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Elysia is a beautiful far off land that seemed to sprang from the wildest imagination of a young, fairy loving girl. But this wonderful place with its lush green valleys, lavender colored mountains, and enchanted forests is real and part of the story laid before us starts in Elysia.

            This far off land is home to various species of Fairies. But this story revolves around a young Rae Fairy. What’s a Rae Fairy you ask? Rae’s are the biggest of the Fairies. They are the most human like being of all shapes, sizes and not to mention skin tones. Also their ears aren’t as pointed like the Common Fairies people normally associate with when the word fairy is mentioned and like other fairy species they are mortal. Some people think that fairies are immortal, this misperception is due to that fact that fairies can live for centuries, but this species have a long span about 50 years longer than humans. Raes are the most magical of the Fairies as well. Most of their magic is harnessed through spells and charms. As each of the Fairy kinds, the Raes have their own symbol which each Rae child gets tattooed on their upper arms at a young age. The Rae symbol is a silver circle enclosing Celtic looking waves and knots. But enough background, let the story begin!

Rated: PG-13
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Genres: Science Fiction
Warnings: Death, Violence
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Chapters: 9
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Published: 06/29/13
Updated: 07/21/13

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