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Chapter 9 Stories

                “Warren,” Brianna pulled her best friend aside during study hall in the library, “Did your parents tell you about the pendants last night?”

                He nodded his head and responded in a hushed tone, “Shaylee’s stories are all true. Every single one of them.” He pulled out a purple notebook from his backpack and pushed it toward Brianna. “My parents told me everything about this mythical place called Elysia…”

                “The setting of all of her stories,” Brianna finished.

                “And about the Raes…”

                “The fairies…”

                “It’s all real. My sister did not make these stories up. They are all memories! I read every single one of them after my parents explained everything to me and I remembered everything in this book. Bri these fairies are real and our families are allies to them. The necklaces were glowing last night because there are fairies here in Darton! And I could have sworn I knew Iris from somewhere…”

                “She’s in Shaylee’s stories,” Brianna finished for him, her eyes wide with shock. “And she’s a fairy, and so are the other new students.”

                “So you believe it too?”

                “I do. I believe it. We have to talk to Jace about this.”

                “No. My mom talked to his mom this morning before she went to work. The believe in these fairies too but Jace doesn’t believe. Shaylee read him her stories but he just thought they were stories. He doesn’t wear the necklace like we do.  My sister gave him one before she died but never wears it.”

                “Maybe if we tell him the truth…”

                “No. He has to find out for himself. The person we need to talk to is Mrs. Nesworth. And Iris.”  

                After school Warren and Brianna went to Mrs. Nesworth’s class room.

                “What brings you too here after school?” she asked with a smile on her face.

                “We would like to talk to you about fairies. Raes in particular,” Brianna said.

                “And how they are connected to my sister,” Warren added.

                “I’m guessing your pendants were shinning last night?” She showed them her own pendant that was tucked in her shirt.

                They both nodded and Mrs. Nesworth ushered them inside, “Come in an sit down but close the door tight behind you.”

                Warren handed Mrs. Nesworth his sister’s story book, “We always thought that these were all just stories but there…”

                “Memories,” the teacher said.

                “Exactly. Why didn’t I remember them until I read them last night? I was there and so was Bri in some of them.”

                “I cannot remember exactly why but a charm was cast that effected the memories of you children. The charm was cast by the King of Elysia to protect his kingdom and to protect the children of the Mythical Human Alliance. All of your memories of Elysia were erased but somehow Shaylee’s memories remained. The Mythical Human Alliance is guessing that your memories are starting to return as well because you are coming in contact with the fairies you used to play with when you were younger. You are also starting to believe in fairies again.”

                “So the exchange students from Ireland are really fairies?” Brianna asked.

                Mrs. Nesworth nodded her head, “Yes. And just like your parents I am a part of the Mythical Human Alliance. Hence the identical pendants. Our principle Mr. O’Hare and a few other teachers are also in the Alliance. There are actually a great amount of Alliance members who live around here.”

                “So why don’t the fairies have wings?” Warren asked.

                “They are under a cloaking charm. Only true believers will see their wings.”

                “Jace was in some of these stories too. We haven’t talked to him but his is family apart of the Alliance too right?” Brianna questioned.

                “The O’Learys are Alliance members but Jace might not be a true believer yet. I have noticed how enthusiastic you two are in class compared to Jace. He may need a little more convincing. But we’ll have to convince him quickly.”            

                “Why’s that?” Warren looked cautiously at his teacher.

                “I’m sure you’re pendants woke you up in the middle of the night last night with a fantastic glow correct?”

                Her students nodded their heads.

                “Mine did too and all of the fairies who I am hosting at the ranch woke up screaming in pain. Something is coming. What that something is, no one knows. And I’m afraid we won’t know until it arrives.”