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Chapter 5 The Decision

            As Rista continued so did the conversations between other Elite Fairy parents and the King and Queen.

            “The trip is very safe your majesties,” Vidia, one of the queen’s best friends assured the royal couple. “I have sent all five of my children on the trip and they enjoyed themselves fully, learned more than they could ever learn and they were completely safe. I even went on the trip with my middle child due to a shortage of chaperones. The town the students go to have a large population of humans who are a part of the Mythical Human Alliance. We Raes have many friends in the human town of Darton.”

            “I am still not sure if I will allow my daughter to go,” the king answered.

            “Why not sir?” Kallan’s father asked. “She won’t be alone. My son will watch over her.”

            “I know Kallan will protect her but I have heard of a possible rise of the Shadow Beings. We all know that a Rae, a Fairy of any kind or any other magical creature, has diminished powers in the Human world. And Shadow Beings feed on weekend powers. I want my daughter and your children as well to be safe.”

            “But my King,” Queen Orla added in, “Our powers are strongest when we are in groups. The children won’t be alone in the Human world. Plus there will be plenty of Alliance members to protect them.”

            “But the Shadow Beings…”

            “Relax Orin,” Breena, Iris’s aunt breathed out, “The Shadow Beings were defeated a long while ago thanks to you brother. You put control over the Shadow Beings and there is no need to worry about them. You captured most of their magic anyway and cleaned it so that we could use it.”

            “It is still too risky for young Rae’s who haven’t mastered their powers to go into the Human world. I may have to put my foot down and cancel the trip.”

            “Orin,” the queen said in a scolding voice, “They are all 17 years old almost 18. They are mere months away from being adults. They all know how to control their magic and they know how to take care of themselves. And you know how badly each and everyone one of them wants to go.”

            “Especially your daughter,” Donella added in lightly. “She is the most excited about this field study.”

            “She would be crushed if you canceled this study or forbade her to go my king,” Queen Orla said in a calmer manner.

            “I can see it in her eyes how badly she wants to go but I need to think about my answer. Now let’s finish our celebration of Rista before my mind becomes too fretted over this decision.

            Later on that night as the King and Queen lay in bed the Queen asked, “Why are you so hesitant to let Iris study in the Human world?”

            The King let out a deep breath, “The Secret Charm.”

            “Orin,” the Queen said quietly, “That was 17 almost 18 years ago. That charm could not possibly last this long; it was cast by an old fairy whose magic had weakened and her mind has become rotten. Yes she is fascinated by Humans but she knows where she belongs and she loves Elysia too much to leave it forever. Let her go on the trip. Don’t break your daughter’s heart.”

               The next morning Iris sat down at the breakfast table next to Declan who was in the form of a gorgeous white cat. Breakfast was quiet but before the dishes were collected King Orin said, “I have made up my mind about the field study.”

            Iris could feel her heart drop after hearing the tone in her father’s voice, “And what is your decision Papa?”

            “I will let you go,” he replied.

            Iris dropped her fork in shock but the King continued, “As long as Declan agrees to go with you for protection.”

            Iris whipped her head toward Declan to hear his answer.

            “I would love to go your majesty,” the Drake bowed his head.

            “Thank you so much Papa!” she jumped up from her chair and wrapped her arms around her father’s neck. The King smiled at his daughter’s joy but worry still resided in his mind.