kissed her. She carefully tugged at his hair, bringing his lips close to hers. Nick slowly began to unzip her dress. Deanna did not stop him, for she wanted this to happen. Deanna broke the kiss, and unbuttoned Nick's shirt. "Oh baby...take it off, take it off." As she unbuttoned his shirt, she took it off, and flung it across the room. "You're mine now, Nicky." She said with a growl. "My God, woman, you don't know how much that turned me on..." said Nick, drawing his head back as he laid down. Deanna got up, and unzipped the dress. She let it fall to the ground, and to Nick's surprise....she wasn't wearing shit underneath. "Holy Shit!" exclaimed Nick...as he felt himself harden. Deanna walked slowly toward him, and got on top. As she unbuttoned his pants, she felt the reaction that she gave him in between her.

"I see that you approve," said Deanna, in a lustful voice. This made him harden even more. "Oh God....Deanna, please...." "Please what, Nicky?" "God...don't tease me..." "Alright then." As she kissed him one last time, Deanna pushed his length deep inside of her. "OH GOD! NICKY!" screamed Deanna. As she began to move on top of him, Nick began to moan loudly. Nick held on to her hips for more balance. "Oh God, Dee...That's it right there!" screamed Nick. She began to go faster, and the faster she went, the more Nick moaned. "Oh God, Dee....I'm gonna cum!" shouted Nick, throwing his head back.


"Did y'all hear something?" stated Brian, popping a hush puppie in his mouth. "Damn. Sounds like someone's getting some tonight!" exclaimed AJ, causing Kevin and Howie to smack him in the back of the head. "AJ, you're a Sex Fiend!" "I am not! I'm just a freak!" AJ said, as he drank his Pinot Grigio.

"NICKY!!!!!! DEANNA!!!!" They had both reached their climaxes. Deanna collasped on top of Nick, their breathing raspy and heavy. "Deanna....My God....I really did find the one," stated Nick, running his fingers through her hair. "Did you now?" Deanna said with a chuckle. "Deanna, I love you so much. A guy can really get used to that!" Deanna laughed once again. "Oh Nick, I love you too. And a girl can get used to that as well."

As they kissed one last time, Deanna and Nick snuggled together and fell asleep in each other's arms.